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101 A GPU-based maximal independent set aggregation strategy: algorithms, comparisons, and applications withing algebraic multigridThe algebraic multigrid (AMG) method is often used as a preconditioner in Krylov subspace solvers such as the conjugate gradient method. An AMG preconditioner hierarchically aggregates the degrees of freedom during the coarsening phase in order to eciently account for lower-frequency errors. Each de...GPU; Maximal independent set; Multigrid2014-08
102 A grounded legal study of the breakdown of modders' relationships with game companies or legal threats shake moral bedsThis dissertation utilizes law and society research, as well as communication advocacy, to frame analysis and offer an extra-legal solution to conflicts between modders, fans who create new content from existing videogames, and game companies. It utilizes grounded theory and the traditional legal ad...cease and desist; chilling effect; grounded theory; modding; participatory culture; video games2013-05
103 A Hidden Surface Algorithm for Computer Generated Halftone PicturesThe application of computer graphics to problem solving has increased over the past few years. The representation of data in the form of line drawings, graphs, charts, diagrams and line plots has been explored extensively, This paper addresses itself to some new techniques used to solve problems ass...1969
104 A history of Castle Valley to 1890There is perhaps no town, township, county or geographic region in the United states which could not be taken as a concrete subject for a study of local history.1955
105 A history of Lincoln County, Nevada, 1776-1874Local history has the tendency to become vague and colored with incredulity when not recorded. Certainly there is much to be written concerning any area. When a mining region is studied with all its fortune and misfortune, we find most individuals anxious to recall the colorful or the odd occurrence...Lincoln County (Nev.); History1959
106 A History of Park City, 1869 to 1898The history of Park City begins in 1868 with the opening of the mines on the eastern slopes of the Wasatch Mountains above the valley called Parley's Park. Soldiers stationed at Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City and itinerant miners drifting across the divide from the mining camps of Alta and Brighton ...1971
107 A history of the education of the Ute Indians, 1847-1905.The purpose of this study is to record the events in the development of Ute Indian education in Utah between the years 1847 and 1905. What the Mormon Church and the federal government contributed in this respect through educational contributions at different times especially between the years 1847 a...Ute Indians; Education1972
108 A History of the Organization and growth of the junior tennis program in Salt Lake CountyTennis had made many worthwhile contributions to the health and welfare of children. it is a way of developing skill and strength in the young. The natural impulse of the young is to be active; activity is a vital factor in the development of personality. The child's capacities physically, mentally,...1966
109 A Hop, Switch, and Jump: Stochasticity in Models of Motor-Mediated Intracellular TransportActive transport of cargoes is critical for cellular function. To accomplish this, networks of cytoskeletal filaments form highways along which small teams of mechanochemical enzymes (molecular motors) take steps to pull associated cargoes. The robustness of this transport system is juxtaposed by th...Mathematics; Biology; Biophysics2018
110 A hunt for bacterial genetic determinants of exprc host colonizationExtraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli (ExPEC) is a subset of E. coli that has evolved the ability to successfully colonize multiple host niches. It spends most of its time as a commensal within the gut as a frequent member of the microbiota. When ExPEC disperses to extraintestinal sites, it ca...Biology; Molecular biology; Microbiology2016
111 A hybrid non-threaded run-to-run control and incorporation of multiphysics models into semiconductor virtual metrologyIn order to ensure high production yield of semiconductor devices, it is desirable to characterize intermediate progress towards the final product by using metrology tools to acquire relevant measurements after each sequential processing step. The metrology data are commonly used in feedback and fee...non-threaded; process control; R2R controller; run-to-run control; semiconductor manufacturing; virtual metrology2016
112 A Kazhdan-Lusztig Algorithm for Whittaker ModulesThis dissertation develops the structure theory of the category Whittaker modules for a complex semisimple Lie algebra. We establish a character theory that distinguishes isomorphism classes of Whittaker modules in the Grothendieck group of the category, then use the localization functor of Beilinso...Mathematics; Polynomials2018
113 A Kinetic Study of the Leaching of Chalcopyrite at Elevated Temperatures and PressuresA study of the rate of dissolution of chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) in acidic solution under oxygen overpressure was carried out by measuring the rate of formation of cupriceions. Effects of temperature, oxygen partial pressure, surface area and concentration of sulfuric acid were evaluated. The temperatur...1972
114 A late pleistocene to early holocene climate, vegetation and fire history record for the bonneville basin, utah, usaThe Bonneville basin of northwestern Utah acts as a significant source of paleoenvironmental data due to the sedimentary and geomorphic evidence left behind from the late Pleistocene Lake Bonneville. Macroscopic charcoal and pollen from wetland sediments of North Redden Springs, Utah (40˚ 00' 47.1"...Bonneville Basin; Climate; Vegetation; Fire History; Heinrich Events; Lake Bonneville; Paleoecology; Paleo Indians2016-05
115 A longitudinal study of early English; immersion and literacy in Xi'an, ChinaThe present study investigated the efficacy of early English; immersion in the Shi Da Fu Elementary School in Xi'an, China. Three hundred and fifty one students were tested in Grades 1-6. There were two main purposes that motivated this longitudinal and cross-sectional study. The first goal was to ...English; as a foreign language (EFL); English; language teaching; English; oral language proficiency; Immersion programs; Second language (L2) literacy; Second language (L2) reading comprehension2010-12
116 A Longitudinal Study of Women Coaching Women Through Motivational Interviewing and the Interrelationships Between Depression, Health Behaviors, and Changes in ObesitySome evidence supports the development of holistic interventions that address the overlap between obesity and depression, the both of which have increased burden among women in marginalized communities. Additional understanding about the interrelationships between obesity, health behaviors, and depr...Public health; Mental health; Behavioral sciences2018
117 A lymphocyte-targeting polymeric drug delivery system mediated by receptor-binding epitopes: design, synthesis, and characterization.Extensive studies have demonstrated that the use of targetable polymeric drug delivery systems is an efficient approach for improving cancer chemotherapy. In this dissertation, a new strategy for the design of targetable polymeric anticancer drug carriers was proposed that combined water-soluble pol...Pharmaceutical Preparations; Drug Delivery Systems2002-12
118 A macroeconomic model for determining yields on municipal bond market for states under u.s. monetary unionThis dissertation develops a macroeconomic model of state borrowing costs for the U.S. monetary union that is founded on the real business cycle theory. The model develops supply and demand side equations for the U.S. monetary union. It shows that the spread between the borrowing cost of a state and...Macroeconomy; Municipal Bond; Probability of Default; Real Business Cycle; State Finance2015-12
119 A macroscopic and microscopic study of radon exposure using geant4 and mcnpx to estimate dose rates and dna damageRadon is considered the second-leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. Epidemiological studies have been conducted in miner cohorts as well as general populations to estimate the risks associated with high and low dose exposures. There are problems with extrapolating risk estimates to low dose e...Dosimetry; Geant4; Radon2015-12
120 A mathematical investigation of the innate and adaptive immune surveillance of tumor growthMathematical models of tumor-immune interactions provide an analytical framework by which to address specific questions about tumor-immune dynamics. We present an extension of a mathematical model developed by De Pillis et al. that accounts for the immune surveillance of tumors by natural killer (NK...2011-05
121 A mathematical model of blood coagulation and platelet deposition under flowThe body responds to vascular injury with two intertwined processes: platelet aggregation and coagulation. Platelet aggregation is a predominantly physical process, whereby platelets clump together, and coagulation is a cascade of biochemical enzyme reactions. Thrombin, the major product of coagulat...Mathematical model; Thrombosis2010-08
122 A matter of moral agency: the religious impetus behind Woodrow Wilson's decision for unilateral belligerency in World War IWhy did President Woodrow Wilson not take advantage of the opportunity U.S. entrance into World War I afforded to extract promises from Allied leaders to commit to his postwar world vision? Wilson could have obligated the Allied governments to a postwar "peace without victory" settlement on his term...World War, 1914-19182012-05
123 A Measurement of certain skills of musicianship among high school brass, woodwind, and percussion playersThe differing abilities of sections of the high school band to handle certain musical skills relating to pitch and rhythm is often a topic of discussion among the directors of high school intrumental groups. Most often relegated to the bottom of the scale of musicianship is the percussion section, a...School music -- Instruction and study1976
124 A Member of the Mycobiome Modulates a Host Metabolite to Increase Intestinal Permeability and DiseaseThe human body is a fascinating arrangement of cellular organization necessary to support life; it is also home to trillions of microorganisms. The largest concentration of these commensal microbes exists within the gastrointestinal tract (GI) where bacteria dominate the landscape. Accordingly, the ...2015-05
125 A microfluidic in vitro model of the blood-brain barrierThe blood-brain barrier (BBB) limits entry of most molecules into the brain and complicates the development of brain-targeting compounds, necessitating novel BBB models. This dissertation describes the first microfluidic BBB model allowing the study of BBB properties in relation to various chemical ...Blood-brain barrier; MEMS; Microfluidic2014-12
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