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126 Diesel Burner Development for 500-Watt Portable Thermophotovoltaic Generator1999uu_afrcText
127 NOx Reduction Using Plasma Modified Gases1992uu_afrcText
128 Visualization of Spatially Resolved Thermal Nitric Oxide Production Rates as a Tool for Emissions Reduction and Combustion Optimization1999uu_afrcText
129 New Method of Post Flame Combustion Diagnostics Based on Continuous Monitoring of Unburned Carbon and Combustibles1998uu_afrcText
130 NOx Formation Modelling in Oxygen Natural Gas Industrial Flames1998uu_afrcText
131 Boiler Simulation in Practical Engineering - Three Case Studies1998uu_afrcText
132 Designing Low NOx Combustion Systems1996uu_afrcText
133 Organic Hazardous Air Pollutant Emissions from Gas Fired Combustion Sources Emissions and the Effects of Design and Fuel Type1998uu_afrcText
134 Fuel Oil Burner Development for High Temperature Melting Applications1998uu_afrcText
135 The Use of Modelling Techniques in the Reduction of Emissions and Energy Conservation1992uu_afrcText
136 Engineering Development of a Coal Fired High Performance Power Generating System1998uu_afrcText
137 Design & Operating Objectives of Low NOx Burners When Used in Industrial Package Boiler Applications1992uu_afrcText
138 DOE Industrial Combustion Activities: Focusing on Industrial Combustion Needs Into the 21st Century1996uu_afrcText
139 Oscillating Combustion Increases Productivity and Decreases NOx Emissions from Industrial Furnaces1998uu_afrcText
140 NOx Development in Gas Fired Research Furnace1998uu_afrcText
141 An Integrated Cullet/Batch Preheater System for Oxygen-Fuel Fired Glass Furnaces1996uu_afrcText
142 Reducing NOx Emissions in High Temperature Furnaces1998uu_afrcText
143 Reducing Power Boiler Emissions Via "In Furnace Control"1998uu_afrcText
144 Low NOx Combustion Technique for High Temperature Preheated Air1996uu_afrcText
145 Formation and Control of PAHs and Mutagenicity of Soot Particulates from Incineration of Polystyrene1992uu_afrcText
146 Industry-Identified Combustion Research Needs1996uu_afrcText
147 The Fate of Arsenic at the Tacoma Steam Plant #21992uu_afrcText
148 The Experimental Study on Emission of Nitrogen Oxides in a 70,000 Btu/Hr Gas Fired Furnace1992uu_afrcText
149 Future Industrial Combustion: A Vision and Technology Roadmap for the Combustion Community1998uu_afrcText
150 Saving Energy and the Environment the DOE Industrial Combustion Equipment Program1992uu_afrcText
126 - 150 of 890