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126 Rosita Issac (1968)1968-06-15uaida_ohtText; Sound
127 Peter MacDonald (Navajo) (1970)1970-08-12uaida_ohtText; Sound
128 Panel Discussion: Alienation of the American Indian (1968)1968-02-15uaida_ohtText; Sound
129 Gladys Perkins Lyman (1968)1968-08-30uaida_ohtText; Sound
130 Lynn Lee (1968)1968-07-31uaida_ohtText; Sound
131 Bruce Shumway (1968)1968-08-07uaida_ohtText; Sound
132 Mariette Reed (Ute) (1970)1970uaida_ohtText; Sound
133 Bruce Shumway (1968)1968-08-06uaida_ohtText; Sound
134 Old Indian, Paiute (1968)1968uaida_ohtText; Sound
135 Gertrude Chapoose Willie (Ute) (1970)1970-07-23uaida_ohtText; Sound
136 Jane Goodman (1968)1968-07-26uaida_ohtText; Sound
137 Unknown Woman, Ute (1968)1968uaida_ohtText; Sound
138 Melvin Thom (Paiute) (1970)1970-08-07uaida_ohtText; Sound
139 Harry Dutchie (1968)1968-07-15uaida_ohtText; Sound
140 Tom Stash (7/17/68)1968-07-17uaida_ohtText; Sound
141 Jimmie Pete, Carl Jake (Paiute) (1968)1968-01-15uaida_ohtText; Sound
142 Marietta Reed (Ute) (1968)1968-09-04uaida_ohtText; Sound
143 Mr & Mrs George Walkup (Ute) (1969)1969-08uaida_ohtText; Sound
144 Cecelia P. Lambeth (Apache) (1968)1968-03-05uaida_ohtText; Sound
145 Glenna Jenks (Ute) (1970)1970-08uaida_ohtText; Sound
146 Lena Sixkiller (Northern Ute) LaRena Iorg (1968)1968-07-30uaida_ohtText; Sound
147 Tom Stash (1968)1968-07-17uaida_ohtText; Sound
148 Norman Begay (Navajo) (1968)1968-08uaida_ohtText; Sound
149 Sheldon Luna (Navajo) (1968)1968-07-09uaida_ohtText; Sound
150 Madiline Cameron (1968)1968-06-14uaida_ohtText; Sound
126 - 150 of 275