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126 Miller, Jan D.Selective flotation of iron oxideThe response of pure goethite and two natural iron ores to flotation with potassium octyl hydroxamate is presented. The ores contained 12.5% and 39.7% iron; concentrates containing 69.5% and 61.5% iron, respectively, were obtained with additions of 0.4 lb/ton hydroxamate.Goethite; Iron; Flotation; Iron Oxide1967
127 Miller, Jan D.Screening and classificationThe processing of minerals almost invariably involves the reduction in size of the minerals contained in an ore to effect liberation of disseminated values or, in other instances, to effect increased surface area. Separation of solids according to size usually is undertaken to promote maximum produc...Mesh; Mechanical; Separation1973
128 Dong, JiaweiConsolidation and permeability of flocculated kaolinite sedimentVast oil sand resources are located in the province of Alberta, Canada, where water-based oil sands extraction operations are found including extraction and separation of the bitumen from the clay, sand, and water. The production of each barrel of synthetic crude oil (SCO) requires 2 m3 of processe...Consolidation; Flocculation; Kaolinite; Permeability2017
129 Miller, Jan D.Treatment of cyanide by using the Mexican modification of the Merrill-Crowe processCyanide consumption can be a major factor which contributes to operating cost for cyanidation. Also after extraction and recovery of precious metals substancial amounts of cyanide are delivered to tailings ponds which creates environmental problems due to the toxicity of cyanides. In this regard, th...Cyanidation; Merrill-Crowe process; Air-sparged hydrocyclone; Cyanide recovery; Cyanide destruction; Chlorine dioxide1999
130 Miller, Jan D.Selectivity considerations in the amine extraction of gold from alkaline cyanide solutionsIt has been discovered that gold can be extracted from alkaline cyanide solution with primary, secondary, and tertiary amines by adding certain Lewis base modifiers, such as organic phosphorus oxides. Under these circumstances, gold can be extracted at about pH 10, commensurate with the pH of cyan...Gold; Amines; Alkaline cyanide; Extraction1984
131 Miller, Jan D.Surface phase transitions of adsorbed collector molecules as revealed by in-situ FT-IR/IRS spectroscopyIt has been shown by inspection of FT-IR/IRS spectra that the alkyl conformation of adsorbed collectors can be determined. The conformations of adsorbed collectors were interpreted in terms of bulk solution phases of the collectors. Such analysis was performed on the CaF2/oleate, A1203/SDS and KC1/...Oleates; Micellar; In situ analysis; Adsorption1993
132 Miller, Jan D.Synthesis of DME from CO₂/H₂ gas mixtureThe activity and durability of two hybrid bifunctional dimethyl ether (DME) synthesis catalysts: 6CuO-3ZnO-Al2O3/ƴ-Al2O3 and 6CuO-3ZnO-1Al2O3/HZSM-5, have been evaluated for the conversion of CO2/H2 to DME at 260oC, 5 MPa, and gas per hourly space velocity (GHSV) of 3000 mL gcat -1 h-1 in fixed-bed...2011-01-01
133 Miller, Jan D.Interaction forces between ink particles, cellulose fibers and mineral fillers as determined by AFMRecycling of wastepaper is an important industrial activity for the conservation of our natural resources. Wastepaper is mostly generated from newspaper and office waste (from photocopiers and laser printers) [1]. One important step in wastepaper recycling is the separation of ink from cellulose...Solution; Wastepaper; Chemistry1996
134 Miller, Jan D.Flotation behavior of chromium and manganese mineralsFlotation behavior of chromite and manganese-bearing minerals has been reviewed. Flotation of these minerals and ores with fatty acids, amines, sulfates, sulfonates and hydroxamates has been presented and is discussed in terms of surface charge and chemical interaction between the mineral surface ...Concentration; Chromite; Deposits1986
135 Miller, Jan D.Gold flotation from Colorado River sand with the air-sparged hydrocyclonePilot-scale tests indicate that effective concentration of fine gold from Colorado River sands can be achieved by flotation with the air-sparged hydrocyclone. The fine sands (55% -kOQ mesh and 0 01 opt *) from gravity concentration were processed with a 5-cm air-sparged hydrocyclone (capacity -1.0 t...Gold; Hydrocyclones; Sand; Flotation1986
136 Miller, Jan D.; Niewiadomski, Marcin M.; Hupka, Jan; Nalaskowski, JakubAir bubble and oil droplet interactions in centrifugal fields during air-sparged hydrocyclone flotationThe interactions of air bubbles and oil droplets in centrifugal flotation have been considered with respect to process conditions present during Air-sparged Hydrocyclone (ASH) flotation. Encounter efficiency of oil droplets with air bubbles has been found to be significantly smaller when compared t...Centrifugal flotation; Froth flotation; Oil flotation; Dispersed oil; Air-sparged hydrocyclone; ASH2007
137 Miller, Jan D.Axial flow reversal and its significance in air-sparged hydrocyclone (ASH) flotationIn recent years the potential of air-sparged hydrocyclone (ASH) flotation for fine coal cleaning has been demonstrated both in pilot plant testing and in a plant-site demonstration program. Further improvements in the ASH technology will depend, to some extent, on improved understanding of the co...Flotation; zero axial velocity; computational fluid dynamics1995
138 Miller, Jan D.Infrared spectroscopy for in-situ characterization of surface reactionsInfrared spectroscopy has been one of the most useful experimental techniques for the analysis of surface reactions in flotation systems, including surface alteration and surfactant adsorption reactions. With the advent of Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometers, many low-energy throughpu...Reflection; Flotation; Measurements1989
139 Miller, Jan D.Fluoride activation in oleate flotation of collophaniteFluoride activation has been evaluated by Hallimond tube flotation of collophanite in terms of fluoride concentration, conditioning time, pH, and temperature. The results reveal that efficient oleate flotation of collophanite can be achieved by fluoride activation. Experimental results of fluoride...Fluoride; Oleate; Collophanite; Flotation; Calcium; Chemisorption1987
140 Miller, Jan D.Significance of electrokinetic characterization for interpreting interfacial phenomena at planar, macroscopic interfacesStreaming potential measurements provide valuable information for the validation and interpretation of interfacial phenomena that occur at flat macroscopic surfaces. Planar substrates have been extensively used for the interpretation of events, which occur at particulate surfaces; however, these fla...Interfacial phenomena; Surface charge2005
141 Miller, Jan D.Applications of X-ray computed tomography in particulate systemsX-ray computed tomography (CT) is an ideal technique for investigating the internal structure of multiphase materials in a noninvasive and nondestructive manner. CT technology used in conjunction with specialized algorithms and advanced computer facilities can be used to provide quantitative informa...Algorithms; Beam; Intensity1992
142 Miller, Jan D.; Wan, Rong YuEnhanced ferric sulphate leaching of copper from CuFeS2 and C particulate aggregatesSignificantly faster leaching kinetics for ferric sulphate are achieved for particulate aggregates of CuFeS2 and C than for CuFeS2 itself. The effect of carbon particles upon the rate of dissolution of chalcopyrite has been increased by a factor of 4 (after 10 hours' leaching), depending upon the ...Reaction; Chalcopyrite; Electrochemical1984
143 Miller, Jan D.;Yu, QiangFossil resin, a value-added product from western coalCertain bituminous coals of the western United States are known to contain appreciable quantities of macroscopic fossil resin (resinite). Such resinous coals are found in the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, etc. The Wasatch Plateau coal field in Utah (Figure 1)...Resinite; Solvent refining; Wasatch Plateau; Hydrogenation1992
144 Miller, Jan D.Surface characterization and new tools for researchIn the selective separation of mineral phases by flotation, surface chemistry is the principal determinant of the average contact angle for a specific mineral phase in flotation pulp. The average contact angle is, in turn, the principal determinant of the bubble-particle attachment efficiency in th...Flotation; Minerals; Surface chemistry; Contact angle2007
145 Miller, Jan D.; Lin, Chen-Luh; Yu, QiangPC image-based analysis system for particle characterization of deinked pulpsA low cost PC image-based particle analysis system is being developed for particle characterization of deinked pulps at the University of Utah. Initial R&D efforts of such an image analysis system were made for on-line particle characterization in the mineral processing field but now it has been fo...Deinking; Paper pulp; Wastepaper; Image-based particle analysis1993
146 Miller, Jan D.; Wan, Rong YuResearch and development activities for the recovery of gold from noncyanide solutionsAlthough most gold production from primary resources is achieved by cyanidation, many research activities have focused on alternative processes using noncyanide lixiviants. Such research has been prompted by environmental concerns and problems associated with the processing of refractory gold ores. ...Activated carbon adsorption; Cementation; Solvent extraction; Ion exchange; Reduction-precipitation; Halide solutions; Thiourea solutions; Lixiviants1993
147 Miller, Jan D.Atomic force microscopy investigation of interaction forces between polyethylene and asphaltene surfacesMany petroleum-derived asphalts used for road construction exhibit poor rheological properties. These properties of asphalt can be improved by addition of various polymer fillers to the asphalt blend. Recycled polyolefines, especially polyethylene and polypropylene have been used as the asphalt mo...Asphalt; Rheology; Polyolefins2006
148 Miller, Jan D.Removal of volatile organic compounds from contaminated water using air-sparged hydrocyclone stripping technologyThe air-sparged hydrocyclone (ASH) technology offers the unique opportunity to achieve efficient removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from contaminated water at a high specific capacity, more than 100 times that of conventional air stripping technologies. VOC stripping is the first applicati...Air-sparged hydrocyclone; Air stripping; Contaminated water1997
149 Miller, Jan D.Structure and composition of commercial copper chelate extractantsThe structure, properties, and composition of commercial chelating-type copper extractants are examined. Characterization of these extractants was accomplished using organic separation techniques and analytical tools such as NMR and infrared spectroscopy. Results indicate that only the trans isomer ...LIX® reagents; stoichiometry; reaction mechanism1973
150 Miller, Jan D.; Lin, Chen-Luh3D analysis of particulates in mineral processing systems by cone beam X-ray microtomographyIn general, x-ray computed tomographic (CT) techniques are able to provide 3D images of the internal structure of opaque materials in a nondestructive manner. The unique cone beam geometry allows acquisition of all 2D projections with only one rotation of the sample thus providing for fast data acqu...X-ray microtomography; Liberation; Heap leaching; Exposure analysis; Coal washability2003
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