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126 Vardeny, Zeev Valentine; Ehrenfreund, Eitan A.Classification of disorder and extrinsic order in polymers by resonant Raman scatteringResonant Raman scattering is used to quantify the effect of disorder and extrinsic order on Peierls systems such as (CH)X . We introduce "X plots" in which the phonon and gap distribution are related and characterize the system by the functional dependence of the gap 2 A on the coupling X. For c/s-r...Peierls systems1985-01
127 Kestle, John R. W.Sporadic osteochondroma of the cervical spineOsteochondroma is the most common benign tumor of bone, but axial skeleton involvement is uncommon and usually indicates a hereditary cause such as osteochondromatosis (hereditary multiple exostosis). 1 Approximately 7% of hereditary osteochondromas occur along the vertebral column, which is double...2006
128 Maloney, Thomas N.Review: Race, liberalism, and economicsChoose any two of these three topics: race, liberalism, and economics. Now trace the connections between the two that you have chosen over the course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, incorporating both fundamental philosophical concepts and policy implications. Doing this could easily prod...Racism; Classical liberalism; Paternalism2005
129 Wu, Yong-ShiIdentification of androgen response elements in the insulin-like growth factor I upstream promoterTestosterone stimulates the expression of IGF-I in cells and tissues that include prostate, muscle and muscle satellite cells, and the uterus. Here, the molecular mechanisms of this effect of testosterone were explored. Testosterone increased IGF-I mRNA levels in HepG2 and LNCaP cells and stimulated...IFG-I; Androgen-responsive elements2007
130 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshTowards a verification technique for large synchronous circuitsWe present a symbolic simulation based verification approach which can be applied to large synchronous circuits. A new technique to encode the state and input constraints as parametric Boolean expressions over the state and input variables is used to make our symbolic simulation based verification...Verification; symbolic simulation1992
131 Battin, Margaret P.High-risk religionAmong some of the more colorful groups on the American religious spectrum, the religious faith of believers seems to involve a willingness to take substantial physical risks"risks to health, to physical functioning, even the risk of death. These groups include several in which the risks a believer ...Religion; Physical risk; Choice; Death1989
132 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshPartial order reduction without the provisoIn this paper, we present a new partial order reduction algorithm that can help reduce both space and time requirements of on-the-fly explicit enumeration based verifiers. The partial order reduction algorithms described in [God95, HP94, Pel94, Pel96] were observed to yield very little savings in ma...Partial order reduction algorithms1996
133 Flynn, John J.Survey of injunctive relief under state and federal antitrust lawsRelatively little has been written about equitable relief under state and federal antitrust laws.1 Equity power in antitrust enforcement means much more than the mere power to restrain a defendant from doing an act for which the plaintiff has no "remedy at law," to order a defendant to remove a nuis...Statute; Directive1967
134 Schmidt, Meic H.Thoracoscopic spine surgery for decompression and stabilization of the anterolateral thoracolumbar spineThe anterior thoracolumbar spine can be exposed via a variety of approaches. Historically, open anterolateral or posterolateral approaches have been used to gain access to the anterior thoracolumbar spinal column. Although the exposure is excellent, open approaches are associated with significant pa...Endoscopic spinal surgery; Thoracic spine; Lumbar spine; Thoracoscopic spinal instrumentation2005
135 DeTar, CarletonFirst signs for string breaking in two-flavor QCDWe have been examining the phenomenon of string breaking in QCD with two flavors of dynamical staggered quarks. We construct a transfer matrix from a combination of "string" and "two-meson" channels. Preliminary results with low statistics show the expected signs of string breaking.String breaking; Wilson loop; Staggered quarks2000-04
136 Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of UtahIAIMS Newsletter November 1995The IAIMS Newsletter provides valuable information about Library activities and resources as well as informative articles related to information technology.IAIMS1995
137 Zhdanov, MichaelCross-well electromagnetic imaging in three dimensionsIn this paper, we develop a new technique for 3D cross-well electromagnetic tomography, based on an EM borehole survey consisting of a moving vertical magnetic dipole transmitter, located in one or several boreholes, and a tri-axial induction receiver, located in the other boreholes. The method is b...2003
138 Scheer, BrendaUrban morphology and urban designThere has recently been a flurry of discussion in this journal about the relationship between urban morphological research and practice (Hall, 2008; Samuels, 2008; Whitehand, 2007). As a practising architect and planner, I have frequently applied the concepts of typology and morphology in my desi...Urban morphology; Urban design2008
139 Capecchi, Mario R.Paralogous mouse Hox genes, Hoxa9, Hoxb9, and Hoxd9, function together to control development of the mammary gland in response to pregnancy.Although the role of Hox genes in patterning the mammalian body plan has been studied extensively during embryonic and fetal development, relatively little is known concerning Hox gene function in adult animals. Analysis of mice with mutant Hoxa9, Hoxb9, and Hoxd9 genes shows that these paralogous g...Embryonic and Fetal Development; Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental; Genotype; Mice, Knockout1999-01
140 Fogel, Alan DaleHuman development in the twenty-first century: visionary ideas from systems scientistsThe dynamic systems approach is an emerging interdisciplinary set of principles used by a diverse collection of scientists to help understand the complex world in which we live. The main insight that unites these scientists, despite wide differences in methods and concepts, is a focus on connection...2008
141 Varner, Michael W.Elevated second-trimester maternal serum hCG: a marker of inadequate angiogenesis.OBJECTIVE: To measure angiogenin, a potent inducer of neovascularization and interleukin-6, as an indicator of acute inflammation, in second-trimester amniotic fluid of patients with elevated maternal serum hCG. METHODS: In this case-control study, 20 patients with elevated maternal serum hCG (at le...Angiogenesis Inducing Agents; Interleukin-6; Pregnancy Complications; hCG1998-04
142 Henderson, Thomas C.Logical sensor systemsMulti-sensor systems require a coherent and efficient treatment of the information provided by the various sensors. We propose a framework the Logical Sensor Specification System, in which the sensors can be abstractly defined in terms of computational processes operating on the output from other se...Logical sensor systems; Multi-sensor systems; Multisensor systems; Logical Sensor Specification System1984
143 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Trends in the intergenerational transmission of divorceNumerous researchers have shown that the children of divorce are disproportionately likely to end their own marriages (e.g., Amato 1996; Amato and Booth 1991; Bumpass, Martin, and Sweet 1991; Glenn and Kramer 1987; Kulka and Weingarten 1979; McLanahan and Bumpass 1988; Mueller and Pope 1977; Pope a...1999
144 Symko, Orest GeorgeContinuously operating 4He evaporation refrigeratorA simple and compact device was developed to provide continuous, self-regulating refrigeration at approximately 1.3 K. The temperature of the device remains nearly constant, independent of external power, up to a critical power. For a molar flow rate of 10^-4 moles/sec, the refrigerator can absorb...4He evaporation refrigerator1971
145 Battin, Margaret P.Age rationing and the just distribution of health care: is there a duty to die?These lines express a view again stirring controversy: that the elderly who are irreversibly ill, whose lives can be continued only with substantial medical support, ought not to be given treatment; instead, their lives should be brought to an end. It should be recognized, as one contemporary politi...1987
146 Stringfellow, Gerald B.Effect of growth rate on step structure and ordering in GaInPCuPt ordering is widely observed in GaInP epitaxial layers grown by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy. The formation of this spontaneously ordered structure during epitaxial growth is intimately related to the atomic-scale physical processes occurring on the surface, specifically surface reconst...Atomic force microscopy; Organometallic vapor phase; Crystallographic plane1997
147 Chandran, RaviEvolution of microstructure and phases in in-situ processed Ti-TiB composites containing high volume fractions of TiB whiskersA series of titanium composites, with varying volume fractions of titanium monoboride (TiB) whiskers, were made by mixing various proportions of titanium (Ti) and titanium diboride (TiB2) powders followed by hot pressing. The phases present were identified by x-ray diffraction.Morphology; diffraction; relative intensity1999
148 Kachi, YukioGods, forms, and socratic pietyThe recent resurgence in Socratic scholarship has been rather unconcerned with the religious dimension of Socrates' thought. Yet there can be no doubt that there is such a dimension, and that it is significant to his Philosophy;. After all, Socrates was tried and found guilty of impiety.Socrates; Philosophy;; Divine1983
149 Caserta, Michael; Lund, Dale A.; Wright, Scott D.Exploring the caregiver burden inventory (CBI): further evidence for a multidimensional view of burdenThe purpose of this study was to examine the multidimensional nature of caregiver burden by specifically analyzing the patterns of association between five dimensions of burden as measured by the Caregiver Burden Inventory [1] and selected demographic, health, functioning, and well-being indicators...Caregiver Burden Inventory; Time dependence burden; Emotional burden1996
150 Sample, SusanHigh impactFrom 1993-97, Gilbert contributed to seven articles published in top peer-reviewed journals, which were then cited 1,157 times, or an average of 165.3 times per paper. When Gilbert heard the news, "it kind of blew me away." He acknowledged that the articles, clinical trials of new drugs to treat chr...Chronic Heart Failure; ACE Inhibitors; Beta -Blockers2000-03
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