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101 Anatomia secundinae humanae : quindecim figuris ad vivum propriâ autoris manu delineatis, illustrata1669uum_rbcText
102 Dissertatio epistolica de bombyce1669uum_rbcText
103 Embassy from the East-India company of the United Provinces, to the Grand Tartar Cham : Emperour of China1669uum_rbcText
104 Arte de lengva mexicana, dispvesto.1673uum_rbcText
105 Journal des sc╠žavans 16731673uum_rbcText
106 Intercourses of Devine Love Betwixt Christ and the Church, of the Particular Believing-Soul; as Metaphorically Expressed by Solomon in the First Chapter of the Canticles1676uum_rbcText
107 C. Julii Caesaris quae exstant / interpretatione et notis illustravit Joannes Goduinus ... in vsvm serenissimi Delphini ...1678uum_rbcText
108 Moses and Aaron1678uum_rbcText
109 Poems by the most deservedly admired Mrs Katherine Philips, the matchless Orinda. To which is added, Monsieur Corneille's Pompey & Horace, tragedies. With several other translations out of French.1678uum_rbcText
110 Secret-love, or The Maiden-Queen1679uum_rbcText
111 De motv animalivm, volume 11680uum_rbcText
112 De motv animalivm, volume 21680uum_rbcText
113 Anatome animalium, terrestrium variorum, volatilium, aquatilium, serpentum, insectorum, ovorumque, structuram naturalem: exveterum, recentiorum, propriisque observationibus proponens1681uum_rbcText
114 Atheist: or, The second part of the Souldiers fortune1684uum_rbcText
115 Constantine the Great; a Tragedy1684uum_rbcText
116 Sophonisba : or, Hannibal's overthrow1685uum_rbcText
117 Systeme of anatomy, treating of the body of man, beasts, birds, fish, insects and plants : volume 21685uum_rbcText
118 Spanish Fryar, or, The double discovery ...1686uum_rbcText
119 Epsom-wells : a comedy acted at the Duke's Theatre1687uum_rbcText
120 Oedipus : a tragedy. As it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke's theatre1687uum_rbcText
121 Souldiers Fortune. A comedy. Acted by their Majesties servants at the Theatre Royal.1687uum_rbcText
122 Essay Concerning Human Understanding1690uum_rbcText
123 Short view of tragedy; it's original, excellency, and corruption. With some reflections on Shakespear, and other practitioners for the stage1693uum_rbcImage
124 Hommes illustres qui ont paru en France pendant ce siecle: avec leurs portraits au naturel1696uum_rbcText
125 Marcelli Malpighi : Opera posthuma, figuris aeneis illustrata1697uum_rbcText
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