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101 Novel activation of neutrophil functionsFeldhaus, Michael JohnChronic neutrophil activation results in severe tissue damage leading to loss of limb and life as illustrated from events ranging from adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) to the inflammatory skin lesions associated with Staphylococcal and Streptococcal infections. Conversely, PMNs are critica...Pathology
102 Genetic analysis of Drosophila steroid-triggered cell deathYin, Viravuth PhoDevelopmental programmed cell death plays a central role in metazoan development. Among other key death inducing signals, small lipophilic hormones provide an indispensable cue for the precise temporal and spatial elimination of cells and tissues. In Drosophila, two sequential pulses of the steroid ...Human Genetics
103 Virulent and avirulent staphylococcus aureusMaverakis, Nick HarryThe term specific capsular reaction has been used in this thesis instead of capsular swelling reaction or "quelling" because no data were available to indicate that an increase in capsular size occurred when specific antiserum and encapsulated staphylococci were combined. When specific antiserum an...Pathology
104 Prostaglandin-releasing hydrogels for peptic ulcer diseaseMack, Eric JosephAn oral polymeric drug delivery system for the release of prostaglandin F2alph (PGF2alph) is developed fro the induction of cytoprotection. Prostaglandins, in doses one-tenth that of amounts that cause adverse effects, induce the mucosa to be reinforced against ulcerogenic stimuli. The polymeric m...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
105 The Impact of residential treatment upon substance abusive adolescentsMatsumura, Geraldine OkaThis study sought to determine factors that are correlated with measures of functional adaptation following a residential treatment program for the adolescent substance abuse. The aim of the study was to determine if there were distinct variables which could have predictive value for success in tre...Nursing
106 Profile of teen mothers in a Salt Lake County school districtWanlass, Bonnie J.The purpose of this descriptive study was to profile young women currently enrolled in a Salt Lake Count school district Young Parent Program. This profile included (a) descriptive characteristics, (b) teens perceptions of current challenges, and (c) their perceptions of the benefit of the Young Pa...Nursing
107 Experimental studies on bone marrow hypoplasia associated with drug administrationKumar, Sharad1. Attempts have been made to produce anaphylaxis in guinea pigs by the injections of mixtures of drugs and autologous blood. These attempts were unsuccessful. 2. Efforts were made to produce degenerative changes in the bone marrow and alterations in the blood by injection of homologous bone marr...Pathology
108 Studies on a double-stranded RNA-binding zinc finger proteinFinerty, Patrick JosephProteins containing C 2 H 2 type zinc finger motifs are perhaps the largest class of nucleic acid-binding proteins found in nature. This dissertation describes studies on a novel zinc finger protein, dsRBP-ZFa, isolated by screening a Xenopus cDNA expression library with dsRNA. The protein consists ...Biochemistry
109 Database capture of echocardiographic reportsCanfield, Gerald CliftonA database is designed and implemented for storing and managing echocardiographic reports in a relationship database environment. The database uses a frame data structure to represent patient findings. A discourse based methodology for developing frames and dictionaries is developed and a hierarchic...Biomedical Informatics
110 Effects of industrial respirators on pulmonary functions and ability to perform metabolic workCollins, Clinton RuhlFour subjects were used to demonstrate the effects of wearing industrial respirators on pulmonary physiology and ability to perform metabolic work. Work was performed on a bicycle ergonometer. Pulmonary volumes and pressures were measured, as were inspiratory and expiratory work rates and oxygen con...Family & Preventive Medicine
111 Kinship survey of cancer in the Utah Mormon populationHill, Jon RiceThis dissertation describes the application of a new analytical technique to the epidemiologial analysis of observations on large, computerized genealogies. Statistical comparison of distributions of kinship (genetic distances) among cancer cases and controls is made in contrast to the classical met...Biomedical Informatics
112 Factors affecting use of natural family planning in UtahKnapp, Eileen MarieThis descriptive study was conducted to discover what factors affected use of natural family planning (NFP) in Utah. A survey was mailed to 189 persons in Utah who had received instruction in NFP. Sixty-seven females completed and returned the survey as did 40 of their spouses. This group indicated ...Nursing
113 Isolation of unique DNA sequences from uropathogenic Escherichia coli using a subtraction hybridization tecniquePerkins, Mary LoringMost Escherichia coli isolated from urinary tract infections appear to belong to highly defined clones and have a high incidence of virulence-associated factors. Genes for hemolysin production (hly) and pyelonephritis-associated-pili (pap) have been isolated and their incidence found to correlate w...Pathology
114 Interactions of T-box genes in the zebrafish mesoderm: Tbx6 and No TailHug, BarbaraThe T-box genes encode a family of transcription factors important for tissue differentiation and morphogenesis. Like the Hox genes, T-box genes are often expressed in overlapping patterns within developmental precursor populations. T-box gene mutations often affect only a subset of the cells that n...Human Genetics
115 Relationship of creativity factors to performance of students in psychiatric nursingSharp, Annetta ClarkCreativity, or to create, is a term that is familiar in nursing literature, yet little attempt is made to define creativity as it exists or should exist in nursing, or exactly how it applies to nursing situations. The nursing literature reviewed showed little evidence of creativity factors being ide...Nursing
116 Cloning and characterization of the BRCA1 geneSwensen, Jeffrey J.Approximately 10% of all American women develop breast cancer during their lifetimes. A genetic trait which is passed through families in an autosomal dominant fashion is responsible for 5% to 10% of the cases. Women who care a breast cancer susceptibility gene have an 85% lifetime risk of breast ...Biomedical Informatics
117 Preparation and immunological properties of detoxified bacterial endotoxinsMartin, William JefferyChemical modification of a crude endotoxin prepared by the RE procedure from a strain of S^, typhimurium yielded certain significant changes in biological activity. The chemical procedures employed were oxidation by boron trifluoride and potassium periodate, acety-lation, and methylation. The result...Pathology
118 Sleep deprivation in the critically illRichardson, StephanieThe sleep patterns of 9 critically ill subjects were studied in surgical and coronary intensive care units. Subjects had variable diagnoses and were studied for one night each, using EEG recordings. Visual, tactile, aural, emotional, somatic and cognitive stimuli perceivable by each subject were re...Nursing
119 Relationship of manifest dream content to labor outcomeAbram, Sandra LouiseThe aim of this study was to determine the presence of a relationship between report of dream recall or non-recall and dream content to labor outcome. Further information was gathered on the relationship of reports of dream recall to psychological data obtained from the Utah Test Appraising Health I...Nursing
120 Hopeful adults with advanced stage cancer : nature, influences, focus, and patterns of hope over timeReynolds, Mary Anne HalesThe diagnosis of terminal cancer begins one of the most complex and challenging individual experiences of human life that requires multiple coping responses, one of those being hope. There are limited knowledge and few studies that provide descriptions of hope over time for adults, ages 20-59, with ...Nursing
121 Genes that overcome drug-induced cholesterol auxotrophyMykytyn, Kirk AllenMammalian cells obtain cholesterol via endocytic uptake of cholesterol-rich lipoproteins and de novo synthesis through a multistep pathway. However, excess cholesterol is deleterious and cellular cholesterol levels must be strictly regulated. This regulation involves a complex set of homeostatic pro...Human Genetics
122 Characterization of androgen receptors in human prostatic glandsHsu, Robert Shao-ChihThe experiments performed in this research were designed to characterize androgen receptors in different subcellular fractions of normal human prostatic glands and to study possible relationships between these receptors. Two androgen-binding components with sedimentation coefficients of 5S and 9.5S...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
123 Segmentation accuracy in magnetic resonance angiography imagesJohnson, ShandraToday a large amount of detailed information can be obtained from a single Magnetic Resonance Angiography image. Review of the source data can be tedious given the low density of information in each viewable image. One method of display is the Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) algorithm. The inf...Biomedical Informatics
124 Behaviors of peers and supervisors as perceived by impaired nurse colleagues: a descriptive studyHardy, Connie H.The purposes of this study were (a) to describe the perceived behaviors of supervisors and peers toward a group of recovering impaired nursing during their period of addiction, (b) to describe behaviors impaired nurses felt might have been helpful in facilitation recovery, and (c) to compare the per...Nursing
125 Steroid permeation through polymer filmsZentner, Gaylen M.The potential of several commercially available polymeric materials for use in controlled release drug delivery devices has been investigated. Progesterone has been used as a model hydrophobic drug. The rates of progesterone permeation through Silastic, Bicmer, Pel!ethane, pHEMA, Avcothane, and Cupr...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
101 - 125 of 5,928