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126 Organochlorine compounds in streambed sediment and in biological tissue from streams and their relations to land use, central Arizona2000wwdl_erText
127 Peak-flow frequency for tributaries of the Colorado River downstream of Austin, Texas1998wwdl_erText
128 Peak-flow frequency relations and evaluation of the peak-flow gaging network in Nebraska1999wwdl_erText
129 Pesticides in surface water of the Yakima River Basin, Washington, 1999-2000-Their occurrence and an assessment of factors affecting concentrations and loads2002wwdl_erText
130 Pesticides in surface water of the Yakima River Basin, Washington, 1999-2000-their occurrence and an assessment of factors affecting concentrations and loads2002wwdl_erText
131 Pesticides in surface waters of the upper Colorado River basin, Colorado, 1996-982000wwdl_erText
132 Pesticides in the Lower Clackamas River Basin, Oregon, 2000-012004wwdl_erText
133 Phosphorus and E. Coli and their relation to selected constituents during storm runoff conditions in Fanno Creek, Oregon, 1998-992003wwdl_erText
134 Phosphorus and E. coli in the Fanno and Bronson Creek subbasins of the Tualatin River Basin, Oregon, during summer low-flow conditions, 19962000wwdl_erText
135 Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Knowles, Forgotten, and Moqui Canyons, and Effects of Recreational Use on Water Quality, Lake Powell, Arizona and Utah2005wwdl_erText
136 Platte River ecosystem resources and management, with emphasis on the Big Bend reach in Nebraska. US Fish and Wildlife Service, Grand Island, Nebraska1997wwdl_erText
137 Precipitation-runoff and streamflow-routing models for the Willamette River Basin, Oregon1997wwdl_erText
138 Precipitation-runoff simulations of current and natural streamflow conditions in the Methow River Basin, Washington2003wwdl_erText
139 Preliminary assessment of infiltration rates and effects on water quality of selected infiltration media for use in highway runoff retention basins in Washington State2001-10wwdl_erText
140 Preliminary assessment of using tree-tissue analysis and passive diffusion samplers to evaluate trichloroethene contamination of ground water at Site SS-34N, McChord Air Force Base, Washington, 20012002wwdl_erText
141 Priority Ecosystem Study - Platte River Program2004wwdl_erText
142 Probable effects of the proposed Sulphur Gulch Reservoir on Colorado River quantity and quality near Grand Junction, Colorado2004wwdl_erText
143 Processes controlling dissolved oxygen and pH in the upper Willamette River Basin, Oregon, 19941995wwdl_erText
144 Quality of shallow ground water in alluvial aquifers of the Willamette Basin, Oregon, 1993-951997wwdl_erText
145 Quality-assurance data, comparison to water-quality standards, and site considerations for total dissolved gas and water temperature, Lower Columbia River, Oregon and Washington, 20012001wwdl_erText
146 Questa Baseline and Pre-Mining Ground-Water Quality Investigation. 5. Well Installation, Water-Level Data, and Surface- and Ground-Water Geochemistry in the Straight Creek Drainage Basin, Red River Valley, New Mexico, 2001-032005wwdl_erText
147 Relation between selected water-quality variables and lake level in Upper Klamath and Agency Lakes, Oregon1996wwdl_erText
148 Relations of Tualatin River water temperatures to natural and human-caused factors1997wwdl_erText
149 Relations of benthic macroinvertebrates to concentrations of trace elements in water, streambed sediments, and transplanted bryophytes and stream habitat conditions in nonmining and mining areas of the upper Colorado River basin, Colorado, 1995-982002wwdl_erText
150 Review of Knowledge on the Occurrence, Chemical Composition, and Potential Use for Desalination of Saline Ground Water in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas with a Discussion of Potential Future Study Needs2004wwdl_erText
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