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101 Letters between Aziz Atiya and J. W. Ashton of Indiana University1952; 1953uum_asapText
102 Princeton University Conference Booklet dated April 19581958-04-16; 1958-04-17uum_asapText
103 Set 8 of undated correspondence written in Arabic1958uum_asapText
104 Letters from 1966 to 1968 between Aziz S. Atiya, James C. Fletcher and Wendell Phillips1966-11-21; 1966-11-29; 1967-09-08; 1968-10-28uum_asapText
105 Letters from June and July 1972 between Aziz S. Atiya and Katherine Myron Smith1972-06-28; 1972-07-11; 1972-07-27uum_asapText
106 Letter dated 6 February 1958 from George H. Forsyth to A. Naguib Hashem about Michigan-Princeton Expedition1958-02-06uum_asapText
107 Letters from October and December 1961 involving Dr. Aziz S. Atiya and Dr. Elmer H. Douglas1961-10-03; 1961-10-09; 1961-12-08uum_asapText
108 Photograph of Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai, 29 January 19661966-01-29uum_asapText; Image/StillImage
109 Set 6 of undated correspondence in Arabic with English titles and authors of three books1958uum_asapText
110 Letter dated 9 February 1962 to Fred Anderegg from Aziz S. Atiya1962-02-09uum_asapText
111 Letters from December 1961 and January 1962 between Dr. Aziz S. Atiya and Dr. Lawrence S. Thompson1961-12-20; 1961-12-29; 1962-01-08uum_asapText
112 Program of the naming ceremony of the Marriott Library dated 16 August 19691969-08-16uum_asapText
113 Letter offering books for sale.1961uum_asapText
114 Set 11 of undated correspondence written in Arabic1958uum_asapText
115 Letters from February and March 1960 between Aziz S. Atiya, Frederich Altman, and Ralph D. Thomson1960-02-15; 1960-02-19; 1960-03-01uum_asapText
116 Letter dated 31 July 1950 from Dr. Matthew Black to Dr. Aziz Atiya concerning Syriac manuscripts of Mount Sinai1950-07-31uum_asapText
117 Memorandum dated 1971 concerning the library of the late Professor Martin Levey1971uum_asapText
118 Letter dated October 14 from Wendell Phillips to Dr. Atiya plus letter in Arabic1958uum_asapText
119 Report on library acquisitions1971uum_asapText
120 Letters from 1950 and 1951 between Aziz S. Atiya, William F. Albright, Mrs. James MacMillan, Luther H. Evans, Verner W. Clapp, and Sue Sullivan1950-05-24; 1950-06-16; 1950-10-02; 1951-01-11; 1951-01-16; 1951-01-19; 1951-04-03; 1951-04-04; 1951-04-11uum_asapText
121 Men's Faculty Club Dinner of welcome Thursday, October 18, 1956.1956-10-18uum_asapText
122 Letter dated 31 August 1950 from Dr. Black to Dr. Aziz Atiya1950-08-31uum_asapText
123 Letters from 1968 and 1969 between Aziz S. Atiya and Alfred H. Lane, with an enclosed list of Arabic doubles1968-03-04; 1968-03-11; 1969-07-29uum_asapText
124 Letters from May and June 1964 between Aziz S. Atiya, Charles Issawi, and Richard W. Boss1964-05-19; 1964-05-25; 1964-05-27; 1964-06-03uum_asapText
125 Letters from the year 1949 from Aziz S. Atiya to Wendell Phillips1949-08-23; 1949-09-06uum_asapText
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