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126 Water Quality in the Trinity River Basin, Texas, 1992-951998wwdl_erText
127 Intra-Service Programmatic Biological Opinion for the Proposed Muddy River Memorandum of Agreement Regarding the Groundwater Withdrawal of 16,100 Acre-Feet per Year from the Regional Carbonate Aquifer in Coyote Spring Valley and California Wash Basins, and Establish Conservation Measures for the Moapa Dace, Clark County, Nevada2006-01-11wwdl_erText
128 Biological Opinion for the proposed Coyote Springs Investment Development in Clark County, Nevada (Army Corps of Engineers Permit Application No. 200125042)2006-03-02wwdl_erText
129 Water Quality in the Upper Colorado River Basin, Colorado, 1996-982000wwdl_erText
130 Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 19951998wwdl_erText
131 Questa Baseline and Pre-Mining Ground-Water Quality Investigation. 5. Well Installation, Water-Level Data, and Surface- and Ground-Water Geochemistry in the Straight Creek Drainage Basin, Red River Valley, New Mexico, 2001-032005wwdl_erText
132 U. S. Geological Survey Middle Rio Grande basin study; proceedings of the Fourth annual workshop, Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 15-16, 20002001wwdl_erText
133 Numerical simulation of vertical ground-water flux of the Rio Grande from ground-water temperature profiles, central New Mexico1999wwdl_erText
134 Monitoring and Assessing our Nation's Water Quality2002wwdl_erText
135 Water resources data Texas, water year 2004, volume 5. Guadalupe River basin, Nueces River basin, Rio Grande basin, and intervening coastal basins2004wwdl_erText
136 Sources of water to the Rio Grande upstream from San Marcial, New Mexico2004wwdl_erText
137 Water resources data, New Mexico, water year 20042005wwdl_erText
138 Rio Grande Delta in Texas-Sea-Level, Climate, Neotectonic and Anthropogenic Effects1999wwdl_erText
139 New Mexico; Middle Rio Grande basin study1999wwdl_erText
140 Pesticides in surface water of the Yakima River Basin, Washington, 1999-2000-Their occurrence and an assessment of factors affecting concentrations and loads2002wwdl_erText
141 Summary of information on synthetic organic compounds and trace elements in tissue of aquatic biota, Clark Fork-Pend Oreille and Spokane River Basins, Montana, Idaho, and Washington, 1974-961999wwdl_erText
142 Concepts for monitoring water quality in the Spokane River Basin, Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington1998wwdl_erText
143 Use of a precipitation-runoff model to simulate natural streamflow conditions in the Methow River Basin, Washington2001wwdl_erText
144 Occurrence and distribution of dissolved trace elements in the surface waters of the Yakima River Basin2003wwdl_erText
145 Preliminary assessment of infiltration rates and effects on water quality of selected infiltration media for use in highway runoff retention basins in Washington State2001-10wwdl_erText
146 Surface-Water Quality-Assurance Plan for the Washington District, U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Discipline2004wwdl_erText
147 Quality assurrance project plan for the Midnite Mine phase 1 RI/FS Stevens County, Washington: Revision 1 including addendum (Revision 1.1, November 12, 1999)1999-08wwdl_er
148 Estimated domestic, irrigation, and industrial water use in Washington, 20002004wwdl_erText
149 Ground-water quality and levels, and surface-water, meteorological and other environmental data collected at two storm-water retention basins near DuPont, Washington, Water Years 1998-20002000wwdl_erText
150 Occurrence and distribution of dissolved trace elements in the surface waters of the Yakima River Basin, Washington, 1999-20002003wwdl_erText
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