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101 A Technical, Economic, and Legal Assessment of North American Heavy Oil, Oil Sands, and Oil Shale Resources: In Response to Energy Policy Act of 2005 Section 369(p)The purpose of this report is to assess unconventional North American resources, summarize current technologies for extracting and processing the resources, identify the issues which will affect the economic viability of various resource development schemes, evaluate the socioeconomic costs to commu...2007-09
102 QNews An Informal Faculty Newsletter December 2007Faculty newsletter.2007-12
103 Changing the Law-Science Paradigm for Colorado River RestorationLegal mandates and scientific realities conflict when existing legal principles do not match the realities and limits of current science. Those conflicts can be addressed if scientists communicate the limits of existing scientific capabilities and if the legal system responds accordingly2008
104 Filling the Justice Capacity GapThe worlds justice systems are under stress. Political commitments to democratization and human rights protection, private economic transactions, counterterrorism, and globalization impose new burdens on justice institutions for more impartial and transparent conflict resolution. The intrinsic ...2008
105 Pakistan and Lebanon: The Same StruggleIn the absence of democracy (meaning regular change at the top by means of free and fair elections), political violence is a certainty.2008-01-04
106 Legal Developments and Constitutional Structures in IraqIn order to practice business under the rule of law, you need to have one, and the Iraqi theatre is most unusual in this respect. This is because post-dictatorship Iraq offers lawyers equally immense hopes and immense disappointments.2008-09-19
107 BiofuelsSnake Oil for the Twenty-First CenturyCongress should slash its subsidies for corn-based ethanol and focus its efforts on research and development efforts to advance the technologies needed to reduce our need for foreign petroleum. We should be working to lower the costs of cellulosic ethanol production as well as working on promisi...2008-12-01
108 Introduction a la pensee de Robert FossaertCette introduction est surtout un appel, pour paraphraser Althusser sur Marx (<< II faut lire Le Capital, et se mettre au travail) a un bon usage de Fossaert : II faut lire La Societe, et se mettre au travail . Le lecteur trouvera une lucarne de l'universalisme de Fossaert dans la section du b...2009
109 A legal manifesto for the Lebanese Cabinet: Justice for Rafik Hariri and Moussa SadrLast week I pleaded for a legal manifesto for Irans Green Revolution. I am arguing this week for a judicial manifesto for the Lebanese Cabinet. I have no illusions. The turgid governmental manifesto, like the Arab Leagues declarations, will read as a litany of bullet points where each of the plet...2009-07-09
110 From zero-sum conflicts to federalism: Iraqis offer an international community a road forwardThe future of federalism in Iraq is not only important to the peoples of that country who have struggled over so many decades for human rights and peace. It is an experiment of consequential interest to all of us, from North America to Europe, from Asia to the Middle East, to see if a society ridd...2009-07-09
111 International Law: Where Have We Been; Where Are We Going?International law, much like the law of nation-states, is in a state of flux. There is great unceraintly regarding its applicability in what I (and others) refer to as the post-9/11 world. Needless to say, not all agree with me that the world significantly changed that Tuesday morning. They suggest ...2009-07-13
112 Reconciliation in Iraq: Taking the Constitution SeriouslyReconciliation, which draws the necessary constitutional principles over which Iraqi parliamentarians are called on to vote, and the Iraqi citizens to endorse (or reject) in a national referendum, offers a far better way than any other type of reconciliation. An improved Iraqi constitution provid...2009-07-16
113 Federal Control of Carbon Dioxide Emissions: What are the Options?The U.S. Supreme Court in Massachusetts v. EPA held that carbon dioxide is a pollutant under the Clean Air Act (CAA) and remanded the case to EPA. The Agency must decide whether CO2 emissions contribute to climate change. If the Agency responds affirmatively, it must meet other requirements of t...2009-08-01
114 Corruption and Its Challenges: The Battle to Stop a Universal ProblemCorruption is increasingly seen as a universal problem, deeply embedded in many national legal systems, and also transnational in nature. It is so endemic that it has generated its own special vernacular, such as Code 1,000 in Honduras (a reference to the 1,000 lempira note), mordida in Mexico...2009-09-25
115 Mapping corruption: Why Words Make a DifferenceAs I observed two weeks ago in this column, the vernacular for corruption is rich, awareness increasingly acute and legal strategies increasingly aggressive; yet, accepted conceptions and definitions of corruption are far from universal. Why is this so? And why does it matter?2009-10-08
116 Combating World's Corruption is a Slippery BusinessThe better we can measure corruption, the more accurate will become our understanding of its reach and depth, as well as impacts. Without improving our methodologies, effective reforms will continue to rest on shaky empirical foundations.2009-10-22
117 Without identifying the underlying causes, we cannot combat corruptionWithout the underlying factors that lead to corrupt practices, we cannot develop an effective strategy to combat corrupt behavior2009-11-05
118 Fighting Corruption: Identifying Foundational Obstacles and New DirectionsExploring the conceptual and practical weaknesses of efforts to combat corruption is not enough. The identification of obstacles alone, however useful in itself, would be insufficiently responsive to the considerable challenge of anti-corruption reform. This article takes stock of foundational ob...2009-11-09
119 Iraq at a Crossroads: Constitutional Review Committee Fills in Crucial GapsIraq is at a historical crossroads on the bumpy road to democracy. The Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) has all but completed the task assigned to it by the 2005 Constitution under the chairmanship of Sheikh Humam Hamoudi, the delegate of the largest parliamentary bloc, together with Dr....2009-11-19
120 Is Israel a Democracy? It's conditionalThis is a serious discussion to be undertaken on a world level on the type of system that Israel is, as serious indeed as the legal investigation carried out in the mid-1960s on the legal nature of the apartheid regime in South Africa. In the early 1960s, Yale Law Journal published a long, two-pa...2009-12-10
121 'A conversation to be had' on war and law: Obama's Nobel speechEven more than in the Cairo address, the Nobel speech will mark the Obama legacy. The subject is pithy, combining defense, foreign affairs and international law on the most difficult subject that human kind has ever addressed: war. Thanks to the entreaty of the Nobel committee, which forced the US p...2009-12-24
122 Obama's just war speech: Three questions for 'the Middle East in the United States'Congo, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Sin Kiang and Honduras, are hot spots that have turned or are likely to turn violent. But the Middle East is different in two ways. It is the longest continuously war-ridden area in modern history. And at least since September 11, it has become a domestic American issue...2009-12-24
123 Analysis of Environmental, Legal, Socioeconomic and Policy Issues Critical to the Development of Commercial Oil Shale Leasing on the Public Lands in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming under the Mandates of the Energy Policy Act of 2005This report seeks to identify and evaluate the critical legal and economic policy issues in order to inform federal, state, tribal, and other decision makers, as well as affected citizens, of the likely challenges and tradeoffs inherent in implementing a commercial oilshale leasing program on the pu...2010-01
124 Anti-Corruption Editorial Series From the Daily Star, Lebanon, News PageCorruption op-ed.2010-01-27
125 Models of War and Crime in Confronting Organized ViolenceIs it crime or is it war? American politicos immediately beat the drums of a war on terrorism after 9/11 despite some cautionary notes sounded by professionals in the military, law, and international affairs. But the only other option promoted in the popular debates has been that of domestic crim...2010-02-23
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