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126 The persistent object system MetaStore : persistence via metaprogrammingObject intensive applications require persistence of complex objects. Many of these applications also use vast amounts of data, often exceeding a machine's virtual memory, MetaStore is a portable, persistent object system designed to solve these problems.; MetaStore uses the metaprogramming faciliti...1992-06
127 PRT--a high quality image synthesis system for B-spline surfacesMany applications in Computer Aided Design require high quality images of three-dimensional scenes. A system is presented for rendering objects designed with an existing B-spline based geometric modeling package. Two algorithms for ray tracing B-spline surfaces are discussed, one using iterative num...computer graphics; computer aided design; B-spline surfaces; image synthesis system1988-12
128 Reactive Behavior Design ToolsThe behavior of sensor based autonomous agents can be stratified into three basic levels. The first is low-level motor and sensor control, the second is mid-level reactive processes and the third is high-level end goals of the robotic device. The middle level of control, reactive processes, is the a...robots; control system; reactive behaviors; COSPAN1992-01
129 Real-time measurement of multiple three-dimensional positionsAbstract: This paper describes a priori digital speech analysis. This method takes advantage of the quasi-periodic nature of voice speech sounds to reduce the amount of computation needed to obtain the analysis parameters. The vocal tract is modeled as an all-pole digital filter (predictive coding)...light-emitting diodes; photomultiplier1973-06
130 Real-time measurement of multiple three-dimensional positionsAbstract: This paper describes a priori digital speech analysis. This method takes advantage of the quasi-periodic nature of voice speech sounds to reduce the amount of computation needed to obtain the analysis parameters. The vocal tract is modeled as an all-pole digital filter (predictive coding)...light-emitting diodes; photomultiplier1973-06
131 Reconstruction of three-dimensional surfaces from two-dimensional projectionsAbstract: This thesis describes a method for determining the three-dimensional shape of an object from a set of photographs of the objects. For a non-glossy surface, the image brightness is, in theory, a function only of the normal to the surface and of the incident light direction. A reflectivity l...three-dimensional images; image brightness; reflectivity law1981-06
132 Resource allocation in an experimental LISP compilerThis thesis describes the design and implementation of a register allocation system for EPIC, an experimental LISP compiler. EPIC follows the Portable Standard LISP (PSL) philosophy of retargetability and parameter-passing through registers. Like many register allocators, this system accepts linear ...compiling (electronic computers); LISP; EPIC; Experimental LISP compiler1986-08
133 Robustness in geometric modeling : an intuitionistic and tolerance-based approachGeometric algorithms based on floating point arithmetic often fail or generate incorrect results due to floating point arithmetic errors and geometric approximation errors, Ambiguous interpretations of degenerate cases in geometric modeling, for instance, can lead to invalid geometric representation...1992-08
134 Rule Based Process Planning System for Hole Feature MachiningTraditional mechanical design and manufacturing methods are being replaced by computer aided systems that automate the process. However, existing computer aided process planners do not generate optimal process plans and lack modeling ability. A rule based expert system is proposed in this thesis to ...CAD/CAM systems; production planning; machining; holemaking1989-05
135 Scientific visualization for finite element analysis data setsThe research is focused on developing new techniques for visualizing FEA data sets. In this thesis, new parallel volume rendering algorithms are outlined to speed up scalar field visualization. Strreamlines, streamribbons and streamtubes are the most fundamental tools for exploring vector field data...finite element analysis; FEA; computers; algorithms1996-08
136 Sequencing computational events in heterogeneous distributed systemsDistributed systems are growing in number, size, and complexity. Some technological advances have been made to program these systems, most notably the remote procedure call. However, the nature of heterogeneous distributed systems allows for much more complex interactions and new programming technol...electronic data processing; distributed processing; high-level algorithms1990-06
137 Seqwarp: A low-cost linear systolic array for biological sequence comparisonThis thesis involved the design, implementation, and testing of Seqwarp, a linear systolic array capable of performing biological sequence comparison, using a revised Smith-Waterman dynamic programming algorithm. Through the use of Seqwarp, search and comparison problems equivalent to those performe...Seqwarp; biological computation; computers; biological sequence comparison1991-08
138 Shape recovery of volume data with deformable B-spline modelsThe research described in this dissertation explores a new technique for shape recovery with deformable models using B-spline surfaces.b-spline surfaces; computers1996-08
139 Simulation of numerically controlled milling machinesThis thesis describes a system that can be used to simulate both 3 and 5-axis NC milling toolpaths, reading BCL code. This simulator is based on the imagespace approach in which the workpiece is represented using the z-values resulting from the rendering of a model and metal removal is achieved thro...NC milling; numerical control; computers1995-03
140 Sisyphus, an environment for simulationSisyphus is an environment for the simulation of integrated circuits (ICs). It supports hierarchical simulation from the functional block level down to circuit analysis. Sisyphus develops a new hierarchical wire model (based on that of Sable) which facilitates the accurate simulation of incomplete d...sisyphus; computer program language; computer programming; ICs1986-12
141 Sketching with constraintsThe goal of this thesis is to provide a simple and intuitive user interface to a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system. A simple modeling system was built to demonstrate the utility of the ideas presented here. There are three main parts to this system. The first part is the interpretation of sketched ...user interfaces; computer systems; computer-aided design; CAD system1994-06
142 Space-Form. Computer-Aided Design for ArchitectureThe design approach proposed in the report is generated from basic space-forms. These three-dimensional forms are used by the designer as building blocks to design at every scale--from the most minute details of a given building to the eventual placement of the building in the context of its surroun...1968-09-01
143 Spacetime Control of Linked FiguresThis dissertation describes the development of techniques to automate the creation of physically-based, goal-directed motion of synthetic creatures, More specifically, the research concentrates on developing an underlying mathematical representation for constraints and objectives imposed on a creatu...computer animation; spacetime control; animated figures; creature motion1992-06
144 Static Analysis of Multiparadigm LanguagesWe contribute to the state of the art in static analysis of declarative languages with multiparadigms. The language paradigms under consideration include normal order evaluation, higher-order functions, polymorphic typing, and logical variables. Our static analysis integrates strictness analysis, ty...multiparadigm; declarative language; language paradigm1990
145 Static inference in applicative languagesStatic inference involves the compile-time analysis of programs, either with a view to optimizing program execution or ensuring that errors do not arise during program execution (e.g., type checking). We present a general framework for static inference of first-order applicative programs as well as ...programming languages; computer science; static inference; applicative languages1985-03
146 Subdivision algorithm for computer display of curved surfacesAbstract: This report presents a method for producing computer shaded pictures of curved surfaces. Three-dimensional curved patches are used, as contrasted with conventional methods using polygons. The method subdivides a patch into successively smaller subpatches until a subpatch is as small as a ...Curved surfaces; Computer shaded pictures; Curved patches1974
147 Surface perturbations for texture mappingThis thesis present a new method of texture mapping which can be used in conjunction with the above techniques to improve textured images. The proposed method uses surface perturbations for texture mapping. Surface perturbations enhance traditional texture mapping techniques by allowing the texture ...surface perturbations; texture mapping; computers1987-03
148 Surface Representation-Symbolic ComputationRecent research in Computer Aided Geometric Design is surveyed in this paper. A DEMONSTRATION of the feasibility and utility of some of the new methods of curve and surface representation for interactive design is given in a movie which will be shown during the presentation. (Author)1978-04
149 Syntax Directed on-Line Recognition of Cursive WritingA syntax organization for recognition of handwritten connected-word is studied in the work. Each writing is cut into strokes at the middle point of every down cave of the writing, and the strokes are named using their directional characteristics and relative size among the strokes. A syntax is organ...1968-07
150 Synthesis, Verification and Optimization of Systolic ArraysSystolic arrays are a class of parallel architectures consisting of regular interconnections of a very large number of simple processors, each one operating on a small part of the problem. They are typically designed to be used as back-end. special-purpose devices for computation-intensive processin...computer architecture; systolic array; VLSI1986-12
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