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151 Lyche, TomA note on the Oslo algorithmThe Oslo algorithm is a recursive method for updating the B-spline representation of a curve or tensor product surface when extra knots are added. In the present note the derivation of this method is simplified.Oslo algorithm; B-spline; Curve product surface; Tensor product surface1987
152 Cohen, ElaineSecond order surface analysis using hybrid symbolic and numeric operatorsResults from analyzing the curvature of a surface can be used to improve the implementation?? e ciency?? and e ectiveness of manufacturing and visualization of sculptured surfaces In this paper?? we develop a robust method using hybrid symbolic and numeric operators to create trimmed surfaces e...Second order surface analysis; Visualization; Sculptured surfaces1992
153 Hansen, Charles D.; Wald, IngoInteractive isosurface ray tracing of large octree volumesWe present a technique for ray tracing isosurfaces of large compressed structured volumes. Data is first converted into a losslesscompression octree representation that occupies a fraction of the original memory footprint. An isosurface is then dynamically rendered by tracing rays through a min/max...2006-09
154 Weinstein, DavidStatistical analysis for FEM EEG source localization in realistic head modelsEstimating the location and distribution of electric current sources within the brain from electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings is an ill-posed inverse problem. The ill-posed nature of the inverse EEG problem is due to the lack of a unique solution such that different configurations of sources c...inverse EEG problem; FEM EEG; source localization2000
155 Ingebretsen, Robert BergstromLog spectral estimation for stationary and nonstationary processesThis research is concerned with two log spectral estimators in the context of both stationary and nonstationary signals. They differ because in one smoothing is realized before the logarithmic transformation, while the other is smoothed in the logarithimc domain. It is shown that for stationary sign...Log spectral estimation; Nonstationary processes; Log spectral estimators1975
156 Parker, Steven G.Massively parallel software rendering for visualizing large-scale data setsFor some time, researchers have done production visualization almost exclusively using high-end graphics workstations. They routinely archived and analyzed the outputs of simulations running on massively parallel supercomputers. Generally, a feature extraction step and a geometric modeling step t...Parallel rendering; Volume rendering; Ray tracing; Isosurfacing2001
157 Henderson, Thomas C.Some experiments with the 3-D hough shape transformThe application of the Hough shape transform to the problem of the identification and localization of objects in 3-space is presented. The rotation-invariant Hough transform is defined which permits the determination of the geometric transformation from the model to the detected object. Given a samp...Hough shape transform1983
158 Hansen, Charles D.Fast stereoscopic images with ray-traced volume renderingOne of the drawbacks of standard volume rendering techniques is that it is often difficult to comprehend the three-dimensional structure of the volume from a single frame; this is especially true in cases where there is no solid surface. Generally, several frames must be generated and viewed sequent...Volume rendering; Ray tracing; Stereoscopic images; Reprojection1994
159 Hoogenboom, Peter J.Semantic definition of a subset of the structured query language (SQL)SQL is a relational database definition and manipulation language. Portions of the manipulation language are readily described in terms of relational algebra. The semantics of a subset of the SQL select statement is described. The select statement allows the user to query the database. The select st...1991
160 Vickers, Donald LeeSorcerer's apprentice: head-mounted display and wandSorcerer's Apprentice is an interactive computer graphics system utilizing a head-mounted display and at three-dimensional wand. The system allows three-dimensional interaction with line drawings which are displayed in real time, that is about 20 frames per second. The display, worn like a pair of e...Sorcerer's apprentice; Head-mounted display; Three-dimensional wand1974
161 Jacobson, HansApplication specific asynchronous microgengines for efficient high-level controlDespite the growing interest in asynchronous circuits, programmable asynchronous controllers based on the idea of microprogramming have not been actively pursued. Since programmable control is widely used in many commercial ASICs to allow late correction of design errors, to easily upgrade product ...Asynchronous microgengines; Programmable asynchronous controllers1997
162 Morelli, RobertFormal aspects of anonymityWe present a formal definition of anonymity in the context of concurrent processes. The definition is given in category theoretic terms. Moreover, the concept of a split cofibration is shown to both simplify the analysis of anonymity as well as to increase the framework's expressiveness. Because ...Anonymity; Concurrent processes2002-01-15
163 Hansen, Charles D.; Shirley, Peter S.Interactive caustics using local precomputed irradianceBright patterns of light focused via reflective or refractive objects onto matte surfaces are called "caustics". We present a method for rendering dynamic scenes with moving caustics at interactive rates. This technique requires some simplifying assumptions about caustic behavior allowing us to co...Illumination2004
164 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshHOP: a process model for synchronous hardware systemsModules in HOP are black-boxes that are understood and used only in terms of their interface. The interface consists of d a t a ports, events, and a protocol specification that uses events and asserts/queries values to / from ports. Events are realized as different combinations of control wires or...HOP; Process models; Synchronous hardware systems1988
165 Riloff, Ellen M.Learning to identify reduced passive verb phrases with a shallow parserOur research is motivated by the observation that NLP systems frequently mislabel passive voice verb phrases as being in the active voice when there is no auxiliary verb (e.g., "The man arrested had a long record"). These errors directly impact thematic role recognition and NLP applications that dep...Passive voice; Reduced passive verb phrases; Shallow parser; Learned classifier2008
166 Keller, Robert M.Semantics of parallel program graphsA denotational model for networks of parallel processes is presented which generalizes the work of Kahn by using alternative data types, e.g. Lisp-like operators on trees. It is shown that the ordering aspect of data types plays a central role in determining how much parallelism can be present. It i...Parallel program graphs; Computer semantics; Denotational model1977
167 Lindstrom, Gary E.Modular language processors as framework completionsThe conceptual and specificational power of denotational semantics for programming language design has been amply demonstrated. We report here on a language implementation method that is similarly semantically motivated, but is based upon object-oriented design principles, and results in flexible an...Modular language processors; Denotational semantics; Framework completions1993
168 Henderson, Thomas C.; Sikorski, ChristopherSymmetry: a basis for sensorimotor reconstructionGiven a set of unknown sensors and actuators, sensorimotor reconstruction is achieved by exploiting relations between the sensor data and the actuator control data to determine sets of similar sensors, sets of similar actuators, necessary relations between them, as well as sensorimotor relations ...sensorimotor reconstruction; sensor data; actuator control data2011
169 Brunvand, Erik L.Self-timed circuits using DCVSL semi-bundled delay wrappersWe present a technique for generating robust self-timed completion signals for general dynamic datapath circuits. The wrapper circuit is based on our previous domino semi-bundled delay (SBD) circuits, but uses DCVSL circuits in the wrapper for higher performance. We describe the basic SBD-DCVSL...2005
170 Henderson, Thomas C.Target localization and autonomous navigation using wireless sensor networks -a pseudogradient algorithm approachAutonomous mobile robots (AMRs) operating in unknown environments face twin challenges: 1) localization and 2) efficient directed navigation. This paper describes a two-tiered approach to solving these challenges: 1) by developing novel wireless-sensor-network (WSN)-based localization methods and 2)...2014-01-01
171 Venkatasubramanian, SureshTrack estimation using link line crossing information in wireless networksDevice-free or non-cooperative localization uses the changes in signal strength measured on links in a wireless network to estimate a person's position in the network area. Existing methods provide an instantaneous coordinate estimate via radio tomographic imaging or location fingerprinting. In this...2013-01-01
172 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshEfficient search for inputs causing high floating-point errorsTools for floating-point error estimation are fundamental to program understanding and optimization. In this paper, we focus on tools for determining the input settings to a floating point routine that maximizes its result error. Such tools can help support activities such as precision allocation, p...2014-01-01
173 Balasubramonian, RajeevStaged reads: mitigating the impact of DRAM writes on DRAM readsMain memory latencies have always been a concern for system performance. Given that reads are on the criti- cal path for CPU progress, reads must be prioritized over writes. However, writes must be eventually processed and they often delay pending reads. In fact, a single channel in the main memory ...2012-01-01
174 Sudan, KshitijEfficient scrub mechanisms for error-prone emerging memoriesMany memory cell technologies are being considered as possible replacements for DRAM and Flash technologies, both of which are nearing their scaling limits. While these new cells (PCM, STT-RAM, FeRAM, etc.) promise high density, better scaling, and non-volatility, they introduce new challenges. Solu...2012-01-01
175 Regehr, JohnHelp, help, Im being suppressed the significance of suppressors in software testingAbstract-Test features are basic compositional units used to describe what a test does (and does not) involve. For example, in API-based testing, the most obvious features are function calls; in grammar-based testing, the obvious features are the elements of the grammar. The relationship between fea...2013-01-01
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