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126 Automobile Center, details of doors1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
127 Automobile Center, details of package chute1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
128 Automobile Center, details of sales offices off main sales rm.1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
129 Automobile Center, details of wire partitions, wickets, counters, etc.1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
130 Automobile Center, east elevation and north elevation1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
131 Automobile Center, electrical switchboard panel1917; 1918; 1919; 1920; 1921; 1922uum_tawpImage/StillImage
132 Automobile Center, first floor plan1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
133 Automobile Center, first floor plan, mechanical layout1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
134 Automobile Center, footing and foundation plans1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
135 Automobile Center, footing plan1920uum_tawpImage/StillImage
136 Automobile Center, mezzanine floor plan1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
137 Automobile Center, mezzanine floor plan, mechanical layout1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
138 Automobile Center, misc. details1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
139 Automobile Center, pipe space plan above switchboard1920uum_tawpImage/StillImage
140 Automobile Center, plot plan1920uum_tawpImage/StillImage
141 Automobile Center, roof plan1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
142 Automobile Center, scheme of development1917uum_tawpImage/StillImage
143 Automobile Center, second floor plan1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
144 Automobile Center, second floor plan, mechanical layout1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
145 Automobile Center, section XX and section YY1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
146 Automobile Center, tunnel plan, mechanical layout1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
147 Automobile Center, tunnel section1920uum_tawpImage/StillImage
148 Automobile Center, west elevation and south elevation1920-05-07uum_tawpImage/StillImage
149 Avery Coonley house, Riverside, Illinois1908uum_tawpImage/StillImage
150 Billiard Room Details for apartment building, Social Hall Avenue and State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. Miller, Woolley and Evans Architects [01]1919uum_tawpImage/StillImage
126 - 150 of 464