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101 Seppi, JessicaPrinceton University new graduate housingArchitecture & Planning (College of)2011
102 Coxworth, James E.First among equals: male-male competition among the bardi of Northwestern Australia and its implications for human evolutionAboriginal Australia; Deference; Natural selection; Nonhuman primates; Prestige; StatusAnthropology2013-08
103 Cox, Carl JonathanA 'two-fisted, three-party state': Utah's 1992 U.S. senate raceElectionsHistory2011-08
104 Costa, Russell E.Inhibitory processes in task switchingCognitive control; Inhibition; Task switchingPsychology2010-08
105 Coyle, Joseph F.The Clinical Element Model Detailed Clinical ModelsBiomedical Informatics2013-05
106 Byrne Cranny, LouiseSituating Helen Frankenthaler's Wizard1963; FrankenthalerArt/Art History2014-05
107 Crockett, David K.Improving Decision Support for Uncertain Gene VarientsBiomedical Informatics2011-08
108 Cromwell, Benjamin Paul BurkeTouch: making contact with climate changeChange; Climate; Global warming; Kiribati; Narrative; PersonalEnglish2011-08
109 Cross, Paulette TheresaHomeplace: unearthing and tracing the oral traditions and subjugated knowledge of a multigenerational woman-centered African American familyAfrican American family; African American genealogy; African American women; Black family; Black feminism; Black womenEducation, Culture & Society2014-05
110 Cryer, Martin EricHybrid Agent-Based Modeling of Healthcare Surveillance NetworksBiomedical Informatics2013-08
111 Croxford, PrestonPlato WinesPlatonic forms; Wineries; SpaceArchitecture & Planning (College of)2009
112 Cunningham, Christopher B.The behavioral physiology of competitive ability in recently wild-derived male house mice (Mus musculus)Aggression; Genetics; Life history evolution; Male-male competition; Pheromones; Sexual selectionBiology2013-05
113 Cupello, Michael ScottLaw enforcement knowledge of elder laws and beliefs about agingAgeism; Aging; Beliefs; Eldery; Law enforcement; LawsGerontology2010
114 Cusick, Mattew FrancisConvergent Suppression as a Mechanism for Persistence of Hepatitis C Virus in a Human in Vitro SystemPathology2010-12
115 D'Souza, Brendan RobertoExploring nickel- and iron- catalyzed cycloaddition routes to N- heterocyclesCycloaddition; Iron; Nickel; PyridinesChemistry2012-05
116 DaSilva, Jack GuyPressure dependent magnetic investigation of tetracyanoethylene-based molecule-based magnets and their analoguesCyanide; Magnet; Organic; Polymer; Pressure; TetracyanoethyleneChemistry2013-08
117 Damani, AayushAn empirical model of piezoelectric stick-slip actuation of the Kleindiek MM3A micromanipulatorLoop; Micromanipulator; Model; Open; Piezoelectric; Stick-slipMechanical Engineering2013-05
118 Dahl, Raymond AlexanderReconciling differences between technologically and socially focused theories of group communicationHCI; Interaction; Media; Mediation; Rich-media; TechnologyCommunication2013-12
119 Daniels, Joel, IIFeature-aligned, semiregular, quad-only mesh generationComputer graphics; Geometry processing; Mesh simplification; Quadrilateral meshing; Surface parameterization; Surface reconstructionComputing (School of)2010
120 Dardenne, Caitlin NoraOssification of the posterior longitudinal ligament and age-related macular degeneration: a new avenue of forensic identificationAMD; Disease; Genetics; Human identification; OPLL; SpineAnthropology2013-08
121 Davey, Carla MaePredicting college student success: a historical and predictive examination of high school activities and accomplishmentsStudent activities; United States; Academic achievement; College preparation programsEducational Psychology2010-08
122 Arnold, StevenMSGIS PortfolioGeography2016-12
123 Boschetto, Harold BradleyPlate 1: Geologic map of the Lothidok Range, KenyaGeology; Kenya; Lothidok RangeGeology & Geophysics1988-08
124 Mabanglo, Mark Noel F.Crystal structure, substrate promiscuity and structure-based engineering of archaeal isopentenyl phosphate kinaseCrystal structure; Fosfomycin; Isopentenyl phosphate kinase; Structure-based engineering; Substrate promiscuityChemistry2012-05
125 Uno, Kevin ToshioAdvances in terrestrial paleoecology from intratooth stable isotope profiles in tooth enamel and tusk dentinDentin; Enamel; Forward and inverse modeling; Miocene; Radiocarbon yamp; 14C; Stable isotopeGeology & Geophysics2012-12
101 - 125 of 6,252