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101 Practical reason and the structure of actionsA wave of recent philosophical work on practical rationality is organized by the following implicit argument: Practical reasoning is figuring out what to do; to do is to act; so the forms of practical inference can be derived from the structure or features of action. Now it is not as though earlier ...Practical reasoning; Inference; Philosophy2005-08-24
102 Lifestyle intervention for pre-diabetic neuropathy.OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate intraepidermal nerve fiber density (IENFD) as a sensitive measure of neuropathy change in patients with neuropathy associated with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) receiving lifestyle intervention based on that used in the Diabetes Prevention Prog...Aged; Biopsy; Blood Pressure; Body Mass Index; Cholesterol; Diabetic Diet2006-06-29
103 Polarized electric current in semiclassical transport with spin-orbit interactionSemiclassical solutions of two-dimensional Schrödinger equation with spin-orbit interaction and smooth potential are considered. In the leading order, spin polarization is in-plane and follows the evolution of the electron momentum for a given subband. Out-of-plane spin polarization appears as a ...Spin-polarized current; Sharvin conductance; Spin-orbit coupling2006-10
104 Integration of signals/systems and electromagnetics courses through the design of a communication system for a cardiac pacemakerAs students go through a traditional ECE program, they lean a great deal about individual components and tools: transistors, op amps, diodes, resistors, transmission lines, and Fourier transforms. In a traditional lab they build and test these individual units. But when the lab is done, whether or n...2005-04
105 Acquiring minds want to know: how many librarians would it take...Acquiring Minds Want to Know column: "I thought for a change I would add a little humor to my column and play around with a variation of the old joke "how many librarians does it take to change a light bulb." The impetus for this came when I was writing a presentation on integrating electronic mater...Librarians, humor; Library acquisitions, humor1998-12
106 Characterization of the phosphotyrosyl protein phosphatase activity of calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase.Calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase from bovine brain and heart was assayed for phosphotyrosine and phosphoserine phosphatase activity using several substrates: 1) smooth muscle myosin light chain (LC20) phosphorylated on tyrosine or serine residues, 2) angiotensin I phosphorylated on tyrosine,...Metabolism; Phosphatase Activity1986-07-25
107 MetaComm: a meta-directory for telecommunicationsA great deal of corporate data is buried in network devices - such as PBX messaging/email platforms, and data networking equipment - where it is difficult to access and modify. Typically, the data is only available to the device itself for its internal purposes and it must be administered using eith...MetaComm; Meta-Directories; Directory Enabled Networking; Data integration2000
108 Acquiring minds want to know: ownership of intellectual property in the academic environmentThis article is the third in a series dealing with intellectual property, technology, and information policies. It specifically addresses ownership of intellectual property in the academic environment, focusing on course materials, but providing commentary on other intellectual property.Intellectual property; Rights; Academia1998
109 ATG interview with John SackJohn Sack is the Director of High Wire Press, a department of the Stanford University Libraries, which assists with the publication of 334 journals, mostly in the sciences.Publishers; Publishing; Serial publishing2002-12
110 Comment on "Yield of singlet excitons in organic light-emitting devices: a double modulation photoluminescence-detected magnetic resonance study"In a recent Letter [1] Lee et al. studied the spin 1/2 photoluminescence-detected magnetic resonance (PLDMR) of a soluble derivative of poly-phenylene vinylene [MEH-PPV] using a double modulation scheme, where both the laser excitation intensity and the microwave power were modulated at ?ex and ?...Singlet excitons; PLDMR; Poly-phenylene vinylene; MEH-PPV; Quenching; Spin dependent recombination; OLED2006
111 Theory of ferromagnetism and the ordering of electronic energy levelsConsider a system of N electrons in one dimension subject to an arbitrary symmetric potential, V(xi,…,xN), and let E(S) be the lowest energy belonging to the total spin value S. We have proved the following theorem: E(S) 1962-01
112 Evaluation of the necessity of postoperative imaging after craniosynostosis surgeryObject. Childhood radiation exposure increases the lifetime risk of cancer from an estimated 0.07 to 0.35%. Neurological evaluation of patients after cranial vault reconstruction for synostosis repair is often complicated by pain medication, sedation, intubation, swelling, and dressings; therefore c...Computed tomography; Cranial vault reconstruction; Pediatric neurosurgery; Radiation dose; Postoperative imaging2007
113 Performance characteristics of six IMMULITE 2000 TORCH assaysTORCH is an acronym for Toxoplasma gondii (Toxo), other microorganisms (like syphilis), rubella (RV), cytomegalovirus (CMV), and herpesviruses (HSV) that are associated with congenital abnormalities during maternal infection. Prenatal testing for antibodies against these agents is one tool for preve...TORCH; Toxoplasma gondii; syphilis virus; rubella; cytomegalovirus; herpesvirus; IMMULITE 2000; congenital abnormalities; laboratory testing2006-01-04
114 Novel basis for interpreting recent acceleration of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissionsThis paper presents a simple thermodynamic model for understanding economic and carbon dioxide emissions growth.Thermodynamics; Economics; Climate; Growth2008
115 On planning: toward a natural history of goal attainmentThe goal of the essay is to articulate some beginnings for an empirical approach to the study of agency, in the firm conviction that agency is subject to scientific scrutiny, and is not to be abandoned to high-brow aprioristic Philosophy;. Drawing on insights from decision analysis, game theory, gen...2008
116 Heterodimeric structure of the spider toxin ω-Agatoxin IA revealed by precursor analysis and mass spectrometryWe report the first molecular characterization of a precursor sequence for a small, Ca2+ channel blocking, peptide spider toxin, ω-agatoxin IA. By integrating information generated from a molecular genetic approach using agatoxin cDNAs with data provided from mass spectrometry of the mature tox...Spider toxin w-Aga-IA; Heterodimeric structure1992
117 Experimental support for a model of birdsong productionIn this work we present an experimental validation of a recently proposed model for the production of birdsongs. We have previously observed that driving the model with simple functions of time, which represent tensions in vocal muscles, produces a wide variety of sounds resembling birdsongs. In th...Vocal; Muscles; Syrinx2003
118 Pilot embedding for channel estimation and tracking in OFDM systemsAbstract-We consider the problem of channel estimation and tracking in OFDM systems and explore the idea of adding pilot symbols to the data symbols as a means to conserve bandwidth. The term pilot embedding (PE) is used to refer to this scheme. Compared to the pilot insertion (PI) scheme, i.e., the...2004
119 Bandwidth optimization in asynchronous NoCs by customizing link wire lengthThe bandwidth requirement for each link on a network-on-chip (NoC) may differ based on topology and traffic properties of the IP cores. Available bandwidth on an asynchronous NoC link will also vary depending on the wire length between sender and receiver. We explore the benefit to NoC performance ...2010
120 Blues ClaroBlues en el Coraz?n is a set of three piano pieces connected by the use of a simple blues scale. The scale is used as the basis for all the material in the pieces and it is used both as a generator of surface motives, as in the second piece, and as source material for the harmonic background of all...3 Pieces for Piano; Music2009
121 Effect of morphology on the superconductor-insulator transition in one-dimensional nanowiresWe study the effect of morphology on the low-temperature behavior of superconducting nanowires which vary in length from 86 nm to 188 nm. A well-defined superconductor-insulator transition is observed only in the family of homogeneous wires, in which case the transition occurs when the normal resist...One-dimensional wires; Superconductor-insulator transition; Homogeneous wires; Inhomogeneous wires; Morphology; Low-temperature behavior2004-05
122 Step structure and ordering in Te-doped GaInPThe step structure and CuPt ordering in GaInP layers grown by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy on singular GaAs substrates have been investigated as a function of Te (DETe) doping using atomic force microscopy, and electrical and optical properties measurements. The degree of order decreases for T...Surfaces; Te doping; Bandgap energy1998
123 Forecasting the probability of failure of Thailand's financial companies in the Asian financial crisisThe financial crisis in Southeast Asia has gained widespread attention.1 In particular, the financial problems in Thailand since early February 1997 have been a major focus of this attention. Even enthusiasts for the McKinnon-Shaw arguments for financial liberalization (eliminating financial repres...2002
124 Paradoxical elevation of Ki-67 labeling with protein kinase inhibition in malignant gliomasThe monoclonal antibody Ki-67 recognizes a nuclear antigen expressed in the G1, S, G2, and M phase of the cell cycle and has been used extensively as an indicator of cellular proliferation in malignant gliomas, both in the laboratory and clinically. Recently, protein kinase C (PKC) inhibitors have b...Brain neoplasm; Chemotherapy; Glioma; Monoclonal antibody; Ki-67; Protein kinase C; Tamoxifen1995
125 Ultrafast studies of laser-action in poly-(p-pherylene vinylene) filmsThe recent demonstration of emission spectral narrowing in ∏-conjugated polymer has stirred widespread interest to the phenomenon of laser-action in these materials. It is now generally believed that spectral narrowing in superior polymer films is caused by amplified spontaneous emission (i.e. si...Ultrafast studies; Poly-(p-pherylene vinylene); PPV; Laser-action1999
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