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101 Hunter, LeaThe "tampon tax" public discourse of policies concerning menstrual tabooThe "tampon tax" is a policy in which feminine hygiene products are taxed as "luxury goods" despite the fact that many countries exempt "necessary goods" - such as basic groceries and medical products-from sales tax. In the summer of 2015, the Canadian parliament took steps to exempt feminine hygien...Women's rights - United States; Sales tax - Law and legislation2016-04
102 Le, VanSocial externalities of community college educationIt has been repeatedly shown that increasing a person's level of education increases their income earning potential as well. This correlation is used to support recent tuition-subsidies for community college students that several states -such as Oregon and Tennessee -have begun to implement and t...Municipal universities and colleges2016-04
103 Murray, ClintKeynes as theorist and investorThere is an abundance of literature that extensively explicates how various factors, notably probability theory, influenced John Maynard Keynes's thinking and economic theories in regards to the behavior of financial markets and the agents making decisions in those markets. Commentators, however, ha...Keynes, John Maynard, 1883-1946 - Criticism and interpretation2016-04
104 Esposito, CamilaAxl Inhibitors for Pancreatic Cancer TreatmentBackground: In the United States more than 46,000 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Although it is relatively rare, pancreatic cancer is the 4th leading cause of cancer death in men and women. Gemcitabine, the most common treatment for pancreatic cancer has less than 10% partial respo...Pancreas - Cancer - Research2016-05
105 Reynolds, MiraGuilt and shame among military personnel and veterans who have experienced military sexual traumaObjective: Sexual trauma is more likely to result in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in women than other types of trauma. Women who have suffered any form of trauma are also more likely to experience guilt and shame than men. However, less is known about the relationship of guilt and shame wit...Sexual violence - Military; Post-traumatic stress disorder - Research - United States2016-05
106 Stephens, EmilyDo children affect an abused parent's choice to seek treatment?Intimate partner abuse is a major problem especially when there are children present. In attempt to stop the cycle of abuse, it is of critical importance to understand the impact children have on the relationships and the decision making process of those involved. I am conducting research to see ...Family violence; Marital violence2016-05
107 Baker, MargaretComparative morphology of chenopodium berlandieri seeds and fruits from cowboy cave, Utah: implications for cultivation and domesticationThe ancient shift from collecting and gathering native plants to the cultivation and domestication of those species was one of the most significant evolutionary transitions in human history. Due to recent advancements in archaeological techniques, the geographic occurrences of prehistoric plant cul...Plants - Utah2016-05
108 Gappmaier, AndreaRestorative justice: Refocusing the lens on the American criminal justice systemThe traditional punitive justice system has failed American citizens. The United States has over 25 percent of the world's prison population and when released, three in four offenders will be back in prison within five years of their release date. High costs, estranging members of society, and rac...Criminal justice, Administration of - United States2016-05
109 Hawkins, LisaThe social market: Commitment to responsibility in a changing generationAs the partisan divide in U.S. politics grows wider, actionable and proactive policy making becomes more difficult to achieve. To address growing social issues, then, a more flexible and evidence-based approach must be realized. In the last 40 years, the United States has employed varying levels of ...Public opinion; Social responsibility of business2016-05
110 Kirkegaard, MatthewTransboundary water conflict, cooperation, and regional integration: Mercosur and the La Plata BasinWater politics become diplomatic concerns when watersheds cross international borders. But how do these relationships between states change when the nature of these international borders themselves change through economic and political integration? The purpose of this study is to consider the relati...MERCOSUR (Organization); Water-supply - South America; Water-supply - Political aspects2016-05
111 Koronkowski, CharlesPrince Hall freemasonry: Forming a free African American communityBefore the foundation of the Prince Hall Freemasonic Order, the free black population in the United States was lacking a community and group identity. Rather, there existed a disjointed group of individuals kept at a perpetual distance from one another, both by societal pressures and by personal d...African American freemasonry - History2016-05
112 Pistorius, JordanThe operational code of presidential candidate Hillary ClintonOperational code analysis provides key insight into the fundamental views that influence the decision making process. In this paper, I explain the importance of operational code in regard to understanding how important leaders think and in forecasting their behavior in future decision making roles...Clinton, Hillary Rodham; Presidential candidates - United States; Women presidential2016-05
113 Comstock, MackenzieThe Dilemma of Global Justice: Assessing Why the United States Has Not Joined the International Criminal CourtThe United States has long been called the policeman of the world, intervening in international conflicts in order to promote peace and security on a global scale. With such a history, why then, has the United States not joined the International Criminal Court? A key actor in the establishment of...International criminal courts - United States2016-08
114 Dean, CourtneyFood Aid or Industry Subsidy? the Power Dynamics of How the U.S. Feeds the WorldIn the 1950s the United States passed Public Law 480 and officially took up the cause of international food aid. Today, the United States is the largest provider of food assistance in the world accounting for over 50% of all aid. While other counties have stepped back or shifted their commitments t...Public law - United States - History2016-08
115 Doxey, Lauren"An Exact Portrait of the People": the Need for Gender Parity in U.S. Congress for Legitimate GovernmentThough women received the right to vote in 1919 with the ratification of the nineteenth amendment, women still hold few elected positions. In the United States Congress, women make up 19.4% of the body. When groups are not represented fully, this affects the quality of the representation they recei...Women legislators - United States - Attitudes2016-08
116 Arave, MariahLife elevated: investigating the association between altitude and depressionThe purpose of this research is to explore the relationship between altitude and depression. Evidence obtained from previous studies show that hypoxia can cause changes in the levels of mood-regulating neurotransmitters, potentially affecting mental health. There is also a region in the western Unit...University of Utah2018
117 Adams, TaylorChange in trait impressions of the self and othersThis study examined how trait judgments of the self and others change over time. The research question that was addressed was "Do the changes in trait impressions of the self parallel the changes in trait impressions of others?" One hundred and twenty-five college students rated the frequency of cha...2018
118 Eric NhemComparing Educational Engagement and Extracurricular Activity Participation for First-Generation Versus Continuing-Generation College StudentsFirst-generation college students (FGCS) typically have difficulty adjusting to college compared to continuing-generation college students (CGCS). Previous research has found that FGCS are less engaged in their higher education classes. However, engagement in college should also include participatio...2018
119 Jimenez, ValeriaThe Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Promoting Higher Education Among Latina/O Youth: The Case of Latinos in Action (LIA) of UtahNonprofit organizations have been at the forefront of helping newly-arrived immigrants and refugees integrate into society, advocating for marginalized communities, and ensuring that Latina/o youth are reaching for higher education. Nonprofit organizations have helped to fill in the gaps that the Un...2018
120 Richardson, John R.Religious Liberty, Equal Protection, and the Utah CompromiseThe conflict between religious freedom and civil rights for LGBT Americans is often seen as a zero-sum game. Legal battles over wedding cakes and floral arrangements have garnered national attention and result in a court-sanctioned winner and loser. States and local governments across the country ha...2018
121 Seshan, ThulasiComparative Indigenous Water Law in the Western United States and AustraliaIn 2010 the United Nations declared that water was a human right. Yet indigenous peoples around the world still do not have full access to water- to their human right. This paper attempts to understand what water rights indigenous people do have, and how those can be expanded to meet international h...2018
122 Venugopal, NikilaBaldwin in Conversation: Love and Black Lives MatterWith rising tensions surrounding racial inequality in the United States, and the national prominence of the Black Lives Matter Movement, it is hardly surprising that the works of James Baldwin have had a revival in popular culture and literature. Throughout his writings, Baldwin has advocated for Bl...2018
123 Kaur, KimanThe Intersections of Gender, Race, and the Environment: How can Queer Ecology Shift Power and Place in Ecosystems?Colonization and colonialism in the United States (U.S.) create flawed social constructions of race and gender that perpetuate a hierarchical dominance of power based on one's identity. This hierarchy of power overwhelmingly marginalizes communities of color, especially womxn1 of color, while uplift...2018
124 Keyser, MadisonUtah's Nonprofits: Effects on the Economy and Ties to Gender Employment Inequality2018
125 Groneman, AmandaEducational Programming: A Coping and Distraction Trchnique in Pediatric Hospital SettingsThe experience of hospitalization is a unique and typically difficult experience for most children. Many children's hospitals strive to provide various services to help children cope with the difficult emotions and distract them from the pain they may be feeling. In addition to Child Life Interventi...2018
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