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101 Cullen, Mary Elizabeth, Sister.An assessment of decubitus ulcers, contractures, urinary-tract infec/ tions and hypostatic pneumonia as indices of nursi-ngcare in three extended care facilities in the Salt Lake Valley.This study was undertaken in an attempt to determine whether certain physiological complications commonly found in incapacitated patients are correlated with an agency's staffing pattern and to detect if a difference exists in the nursing care rendered to patients in three extended care facilities. ...Nurses; Long-Term Care Facilities; Utah1972-06
102 Warnick, Darren CRole of PGRMC1 in intracellular sterol transport.Cholesterol is an essential component of mammalian cells. Cellular cholesterol levels are tightly regulated by various, well-characterized, homeostatic mechanisms that reside primarily in the endoplasmic reticulum. As the majority of cellular cholesterol resides in the plasma membrane and membrane d...Biological Transport; Physiology2008-12
103 De Prima, Alicia GailThe occurrence of depression in patients following coronary artery bypass graft surgeryA descriptive correlation study was conducted with 110 postoperative coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) patients at the Naval Regional Medical Center, San Diego, California. The purpose of the research project was to determine the occurrence of depression in coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) pat...Suicide; Nursing1982-03
104 Rigdon, Imogene StewartToward a theory of helpfulness for the elderly bereaved: an invitation to a new lifeThe purpose of this study was to generate a theory of helpfulness for the elderly bereaved, grounded in the data which were the responses of the bereaved research participants concerning the following issue: (a) the advice they would give to others who have lost a spouse, (b) how others are helpful...Psychology1985-08
105 Swaffar, Diane ShominIn vitro activation of procarbazine to sytotoxic speciesProcarbazine is a 1,2-disubstituted hydrazine derivative that acts as a methylating agent in the treatment of Hodgkin's disease, leukemias, lymphomas, and brain tumors. The anticancer activity of this agent results from oxidation to azoprocarbazine and additional N-oxidation to a mixture of azoxy is...Metabolites; Metabolism1991-08
106 Helm, Sandra BerlinComparison of high school future nurse club members with nonmembers on opinions about mental illnessThe purpose of this study was to determine if there were any significant differences in the opinions towards mental illness between high school Future Nurse Club members and high school non-future Nurse Club members. Cohen and Struening's (1960) Opinions About Mental Illness Scale which measures fi...Opinions; Mental Illness; High SchoolOpinions; Mental Illness; High School1965-06
107 Mullett, Charles J.The development and impact of a pediatric antiinfective decision support toolComputerized medical decision support tools have been shown to improve the quality of care and have been cited as one method to reduce pharmaceutical errors by the Institute of Medicine. An existing adult antiinfective decision support tool was enhanced by adding medical logic to make it appropriate...Pediatrics; Medical Informatics2001-05
108 Deveraux, Quinn L.Recognition of ubiquitin-conjugates by the 26S proteaseMultiubiquitination is a key step leading to the selective degradation of abnormal polypeptides and many important regulatory proteins by a large multisubunit enzyme--the 26S protease. However, the mechanism by which ubiquitin-conjugates are recognized by this enzyme is unknown. I used a protein bin...Proteolytic Enzymes; Molecular Cloning1995-12
109 Rhea, Martha H.Women's explanations for depressionThis descriptive, exploratory study was designed to develop an understanding of women's spontaneous descriptions of depression and its causes. Twenty-eight women participated with in-depth interviews. Numerous theoretical perspectives have been offered as explanation of the high prevalence of depr...Psychology1989-12
110 Liu, TongActivation of the apoptotic pathway in response to chemotherapy in childhood leukemiaAcute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common pediatric malignancy. Although patients with ALL have benefited greatly from dramatic advances in chemotherapy, a substantial number of patients eventually fail to respond to treatment, and their prognosis is poor. Cytotoxic chemotherapeutic age...Drug Therapy2000-05
111 Bronson, Tyler MarkOxidation and condensation of zinc fume in steelmaking off-gas systemsOff-gas dust wastes from steelmaking processes contain a number of by-product metals, which are hazardous to dispose of by landfill. With the increased use of electric arc furnaces, zinc has become a significant by-product in the off-gas dust and a main inhibiter of off-gas dust disposal as common ...EAF Dust; Homogeneous Formation; In-Process Separation; Kinetics; Steelmaking; Zinc Oxide2015-08
112 Bareiss, Daman FModel-based collision avoidance for dynamic single- and multi-robot systems: theory and application in ground and aerial robotsThis dissertation solves the collision avoidance problem for single- and multi-robot systems where dynamic effects are significant. In many robotic systems (e.g., highly maneuverable and agile unmanned aerial vehicles) the dynamics cannot be ignored and collision avoidance schemes based on kinemati...Collision Avoidance; Mobile Robot; Motion Planning; Multi-Robot2016
113 Bardsley, PatrickIntensity-only imaging with waves, restarted inverse born series, and analysis of coarsening in polycrystalline materialsWe first study the inverse problem of recovering a complex Schro ?dinger potential from a discrete set of measurements of the solution to the Schro ?dinger equation using different source terms. We solve this problem by generalizing the inverse Born series method to nonlinear mappings between Banach...gradient flow; grain growth; imaging; Intensity-only; polycrystalline; waves2016
114 Barlow, Matthew AllanMicrofoundations of firm performance: three essays examining how human capital affects firm performance across strategy and entrepreneurshipThis dissertation examines how an individual's collection of knowledge, skills, and abilities impacts the performance of firms. I look across two contexts, professional sports and mobile application developers, to investigate several aspects of this relationship. I first examine the mobility of st...employee mobility; entrepreneurship; human capital; organizational performance2016
115 Babenko, ViraNumerical analysis in l-spacesThis dissertation consists of two parts that focus on two interrelated areas of Applied Mathematics. The first part explores fundamental properties and applications of functions with values in L-spaces. The second part is connected to Approximation Theory and dives deeper into the analysis of functi...Algorithms; Approximation; Existence and Uniqueness; L-space; Set-valued and fuzzy-valued functions; Volterra and Fredholm integral equations2016
116 Barhorst-Cates, Erica MarieThe effects of restricted field-of-view on spatial learning while navigating: implications for strategy use and cognitive loadResearch suggests that spatial memory while navigating with severely degraded acuity demands the use of limited cognitive resources. Peripheral vision is also a vital aspect of successful navigation, both for sensory cues and for obstacle avoidance. In a series of studies, we examined how restricted...navigation; restricted peripheral field; spatial learning2016
117 Betlemidze, MariamFemen and assemblage politics of protest in the age of social mediaTransgressing norms and barriers of mundane digital spaces to seize spotlight in the name of social change is breathtaking. Such are modern-day protest groups as they utilize a special mix of skills, tactics, and resourcefulness to become forces of disruptive tensions in the spectacular seas of imag...activism; Deleuze; Derrida; Femen; Latour; multimedia2016
118 Bereit, Richard MartinReading's effect - a novel perspectiveThe effect that fiction has on readers has been continuously debated since at least the fourth century B.C.E. In this dissertation, I first analyze historic arguments of philosophers and critics who have participated significantly in the debate. I organize their critical judgments about reading's ef...Education; Formation; Influence; Novel; Reading; writers2016
119 Barnewitz, Molly ClareThe animal as queer act in comics: queer iterations in On Loving Women and NimonaThis thesis examines comics' use of animal and otherwise non-normative bodies to portray queer identities and examine how the portrayal of the queer and monstrous can be seen as a reflection of the medium itself. Comics is a hybrid medium in which words and images coexist, favoring neither and flout...Animal; Comics; Graphic Narrative; Hybrid; Queer2016
120 Bateman, Christopher ScottPrevention of spontaneous combustion in underground coal mines with the implementation of pressure balancing techniquesMine fires and explosions associated with spontaneous combustion (sponcom) can be the cause of mines closings temporarily or permanently. The risk of fatalities and production losses are also associated with the hazards of sponcom. Over the last 175 years, nearly 13,000 deaths have been recorded and...Coal; Pressure Balancing; Sponcom; Spontaneous Combustion2016
121 Batchelor, Chase ElizabethWaveform correlation detection methods applied to the 2003-2004 seismic swarm in the marysvale volcanic province of central utahEarthquake swarms are defined as clusters of events that occur closely in space and time without the presence of an outstanding main shock. Swarms are especially common within the seismically active region of the Intermountain West, monitored by the University of Utah Seismograph Stations (UUSS). Th...cross-correlation; detection; earthquake; Marysvale; swarm; Utah2016
122 Bishaw, Birhanu BogaleEffect of high strength materials on the seismic performance of reinforced concrete moment resisting framesThis research investigates the effect of using a combination of high strength concrete (HSC), high strength steel (HSS), and steel fibers on the seismic performance of moment resisting frames (MRFs). In the first part of the study, reinforced concrete components were tested in the laboratory under m...Beam-column; Concentrated plasticity; Deteriorating models; Fiber reinforced concrete; High strength concrete; High strength steel2016
123 Bezdek, PavelApproximation and blow-up problems in stochastic differential equationsIn the first part of this work, we will show weak convergence of probability measures. The measure corresponding to the solution of the following one-dimensional nonlinear stochastic heat equation $\frac{\partial}{\partial t} u_{t}(x) = \frac{\kappa}{2} \frac{\partial^2}{\partial x^2} u_{ t}(x) + ...approximation; blow-up; Levy generator; stochastic heat equation2016
124 Bulsiewicz, James GerardEssays on investor sentiment and institutional trading momentumThis dissertation is composed of 3 chapters on the topics of investor sentiment and institutional trading momentum. In the first chapter, I investigate whether the returns to cross-sectional anomalies reported in the finance literature are due to investor sentiment. I present evidence of a weak rela...Anomalies; Institutional Demand; Institutional Trading Momentum; Investor Sentiment; Mispricing2016
125 Buti, KrisztinaFirm size, idiosyncratic risk, and shareholder gains in corporate acquisitionsSmall acquirers experience greater abnormal returns upon acquisition announcements (other things equal) than large acquirers. In efficient markets, the persistence of differential abnormal returns over time and across industries would imply that shareholder wealth effects of corporate acquisitions ...corporate acquisitions; event study; limits to arbitrage; shareholder gains2016
101 - 125 of 6,534