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101 Flynn, John J.Standard Oil and Microsoft - intriguing parallels or limping analogies?The computer industry and the law of antitrust have been preoccupied with the struggle between the federal and several state governments and Microsoft for most of the past decade. Microsoft's use of its domination over the personal computer (PC) industry by virtue of its control of the operating sy...2002
102 Firmage, Edwin B.Fact-finding in the resolution of international disputes: from the Hague Peace Conference to the United NationsHere is the law, as Zeus established it for human beings; as for fish, and wild animals, and the flying birds, they feed on each other, since there is no idea of justice among them; but to men he gave justice, and she in the end is proved the best thing they have. The enduring quest of the peacema...Politics; Mediation; International politics1971
103 Firmage, Edwin B.Ends and meansSince the advent of the atomic era, the United States has decided to wage war by covert means, intervening secretly in the election, selection and direction of governments in other countries. Our weapons are subversive propaganda, including "black" propaganda and disinformation; undermining the econ...Prados, John; Cockburn, Leslie; Treverton, Gregory; Covert wars; Central Intelligence Agency; CIA1988
104 Firmage, Edwin B.Religion & the law: the Mormon experience in the nineteenth centuryThe Mormon cases present a fascinating study of diversity and conformity in the nineteenth century United States. From their beginning the Mormons were a gathered people. Almost immediately, from the time of the origin in New York, the Mormons challenged national and state legal systems to protect...Law; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Nineteenth century; Polygamy; Theocracy1990
105 Francis, LeslieEvanescence of living willsOrdinary wills dispose of property after death. Living wills direct medical treatment at the end of life, before death has come but when competence is lost. The analogy explicit in naming living wills after ordinary wills emphasizes that both speak after their maker no longer can express voice, abou...Power of attorney; Competence; Autonomy1988
106 Flynn, John J.Constitutional difficulties of Utah's executive branch and the need for reformUtah's constitution of 1896 has been aptly described as a "horse and buggy" constitution. Like most of her sister states, Utah adopted a constitution designed to accommodate a society accustomed to the nineteenth century pace of a horse and buggy at the very time that the industrial revolution was l...Utah, Constitution; Executive branch1966
107 Flynn, John J.Antitrust policy and health care reformAmong the economic and political challenges facing the United States today, none is more significant - yet difficult to resolve - than the complex puzzle of how to reform the delivery of health care services. A consensus appears to have been reached that reform should extend health care coverage to ...1994
108 Flynn, John J.General practitioner's introduction to antitrust law and practiceAntitrust practice is considered by many general practitioners to be arcane, complex and mysterious. It is a jargon-ridden world, with rapid developments expanding an evermore complex vocabulary to describe new business practices brought within the ebb and flow of antitrust litigation. Most general ...Litigation.; Competition; Client1975
109 Firmage, Edwin B.Arms control in the 70's... and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. (Isa. 2:4.) The vision of a time of peace-a time in which man's genius and his physical resources would be devoted entirel...1971
110 Flynn, John J.Social, political and economic consequences of corporate sizeCongress has often expressed its concern for fostering the long term values of small business as the cornerstone of a viable political, social and economic system guaranteeing fundamental human freedom, maximizing economic opportunity and well-being, and providing political stability in the world's...Small business; Freedom; Congress1976
111 Francis, LeslieArtificial and transplanted organs: movable parts and the unmoving lawIn the seventeenth century, John Locke asked whether we would end up with the same person if we replaced bodily parts one by one. He concluded t h a t the person would remain the same, despite continued replacement of material parts, because the identity of a human being consists of continued partic...Organ replacement; Artificial organs; Liability1984
112 Francis, LeslieSome animals are more equal than othersIt is a welcome development when academic Philosophy; starts to concern itself with practical issues, in such a way as to influence people's lives. Recently this has happened with one moral issue in particular-but unfortunately it is the wrong issue, and people's actions have been influenced in the ...Animal liberation; Rights1978
113 Flynn, John J.University and human values: introspectionIt is reported that Socrates, the patron saint of law professors and many other teachers, was convicted and sentenced to death by the people of Athens on a three-count indictment: for refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state, for introducing other and new divinities, and for "corrupti...1984
114 Flynn, John J.Old wine in new bottles: some observations about current monopolization litigationLawyers seldom have the luxury of speaking in generalities. The particulars of the cases and the client's problems we deal with usually limit our immediate concerns and thinking to the facts at hand. Facts, unlike the generalities law professors are allowed to dispense in the classroom or the unrea...Lawyers; Assumptions; Analysis1983
115 Firmage, Edwin B.Seeing the stranger as enemy: coming outIn March 1996 the Utah state legislature banned gay / straight student support groups in all Utah public high schools. This act, along with the rhetoric of several legislators attacking gay and lesbian students, precipitated a rally of some 2,000 people at Salt Lake City's Wallace F. Bennett federal...Utah; Legislature; Gay/straight alliance; Public high school; Protest marches1997
116 Flynn, John J.Antitrust and the newspapers a comment on S. 1312The American newspaper industry, often called "The Fourth Estate," apparently believes it has fallen on hard times. The aristocrats of the Fourth Estate, the daily newspapers, came to the Ninetieth Congress seeking a boon: relaxation of the rigors of antitrust policy as applied to mergers and joint ...Publishers; Circulation; Revenues1968
117 Firmage, Edwin B.MX:democracy, religion and the rule of law--my journeyThis is my story of the defeat of the MX missile's proposed basing mode in the Great Basin of the West. Where to begin? I'm reflecting on cancer and MX at this moment. About journeys where we would not go but do. Beginnings are not easy, though the first verses of Genesis and John make them sound so...Missile Experimental; Great Basin; Cold War2004
118 Firmage, Edwin B.; Mangrum, CollinRemoval of the president: resignation and the procedural law and impeachmentThe aborted proceeding to impeach Richard Nixon has stimulated debate about the appropriateness of the impeachment process as a check upon the arbitrary use of presidential power. Impeachment has been criticized as a cumbersome, agonizingly slow, and unjustifiably expensive way for Congress to expre...Richard Nixon pardon; Presidential misconduct; Political punishments1975-01
119 Flynn, John J.Distributive justice: some institutional implication of Rawls' Theory of JusticeDistributive justice combines Philosophy;, economics, and jurisprudence in an attempt to establish the fundamental theory by which wealth and resources are allocated among the members of a society. The need for a rationally based distributive system to allocate resources in an organized society aris...Justice, theory; Philosophy;, Law; Jurisprudence; Economics1975
120 Firmage, Edwin B.Ernst Freund: pioneer of administrative lawErnst Freund was born in New York City on January 30, 1864, during a visit of his family to the United States from their native Germany. Much of his education took place in Germany, a fact that significantly influenced his views on administrative law. He studied successively at Dresden, Frankfort, B...Memoriam; Biography1962
121 Flynn, John J.Survey of injunctive relief under state and federal antitrust lawsRelatively little has been written about equitable relief under state and federal antitrust laws.1 Equity power in antitrust enforcement means much more than the mere power to restrain a defendant from doing an act for which the plaintiff has no "remedy at law," to order a defendant to remove a nuis...Statute; Directive1967
122 Flynn, John J.In memorium: Lionel H. FrankelWe have gathered together to celebrate the life and mourn the death of Lionel Frankel-husband, father, brother, teacher, colleague, and friend. We celebrate his life because he brought us uncommon gifts of decency, sensitivity, humanity, and compassion. We mourn his death because we will miss his pr...Memorial essay; Memorial Service2002
123 Francis, LesliePoverty, age discrimination, and health careIn Euripides' play Alcestis, Alcestis' middle-aged husband, Admetus, is told by the gods that it is his turn to die next. Admetus bargains a reprieve, promising in exchange to find another soul to take his place. His friends all turn him down. So do his father and mother. Admetus rebukes his father...Alcesti, Section, Objective1985
124 Flynn, John J.Antitrust allegoryJustice SPENCER delivered the opinion of the Court. This is a treble damage action under the Sherman Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1 et seq., the only antitrust case of any kind filed in the federal courts in the past two years.1 We take note of the fact that the Attorney General announced a year ago that ni...John Sherman Widget Co.; Adam Smith Widgets, Inc.; Sherman Act1987
125 Firmage, Edwin B.Reflections on Mormon history: Zion and the anti-legal traditionSIR HENRY MAINE, OUR FIRST GREAT MODERN legal historian of the English language and law, in describing the paradigmatic shift from early feudal European society to a world of secular, territorial nation-states and market economy, observed that we had moved "from status to contract." "Status" assume...Heaven; Christians; Revelations1998
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