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101 Cullen, Mary Elizabeth, Sister.An assessment of decubitus ulcers, contractures, urinary-tract infec/ tions and hypostatic pneumonia as indices of nursi-ngcare in three extended care facilities in the Salt Lake Valley.Nurses; Long-Term Care Facilities; UtahNursing1972-06
102 Warnick, Darren CRole of PGRMC1 in intracellular sterol transport.Biological Transport; PhysiologyHuman Genetics2008-12
103 De Prima, Alicia GailThe occurrence of depression in patients following coronary artery bypass graft surgerySuicide; NursingNursing1982-03
104 Rigdon, Imogene StewartToward a theory of helpfulness for the elderly bereaved: an invitation to a new lifePsychologyNursing1985-08
105 Swaffar, Diane ShominIn vitro activation of procarbazine to sytotoxic speciesMetabolites; MetabolismPharmacology & Toxicology1991-08
106 Helm, Sandra BerlinComparison of high school future nurse club members with nonmembers on opinions about mental illnessOpinions; Mental Illness; High SchoolOpinions; Mental Illness; High SchoolNursing1965-06
107 Mullett, Charles J.The development and impact of a pediatric antiinfective decision support toolPediatrics; Medical InformaticsBiomedical Informatics2001-05
108 Deveraux, Quinn L.Recognition of ubiquitin-conjugates by the 26S proteaseProteolytic Enzymes; Molecular CloningBiochemistry1995-12
109 Rhea, Martha H.Women's explanations for depressionPsychologyNursing1989-12
110 Liu, TongActivation of the apoptotic pathway in response to chemotherapy in childhood leukemiaDrug TherapyPathology2000-05
111 Bronson, Tyler MarkOxidation and condensation of zinc fume in steelmaking off-gas systemsEAF Dust; Homogeneous Formation; In-Process Separation; Kinetics; Steelmaking; Zinc OxideMetallurgical Engineering2015-08
112 Bareiss, Daman FModel-based collision avoidance for dynamic single- and multi-robot systems: theory and application in ground and aerial robotsCollision Avoidance; Mobile Robot; Motion Planning; Multi-RobotMechanical Engineering2016
113 Bardsley, PatrickIntensity-only imaging with waves, restarted inverse born series, and analysis of coarsening in polycrystalline materialsgradient flow; grain growth; imaging; Intensity-only; polycrystalline; wavesMathematics2016
114 Barlow, Matthew AllanMicrofoundations of firm performance: three essays examining how human capital affects firm performance across strategy and entrepreneurshipemployee mobility; entrepreneurship; human capital; organizational performanceSchool of Business2016
115 Babenko, ViraNumerical analysis in l-spacesAlgorithms; Approximation; Existence and Uniqueness; L-space; Set-valued and fuzzy-valued functions; Volterra and Fredholm integral equationsMathematics2016
116 Barhorst-Cates, Erica MarieThe effects of restricted field-of-view on spatial learning while navigating: implications for strategy use and cognitive loadnavigation; restricted peripheral field; spatial learningPsychology2016
117 Betlemidze, MariamFemen and assemblage politics of protest in the age of social mediaactivism; Deleuze; Derrida; Femen; Latour; multimediaCommunication2016
118 Bereit, Richard MartinReading's effect - a novel perspectiveEducation; Formation; Influence; Novel; Reading; writersEnglish2016
119 Barnewitz, Molly ClareThe animal as queer act in comics: queer iterations in On Loving Women and NimonaAnimal; Comics; Graphic Narrative; Hybrid; QueerLanguages and Literature2016
120 Bateman, Christopher ScottPrevention of spontaneous combustion in underground coal mines with the implementation of pressure balancing techniquesCoal; Pressure Balancing; Sponcom; Spontaneous CombustionMining Engineering2016
121 Batchelor, Chase ElizabethWaveform correlation detection methods applied to the 2003-2004 seismic swarm in the marysvale volcanic province of central utahcross-correlation; detection; earthquake; Marysvale; swarm; UtahGeology & Geophysics2016
122 Bishaw, Birhanu BogaleEffect of high strength materials on the seismic performance of reinforced concrete moment resisting framesBeam-column; Concentrated plasticity; Deteriorating models; Fiber reinforced concrete; High strength concrete; High strength steelCivil & Environmental Engineering2016
123 Bezdek, PavelApproximation and blow-up problems in stochastic differential equationsapproximation; blow-up; Levy generator; stochastic heat equationMathematics2016
124 Bulsiewicz, James GerardEssays on investor sentiment and institutional trading momentumAnomalies; Institutional Demand; Institutional Trading Momentum; Investor Sentiment; MispricingSchool of Business2016
125 Buti, KrisztinaFirm size, idiosyncratic risk, and shareholder gains in corporate acquisitionscorporate acquisitions; event study; limits to arbitrage; shareholder gainsSchool of Business2016
101 - 125 of 6,342