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101 Hazel Wardel (Non-Native) (1970)1970uaida_ohtText; Sound
102 Helen Clark Rountree, Shoshoni (1968)1968uaida_ohtText; Sound
103 Henry Harris Jr. (Ute) (1969)1969uaida_ohtText
104 Henry Samson, Jene Samson, Roy Samson (1968)1968-07-09uaida_ohtText; Sound
105 Hugh Owens, Non-Indian associated with Ute (1942)1942uaida_ohtText
106 Ida Vijil (1968)1968-07-22uaida_ohtText; Sound
107 Irene Shorty (1968)1968-08-08uaida_ohtText; Sound
108 Isaac Riddle, Non-Indian (1968)1968uaida_ohtText; Sound
109 Jackson Gray Mountain (Navajo) (1968)1968-06-14uaida_ohtText; Sound
110 James Samson (1968)1968-07-18uaida_ohtText; Sound
111 Jane Goodman (1968)1968-07-26uaida_ohtText; Sound
112 Jane Goodman (1968)1968-07-26uaida_ohtText; Sound
113 Jane White (1968)1968-07-30uaida_ohtText; Sound
114 Jasper Pike (Ute) (1969)1969uaida_ohtText
115 Jasper Pike (Ute) (1969)1969uaida_ohtText
116 Jim Hunt (7/13/71)1971-07-13uaida_ohtText; Sound
117 Jim Mike (1968)1968-06-20uaida_ohtText; Sound
118 Jim Mike (5/72)1972-05uaida_ohtText; Sound
119 Jim Mike (Ute)1961-01-29uaida_oht
120 Jim Mike, Ute (1968)1968uaida_oht
121 Jim Mike; Mel Smith (1972)1972-05uaida_ohtText; Sound
122 Jim Vijil (1968)1968-07-29uaida_ohtText; Sound
123 Jim Vijil (1968)1968-07-29uaida_ohtText; Sound
124 Jimmie Pete (Paiute); Tom Lawrence, Annie, Zella, Alva, and Rhoda Matheson; Non-Natives Associated with Paiute(1968)1968uaida_ohtText; Sound
125 Jimmie Pete, Carl Jake (Paiute) (1968)1968-01-15uaida_ohtText; Sound
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