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101 Gardner, Reed M.Data Gathering, Analysis, and Display in Critical Care MedicineBiomedical Informatics1985
102 Warner, Homer R.Database Capture of Natural Language Echocardiographic Reports: A Unified Medical Language System ApproachBiomedical Informatics1989
103 Warner, Homer R.Decision Support in Medicine: Examples from the HELP SystemBiomedical Informatics1994
104 Warner, Homer R.Decision-Driven Acquisition of Qualitative DataBiomedical Informatics1984
105 Blumenthal, Donald K.Dephosphorylation of cAMP-dependent protein kinase regulatory subunit (type II) by calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase. Determinants of substrate specificity.Calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase purified from bovine cardiac muscle catalyzed the rapid dephosphorylation of Ser-95 of bovine cardiac cAMP-dependent protein kinase regulatory subunit (RII). The kinetic constants determined for the reaction (Km = 20 microM; Vmax = 2 mumol min-1 mg-1) are com...Metabolism; High Pressure Liquid; Enzymology1985-06-25
106 Mitchell, Joyce A.Design and evaluation of a personal digital assistant-based alerting service for cliniciansPurpose: This study describes the system architecture and user acceptance of a suite of programs that deliver information about newly updated library resources to clinicians' personal digital assistants (PDAs). Description: Participants received headlines delivered to their PDAs alerting them to new...2004-01-01
107 Warner, Homer R.Designing a Controlled Medical Vocabulary Server: The VOSER ProjectBiomedical Informatics1994
108 Warner, Homer R.Determination of Left Ventricular Contours: A Probabilistic Algorithm Derived from Angiographic ImagesBiomedical Informatics1980
109 Drews, Frank; Westenskow, Dwayne R.; Agutter, James A.; Strayer, David LeeDevelopment and evaluation of a anesthesia drug displayBACKGROUND: Usable real-time displays of intravenous anesthetic concentrations and effects could significantly enhance intraoperative clinical decision-making. Pharmacokinetic models are available to estimate past, present, and future drug effect-site concentrations, and pharmacodynamic models are a...Blood Pressure; Computer Graphics; Patient Simulation2002-03
110 Warner, Homer R.Development and Implementation of a Computer-Generated Reminder System for Diabetes Preventive CareBiomedical Informatics1994
111 Warner, Homer R.Development of a Computerized Infectious Disease Monitor (CIDM)Biomedical Informatics1985
112 Warner, Homer R.Development of a Prototype IAIMS at the University of UtahBiomedical Informatics1986
113 Gardner, Reed M.Development of an Effective User Interface for a Computerized Laboratory Alerting SystemBiomedical Informatics1993
114 Gardner, Reed M.Digital Electronic Communications Between ICU Ventilators and Computers and PrintersBiomedical Informatics1992
115 Warner, Homer R.The Distribution and Disposal of Cortisol in HumansBiomedical Informatics1964
116 Warner, Homer R.Dynamic Aortic Diameter Measurements in vivoBiomedical Informatics1967
117 Olson, Randall J.; Samore, Matthew H.; Pace, Nathan L.Dysphotopsia in phakic and pseudophakic patients: incidence and relation to intraocular lens type(2)PURPOSE: To determine the relationship between various intraocular lens (IOL) types and the incidence of unwanted light images. SETTING: The Moran Eye Center, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. METHODS: A telephone questionnaire was administered to 302 postoperative patients who had rece...Cataract Extraction; Visual Acuity; Lenses, Intraocular; Lens Implantation, Intraocular2000-06
118 Warner, Homer R.Effect of Combined Sympathetic and Vagal Stimulation on Heart Rate in the DogBiomedical Informatics1969
119 Warner, Homer R.Effect of Heart Rate on Aortic Insufficiency as Measured by a Dye-Diluation TechniqueBiomedical Informatics1961
120 Mitchell, Joyce A.Effect of physician reminders on preventive care: meta-analysis of randomized clinical trialsThe objective of this study was to assess the clinical value of the physician reminder, an information intervention, in increasing compliance for selected preventive health care measures. Meta-analysis was used to combine the quantitative evidence from randomized controlled clinical trials meeting t...1994-01-01
121 Gardner, Reed M.The Effect of Ventilation on the Accuracy of Pulmonary Artery and Wedge Pressure MeasurementsBiomedical Informatics1983
122 Blumenthal, Donald K.Effects of deletions in the central helix of calmodulin on enzyme activation and peptide binding.Using site-directed mutagenesis we have expressed in Escherichia coli three engineered calmodulins (CaM) containing deletions in the solvent-exposed region of the central helix. These are CaM delta 84, Glu-84 removed; CaM delta 83-84, Glu-83 and Glu-84 removed; and CaM delta 81-84, Ser-81 through Gl...Drug Effects; Genetics; Metabolism1989-05-15
123 Warner, Homer R.The Effects of ILIAD on Medical Student Problem SolvingBiomedical Informatics1990
124 Gardner, Reed M.Eight-Channel Data Set for Clincal EEG Transmission Over Dial-Up Telephone NetworkBiomedical Informatics1974
125 Warner, Homer R.Enroute Toward a Computer-Based Patient Record: The ACIS ProjectBiomedical Informatics1995
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