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126 Equipment Impact From Low NOx Control Technologies Applicationuu_afrcText
127 Experimental and Theoretical Study of High Velocity Multi-Flame Direct Flame Impingement Heatinguu_afrcText
128 Development and Demonstration of Large Scale Industrial Low Emission Radiation Stabilized Burnersuu_afrcText
129 The Combustion of Alternative Fuels, Coal and Liquid Fuels at the IFRF Research Station in 1997-1998uu_afrcText
130 Advances in Low NOx Residual Oil Firing For Boilersuu_afrcText
131 An Overview of the Industrial Combustion Coordinated Rulemaking Processuu_afrcText
132 Numerical Study on Combustion Characteristics and NOx Emission in Highly Preheated and Diluted Air Combustionuu_afrcText
133 Parametric Emission Prediction Techniques Current Experience and Future Hurdlesuu_afrcText
134 Emissions Control Technology for Coal Fueled Reciprocating Enginesuu_afrcText
135 Reducing Emissions from Biomass Fuel Combustionuu_afrcText
136 Low-NOx no-FGR Gas/Oil Burner Improvementuu_afrcText
137 Prediction and Measurement of NOx and Combustion Characteristics in Two Natural Gas Flamesuu_afrcText
138 Preliminary Performance Results on Retrofitting Gas Cofiring on a Coal Stoker Boileruu_afrcText
139 The Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction SNCR Process: Experience with the Exxon Thermal DENOx Process at Two Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler Commercial Applicationsuu_afrcText
140 Hybrid Low NOx Process for Destruction of Bound Nitrogen Compoundsuu_afrcText
141 Demonstration of Sub-9 PPM NOx Emissions Using the Radiation Stabilized Burner in an Industrial Package Boileruu_afrcText
142 Biomass Coal Cofiring for Reduced CO2 Emissions from Coal Fired Utility Boilersuu_afrcText
143 Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds from Stationary Combustion Sources Numerical Modeling Capabilitiesuu_afrcText
144 Predicting the Complete Distributions of Volatile Products from Diverse Fuel Types with Flash Chainuu_afrcText
145 Dilute Oxygen Combustion a New Approach for Low NOx Combustionuu_afrcText
146 Scaling Laws for NOx Emission Performance of Burners and Furnaces from 30kW to 12MWuu_afrcText
147 Industrial Furnace Design Intelligent Support Systemuu_afrcText
148 Effect of Acoustic Atomization on Combustion Emissionsuu_afrcText
149 Validation of Methane de-NOX Reburn Process for Coal Fired Spreader Stoker Boilersuu_afrcText
150 Firing of Coal and Municipal Waste Sludges for Utility Boilersuu_afrcText
126 - 150 of 890