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101 Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 19951998Text
102 Organochlorine compounds in streambed sediment and in biological tissue from streams and their relations to land use, central Arizona2000Text
103 Hydrogeology, water quality, and stormwater-sediment chemistry of the Grande Wash area, Fort McDowell Indian Reservation, Maricopa County, Arizona2000Text
104 Generalized hydrogeology and ground-water budget for the C Aquifer, Little Colorado River basin and parts of the Verde and Salt River basins, Arizona and New Mexico2002Text
105 What affects water quality in the Upper Colorado River basin?1996Text
106 Water quality of selected effluent-dependent stream reaches in southern Arizona as indicated by concentrations of periphytic chlorophyll a and aquatic-invertebrate communities1998Text
107 Water resources data, Arizona, water year 20042005Text
108 Assessment of selected inorganic constituents in streams in the Central Arizona Basins Study Area, Arizona and northern Mexico, through 19982003Text
109 Variations in sand storage measured at monumented cross sections in the Colorado River between Glen Canyon Dam and Lava Falls Rapid, northern Arizona, 1992-992003Text
110 Classification of hydrogeologic areas and hydrogeologic flow systems in the basin and range physiographic province, southwestern United States2002Text
111 Hydrologic conditions in the Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge and Planet Valley, Arizona, 20002002Text
112 A Stage-Normalized Function for the Synthesis of Stage-Discharge Relations for the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, Arizona2003Text
113 Streambed adjustment and channel widening in eastern Nebraska2003Text
114 Water Resources Data, Colorado, Water Year 2002--Volume 2. Colorado River Basin2003Text
115 Water Use Trends in the Southwestern United States 1950-19902003Text
116 Relations of benthic macroinvertebrates to concentrations of trace elements in water, streambed sediments, and transplanted bryophytes and stream habitat conditions in nonmining and mining areas of the upper Colorado River basin, Colorado, 1995-982002Text
117 Review of Results and Recommendations from the GCMRC 2000-2003 Remote-Sensing Initiative for Monitoring Environmental Resources Within the Colorado River Ecosystem2004Text
118 Traveltime characteristics of Gore Creek and Black Gore Creek, upper Colorado River basin, Colorado2002Text
119 Sediment Delivery by Ungaged Tributaries of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon2001Text
120 Salinity in the Colorado River in the Grand Valley, western Colorado, 1994-951996Text
121 The upper Colorado River; National Water-Quality Assessment Program; surface-water-monitoring network1996Text
122 The Colorado River in Grand Canyon; how fast does it flow?1997Text
123 Simulated effects of the proposed Sulphur Gulch Reservoir operations on Colorado river quantity and quality2005Text
124 Method to identify wells that yield water that will be replaced by water from the Colorado River downstream from Laguna Dam in Arizona and California2000Text
125 Las Vegas, Nevada: Gambling with water in the desert1999Text
101 - 125 of 270