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101 Chamberlin, Ralph V.New American Tarantulas of the family aviculariidaeWhile accumulating material for a long needed review of nearctic mvgalomorph spiders, a considerable number of species in the family Aviculariidae have been noted which it seems desirable to diagnose and name at this time. It is the purpose of the present paper to do this. It has been found convenie...1940-05-06
102 Brenckle, J. F.A new polygonum from Garfield County, UtahThe plant described below was collected 6 miles north of Escalante, Garfield Co., Utah, by W . P. Cottam, Sept. 17, 1935. It was found growing in great abundance along sandy ravines on the rocky Navajo sandstone spur which projects southward from the Aquarius Plateau. The type specimen, No. 65 0 7 ,...1940-06-27
103 Cottam, Walter P.New and extended ranges for Utah PlantsThe following Utah plan ts are not included in Tidestrom's " Flora of Utah and Nevada," nor are any listed specifically for Utah in Rvdberg's " Flora of the Rocky Mountains and A djacent Plains." Specific localities are given for each species, followed by the herbaria where it may be found. The Univ...1940-06-29
104 Chamberlin, Ralph VaryAgelenid spiders of the Genus CicurinaThe genus Cicurina was erected by Menge in 18(59 for the species jlranea cicurea Fabricius (1793). Since then, various species from North America have been added to this genus. Petrunkevitch, in his catalog of 1911, listed 11 species from this continent. Exline, in a review of the Cicurinas in 1936,...1940-06-29
105 Jones, David T.A study of the Great Basin Land Snail oreohelix strigosa depressa (Cockerell)A survey of the previous mention of this snail provides a practical background for this essentially morphological study. The literature applicable to Oreolxdix strigosa depressa (Cockerell) in Utah may be summarized by reference to the following articles in the bibliography: directions for preparing...1940-10-15
106 Rees, Don M.A preliminary list of the ants of UtahThe following list of the ants of Utah was prepared from specimens and data now in the Biology Department of the University of Utah. This list is by no means complete, yet it is representative of practically all parts of the state. A few specimens in the collection date back to 1902, and all of thes...1940-11-05
107 Chamberlin, Ralph V.Spiders collected by L. W. Saylor and other, Mostly in CaliforniaIn the present paper are listed some 150 species of spiders composing a collection submitted to us bv Mr. L. W . Saylor, now of the United States Bureau of Biological Survey, who personally took most of the specimens. Of the species represented in the collection, 24 are new, and three of these are m...1941-02-13
108 Chamberlin, Ralph V.New American MillipedsHaving the proportions and general structure of Ischnocybc. It differs from this genus in having the first tergite strongly keeled and hiberculate. Other tergites with sharply elevated tubercles in two transverse series, some tubercles present 011 basal part of keels. Pores not stipitate, opening on...1941-04-23
109 Chamberlin, Ralph V.New Western MillipedsDiffering from Xannolcnc, which it much resembles in general appearance and structure, in having the gonopods of the male fully exposed, in having the coxal processes of the anterior pair contiguous at the middle line and decidedly surpassing the tclopodite, and in having the anterior sternite short...1941-06-16
110 Chamberlin, Ralph V.New genera and species of American Lithobiid CentipedsThe lithobiomorphous chilopods herein described are represented in lots from various sources recently acquired by the author, in whose collection the material is at present retained at the University of Utah. With the exception of two species from Mexico, all are from the United States, the majority...1941-06-20
111 Mulaik, Stanley & DorotheaNew species and records of American Terrestrial IsopodsWhile collecting various arthropods during the past ten years, the authors accumulated a sizable series of Isopods. This paper is a report of a study of certain genera in which seven new species are designated as new and of some species whose ranges are considerably extended.1942-01-15
112 Chamberlin, Ralph V.New Southern MillipedsThe twenty-six new species of diplopods heroin named and diagnosed were found chiefly in material from Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and neighboring states collected in 1935 and 1936 by Mr. Leslie Hubricht of the Missouri Botanical Gardens and now through his courtesy included in the author's collec...1942-03-23
113 Woolstenhulme, Jack P.New records of molluscaRecent work on the molluscan collection of the University of Utah, involving the transferring of sets from the accession lots to the systematic series and the cataloging of the new accessions to the museum, has brought out several unpublished records and many gifts of recent date. Among the former a...1942-05-20
114 Chamberlin, Ralph VaryA hundred new species of American spidersIn this paper, we describe a hundred new species of American spiders, most of them from North America, with a few from South America. These are a part of the new species which have been accumulating in the collection of the University of Utah, as well as several from the collections of the Field Mus...1942-06-30
115 Chamberlin, Ralph VaryOn centipeds and millipeds from Mexican CavesThis paper is a report on centipeds and millipeds taken in the caves in the states of Vera Cruz, San Luis Potosi, Nuevo Leon and Guerrero by Drs. F. lionet and C. Bolivar and associates of the Escuela Xacional de Ciencias Naturales of Mexico. The material from these caves forms part of an extensive ...1942-11-20
116 Chamberlin, Ralph VaryOn Mexican centipedsThis paper presents the results of a taxonomic study of extensive collections of Mexican centipeds made by Dr. F. Bonet of the Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biologicas, Instituto Polytecnico Nacional, and Ur. C. Bolivar of the Instituto Enfermadades Tropicales, and their associates. For their generos...1943-02-12
117 Rees, Don M.The Mosquitoes of UtahIn the preparation of this bulletin, an effort has been made to bring together what is known about the mosquito fauna of Utah. Prior to the initiation of the present investigation, very little work had been done in the state in connection with this important problem. The available information on the...1943-03-04
118 Chamberlin, Ralph VaryNew genera and species of North American linyphiid spidersThis paper is based upon a portion of the new Linyphiid spiders in the University of Utah Collection with the exception of two species from the American Museum Collection included through the courtesy of Dr. Willis J. Gertsch. Twenty-six species and two subspecies are here described for the first ti...1943-05-28
119 Behle, William H.Birds of pine valley mountain region, Southwestern UtahIt has long been a practice among ornithologists to study the distribution, variation, and ecological relationships of birds in areas characterized by diverse physiographic features. Such studies are motivated usually by the desire to aid in finding solutions for the many problems concerning the dis...1943-08-10
120 Mulaik, Stanley & DorotheaNew Texas terrestrial isopods with notes on other speciesIn a previous paper (1 ) the authors reported new records and gave descriptions and figures o f new species of terrestrial Isopods. Further studies of their collections reveal additional material of considerable interest, and some of the findings are recorded here. I t is believed that careful colle...1943-08-12
121 Chamberlin, Ralph V.On some genera and species of American MillipedsThe notes and diagnoses in this paper are based primarily upon a small but interesting collection of millipeds recently made in Georgia by Wilton Ivie, and upon specimens in the Field Museum collection chiefly from neighboring sections of the southern states.1943-10-15
122 Chamberlin, Ralph V.On Mexican MillipedsThis contribution toward knowledge of the diplopod fauna of Mexico is based primarily upon the extensive and important collections made during the last few years by Dr. F. Bonet of the Escuela Vacional de Ciencias Biologicas and Dr. 0. Bolivar of the Instituto Enfermadades Tropicales of the Institut...1943-10-28
123 Flowers, SevilleFerns of UtahThe distribution of many species of our ferns is not well known in Utah. Collectors have centered their work around certain localities and many blank spots appear on the distributional map. One might presume certain species to be present in some of these unexplored areas but specimens are still to b...1944-11-15
124 Jones, David T.Two protozoans from Great Salt LakeThe amoeba inhabiting the waters of Great Salt Lake, which has been previously referred to Amoeba Umax (Dujard in) . Named for mv colleague at the University of Utah, Dr. Seville Flowers. Type localtiv, Garfield Beach, Great Salt Lake, Utah. Type figures 1 to 3. Small amoebae, 18 to 40 micra in diam...1944-11-15
125 Chamberlin, Ralph V.Spiders of the Georgia region of North AmericaThis paper has developed from a study undertaken initially to determine, s far as possible from available evidence, the proper application of the _ames based by Walckenaer upon Abbot' s drawings of the spiders of Georgia. The validity of these names has not been seriously questioned since the redisc...1944-12-10
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