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101 Pressure Assisted Flares - A User's Perspective2012-09-05uu_afrcText
102 Know the Secret of Fired Heater Design and Operation with Ultra Low NOx Burner2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
103 Passive FTIR Testing of a Ground Flare Burner Array2012-09-05uu_afrcText
104 General Overview of Past and Recent EPA Flare Enforcement Actions (and flare assessment techniques)2012-09-05uu_afrcText
105 A Validation of Flare Combustion Efficiency Simulations2012-09-05uu_afrcText
106 Hyperspectral Modeling of Combustion Flare Emissions2012-09-05uu_afrcText
107 Environmentally-Friendly Flaring2012-09-05uu_afrcText
108 Peer review of a report by U.S. EPA's Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS) "Parameters for Properly Designed and Operated Flares"2012-09-05uu_afrcText
109 Prediction of Plume Formation and Dispersion from Gas Flares2012-09-05uu_afrcText
110 Flaring Minimization Programme at Saudi Aramco2012-09-05uu_afrcText
111 White Paper on Multi-Spectral Infrared Camera for Flare Efficiency Measurement2012-09-05uu_afrcText
112 Basis for Emission Calculation from Flare Systems2012-09-05uu_afrcText
113 LoTOx for NOx Reduction2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
114 Open Ground Flare Systems2011-09-20uu_afrcText
115 1-American Flame Research Committee IR Electronic University Archive Collection Link2012uu_afrcText
116 Reaction Kinetics of Post Combustion NOx Reduction with Urea1991-03-18uu_afrcText
117 Experimental Investigation of a Porous Ceramic Burner1991-03-18uu_afrcText
118 Performance Test of Steam-Assisted and Pressure Assisted Ground Flare Burner Arrays with Passive FTIR2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
119 Progress and Recent Advances Using Electrodynamic Combustion Control (ECC)-Colannino, Joseph2014-09-23uu_afrcEvent
120 Analysis of the Wind Effects on a Multi-field LNG Ground Flare2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
121 Oxy-Coal Power Boiler Simulation and Validation Through Extreme Computing2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
122 Advanced Design Optimization of Combustion Equipment Using Sculptor with CFD Tools2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
123 Evaluating the NOx Performance of a Steam Generator for Heavy Oil Production: Impact of Combustion System Design2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
124 Demonstrated Implementation of Detailed Chemistry into CFD Simulations for Tailored Commercial Evaluation of Industrial Combustion Equipment2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
125 Practical Flameless Combustion2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
101 - 125 of 994