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1 Clarice Chapoose (Half Ute, Half Shoshoni) (1970)1970-07uaida_ohtText; Sound
2 Shirley Reed (Ute) (1970)1970-07uaida_ohtText; Sound
3 Shirley Reed (Ute) (1970)1970-07uaida_ohtText; Sound
4 Larry Dennison (Navajo) (1970)1970-07-15uaida_ohtText; Sound
5 Gertrude Chapoose Willie (Ute) (1970)1970-07-23uaida_ohtText; Sound
6 Lula Brock Wash, Gertrude Chapoose Willie (Ute) (1970)1970-07-23uaida_ohtText; Sound
7 Joseph Pinnecoose (1970)1970uaida_ohtText; Sound
8 Joseph Pinnecoose (1970)1970-07-30uaida_ohtText; Sound
9 Mariette Reed (Ute) (1970)1970uaida_ohtText; Sound
10 Katherine Jenkins (1970)1970-07-23uaida_ohtText; Sound
11 Glenna Jenks (Ute) (1970)1970-08uaida_ohtText; Sound
12 Glenna Jenks (Ute) (1970)1970-08uaida_ohtText; Sound
13 Shirley Reed (Ute) (Summer, 1970)1970uaida_ohtText; Sound
14 Hazel Wardel (Non-Native) (1970)1970uaida_ohtText; Sound
15 Benjamin Lee (1/24/72)1972-01-24uaida_ohtText; Sound
16 "The Angry Indians" (1961)1961uaida_ohtText
17 Jasper Pike (Ute) (1969)1969uaida_ohtText
18 Jasper Pike (Ute) (1969)1969uaida_ohtText
19 George Walkup (Ute) (1969)1969uaida_ohtText
20 Henry Harris Jr. (Ute) (1969)1969uaida_ohtText
21 Albert Daniels (Born Navajo, Adopted by Utes) (1969)1969-08-14uaida_ohtText
22 Muse Harris (Uintah Band) (1969)1969uaida_ohtText
23 Sarah Van Hackford (Northern Ute) (1968)1968-01-31uaida_ohtText; Sound
24 Panel Discussion: Alienation of the American Indian (1968)1968-02-15uaida_ohtText; Sound
25 Jimmie Pete, Carl Jake (Paiute) (1968)1968-01-15uaida_ohtText; Sound
1 - 25 of 300