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101 Lists Used to Form Journal AbbreviationsImage
102 Lists Used to Verify PapersImage
103 Lists Used to Verify PapersImage
104 Loewenfeld Table 9-3: Work on the relations between iris structure and pupillary movementsImage
105 Mechanical Responses of the Pigeon Iris Muscle Fibers by Pilar and Vaughan -- AnnotationsImage
106 Meeting Group on Migraine and Headache by World Federation of Neurology -- AnnotationsImage
107 Migraine Variants by Whitty -- AnnotationsImage
108 Migraine by Bell and McCormick -- AnnotationsImage
109 Migraine by Riley -- AnnotationsImage
110 Migrainoid Headaches and their Ocular Manifestations by Donahue -- AnnotationsImage
111 Migrainous Neuralgia by Eadie and Sutherland -- AnnotationsImage
112 Migrainous Neuralgia by Honabrook -- AnnotationsImage
113 Morphine Eye-drops Reduce Homatropine Induced Mydriasis in Man by Fanciullacci et al-- AnnotationsImage
114 Morphogenese als Grundlage der Erbbiologischen Beurteilung von Farbe und Struktur der Menschlichen Iris by Purtscher -- AnnotationsImage
115 Morphologische und Funktionelle Studien am Iriskreslauf der Ratte Vitalmikroskopische Beobachtungen by Castenholz -- AnnotationsImage
116 Myoepithelium of the Human Iris: a Stereoscopic Scanning Electron Microscopic Study by Lowe and Carroll -- AnnotationsImage
117 Myofilaments of the Pupillary Muscles of the Iris Fixed in Situ by Kelly and Arnold -- AnnotationsImage
118 Neuritis and Neuralgia by Harris -- AnnotationsImage
119 Nitroglycerin as a Provocative Agent in Cluster Headache by Ekbom -- AnnotationsImage
120 Observation on the Physiology of the Cerebral Cortex of the Anthropoid -- AnnotationsImage
121 Observations on Vascular Headache of the Migraine Type by Friedman et al -- AnnotationsImage
122 Ocular Sympathetic Palsy in Periodic Migrainous Neuralgia by Nieman and Hurwitz -- AnnotationsImage
123 Oculo-Sympathetic Paresis Associated with Cluster Headaches by Riley and Moyer -- AnnotationsImage
124 Of the visual area of the cerebral cortex and its relation to eye movements by Munk -- AnnotationsImage
125 On Dilation of the Pupil from Cerebral Stimulation by Parsons -- AnnotationsImage
101 - 125 of 242