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126 Cavernous hemangioma of the skull presenting with subdural hematomaCavernous hemangioma of the calvaria is a very rare disease, and patients usually present with headaches or a visible skull deformity. Few reports of patients presenting with intradiploic or epidural hemorrhages are found in the literature. No case of an intradural hemorrhage from a cavernous hemang...Calvaria; Cavernous hemangioma2004
127 Celecoxib inhibits meningioma tumor growth in a mouse xenograft modelBackground: Treatments for recurrent meningiomas are limited. We previously demonstrated universal expression of COX-2 in meningiomas and dose-dependent growth inhibition in vitro with celecoxib, a COX-2 inhibitor. We therefore tested the effects of celecoxib on meningioma growth in a mouse xenograf...Meningioma; Cyclooxygenase-2; COX-2; Celecoxib2007
128 The Central Arterial Pressure Pulse Contour as an Index to Left Ventricular Stroke Volume in ManBiomedical Informatics1953
129 Central neurogenic hyperventilation: pharmacologic intervention with morphine sulfate and correlative analysis of respiratory, sleep, and ocular motor dysfunction.Central neurogenic hyperventilation (CNH), for which there is no effective therapy, can eventually result in respiratory fatigue and death. This report describes a patient with CNH due to a brainstem anaplastic astrocytoma who also exhibited disturbances of sleep and ocular motor function. The CNH r...Central Neurogenic H yperventilation; Ocular Motor Dysfunction1990-11
130 Centrin 2 is required for mouse olfactory ciliary trafficking and development of ependymal cilia planar polarityCentrins are ancient calmodulin-related Ca2-binding proteins associated with basal bodies. In lower eukaryotes, Centrin2 (CETN2) is required for basal body replication and positioning, although its function in mammals is undefined. We generated a germline CETN2 knock-out (KO) mouse presenting with s...2014-01-01
131 Cerebral vasculopathies masquerading as eclampsia.Obstetricians know that preeclampsia-eclampsia is a syndrome and is a final common pathway for multiple causes. It is also possible that other conditions, not always directly related to pregnancy, can mimic preeclampsia-eclampsia. One such entity is cerebral vasculopathy, an entity characterized b...Cerebrovascular Disorders; Eclampsia; Puerperal Disorders2006-02
132 Cerebrospinal fluid shunt technologySince the invention of the first implantable shunt valve by Nulsen and Spitz (12) almost 50 years ago, there has been a remarkable number of ingenious modifications and new designs of shunt equipment to treat pediatric hydrocephalus. These developments were in response to the immediately evident hi...Shunt technology; Valve design2000
133 Cervical end of an occipitocervical fusion: a biomechanical evaluation of 3 constructsObject. Stabilization with rigid screw/rod fixation is the treatment of choice for craniocervical disorders requiring operative stabilization. The authors compare the relative immediate stiffness for occipital plate fixation in concordance with transarticular screw fixation (TASF), C-1 lateral mass...Harms technique; Occipitocervical fusion; Transarticular screw; Translaminar screw; Craniocervical instability2008
134 Cervical spinal metastasis: anterior reconstruction and stabilization techniques after tumor resectionObject. In a review of the literature, the authors provide an overview of various techniques that have evolved for reconstruction and stabilization after resection for metastatic disease in the subaxial cervical spine. Methods. Reconstruction and stabilization of the cervical spine after vertebral...Cervical spine reconstruction; Metastasis; Spine tumor; Corpectomy; Stabilization technique; Vertebral body2003
135 Cervical spine deformity associated with resection of spinal cord tumorsPostoperative sagittal-plane cervical spine deformities are a concern when laminectomy is performed for tumor resection in the spinal cord. These deformities appear to occur more commonly after resection of intramedullary spinal cord lesions, compared with laminectomy for stenosis caused by degener...Kyphosis; Cervical deformity; Intramedullary tumor; Laminectomy; Children2006
136 Cervical spine metastases: techniques for anterior reconstruction and stabilizationThe surgical management of cervical spine metastases continues to evolve and improve. The authors provide an overview of the various techniques for anterior reconstruction and stabilization of the subaxial cervical spine after corpectomy for spinal metastases. Vertebral body reconstruction can be ac...2012-01-01
137 CFH Y402H Confers similar risk of soft Drusen and both forms of advanced AMDBACKGROUND: Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of irreversible visual impairment in the developed world. The two forms of advanced AMD, geographic atrophy and neovascular AMD, represent different pathological processes in the macula that lead to loss of central vision. S...2005
138 Challenges and strategies of the Genetics Home ReferenceObjective: This paper focuses on the first two years of operation of Genetics Home Reference (GHR), a Web-based resource <http://www.ghr.nlm.nih.gov> for the general public that helps to explain the health implications of findings from the Human Genome Project. Methods and Findings: Key challenges o...2006-01-01
139 Change in ventricular size and effect of ventricular catheter placement in pediatric patients with shunted hydrocephalusOBJECTIVE: The multicenter, randomized pediatric cerebrospinal fluid shunt valve design trial found no difference in the rate of shunt failure between a standard valve, a siphon-reducing valve (Delta; Medtronic PS Medical, Goleta, CA), and a flow-limiting valve (Orbis Sigma; Cordis, Miami, FL); ho...Shunt failure; Valve design; Ventricular size; Ventricular catheter placement1999
140 Changes in aerobic power, body composition, and exercise adherence in obese, postmenopausal women, 6 months post-exercise trainingAbstract: To determine the acute and follow-up effects of 4 months of health and fitness education with and without exercise training, 182 sedentary, obese. 60- to 70-year-old women were randomly assigned to the following groups: fitness education (FD. n = 70). fitness education with aerobic trai...Fitness; Health; Physical Activity1996
141 Changes in neural circuitry regulating response-reversal learning and Arc-mediated consolidation of learning in rats with methamphetamine-induced partial monoamine lossMethamphetamine-induced neurotoxicity results in long-lasting depletions of monoamines and changes in basal ganglia function. We previously reported that rats with methamphetamine-induced neurotoxicity no longer engage dorsomedial striatum during a response reversal-learning task, as their performan...2014-01-01
142 Changing prevalence of prenatal substance abuse in Utah.OBJECTIVE: To estimate the current prevalence of prenatal exposure to methamphetamines and other drugs of abuse among infants born in Utah and compare the results with those of a maternal substance abuse prevalence study performed in 1991 in the same geographic area. METHODS: Thirteen well baby nurs...Street Drugs; Prenatal Care; Maternal Exposure; Infant, Newborn2003-06-12
143 Chapter 5: RetroGuide EvaluationThis chapter presents a RetroGuide (RG) evaluation study which was conducted to assess the flowchart-based modeling approach. This study complements the previously presented case studies in an overall effort to evaluate the RG project. The evaluation was targeted at informatics users with small to m...Retroguide, Evaluation study, Analysis of data, Structured query language, Biomedical informatics, EHR, RetroGuide2008-03-28
144 The Characteristic Sequence for the Onset of Contraction in the Normal Human Left VentricleBiomedical Informatics1979
145 Characterization of bovine rod outer segment G-proteinA simple modified procedure is described for isolating and purifying peripherally bound membrane proteins from bovine rod outer segment disks. The methods yield milligram quantities of G-protein and cGMP phosphodiesterase which are suitable for reconstitution with membranes containing visual pi...Heterotrimeric GTP-Binding Proteins; Macromolecular Substances; Rhodopsin1982
146 Characterization of human GRK7 as a potential cone opsin kinasePURPOSE: Homozygous inactivation of the mouse gene for GRK1 (G protein-coupled receptor kinase 1, or rhodopsin kinase) causes severe defects in the recovery of cone phototransduction. However, electroretinographic (ERG) analyses of human oguchi patients with defective GRK1 alleles showed normal or s...Amino Acid Sequence; Chromosomes, Human, Pair 3; Fluorescent Antibody Technique, Indirect2001
147 Characterization of lysozyme messenger and lysozyme synthesized in vitroIn vitro systems for protein systhesis have been in wide use for about 10 years. In most of the early work protein synthesis was measured by following the incorporation of radioactive amino acids into acid precipitable material. This test cannot distinguish between the synthesis of complete, activ...Lysozyme Messenger; Lysozyme Synthesized; Protein Synthesis1969
148 Characterization of the calmodulin-binding and catalytic domains in skeletal muscle myosin light chain kinase.Limited proteolysis has been utilized to study the structural organization of rabbit skeletal muscle myosin light chain kinase. The enzyme (Mr approximately 89,000 by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) consists of an amino-terminal, protease-susceptible region of unidentified...Enzymology; Skeletal Muscle; Proteolysis, Peptide Fragments1995-09-15
149 Characterization of the chicken GCAP gene array and analyses of GCAP1, GCAP2, and GC1 gene expression in normal and rd chicken pinealPURPOSE: This study had three objectives: (1) to characterize the structures of the chicken GCAP1 and GCAP2 genes; (2) to determine if GCAP1, GCAP2, and GC1 genes are expressed in chicken pineal gland; (3) if GC1 is expressed in chicken pineal, to determine if the GC1 null mutation carried by the re...Molecular Sequence Data; Promoter Regions (Genetics); Retinal Degeneration1999
150 Characterization of the phosphotyrosyl protein phosphatase activity of calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase.Calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase from bovine brain and heart was assayed for phosphotyrosine and phosphoserine phosphatase activity using several substrates: 1) smooth muscle myosin light chain (LC20) phosphorylated on tyrosine or serine residues, 2) angiotensin I phosphorylated on tyrosine,...Metabolism; Phosphatase Activity1986-07-25
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