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101 Millgram, ElijahPractical reason and the structure of actionsA wave of recent philosophical work on practical rationality is organized by the following implicit argument: Practical reasoning is figuring out what to do; to do is to act; so the forms of practical inference can be derived from the structure or features of action. Now it is not as though earlier ...Practical reasoning; Inference; Philosophy2005-08-24
102 Thalos, Mariam G.On planning: toward a natural history of goal attainmentThe goal of the essay is to articulate some beginnings for an empirical approach to the study of agency, in the firm conviction that agency is subject to scientific scrutiny, and is not to be abandoned to high-brow aprioristic Philosophy;. Drawing on insights from decision analysis, game theory, gen...2008
103 Francis, LeslieAccommodating every bodyThis Article contends that workplace accommodations should be predicated on need or effectiveness instead of group-identity status. It proposes that, in principle, "accommodating every body" be achieved by extending Americans with Disabilities Act-type reasonable accommodation to all work-capable me...2014-01-01
104 Mallon, Ronald'Race': normative, not metaphysical or semanticIn recent years, there has been a flurry of work on the metaphysics of race. While it is now widely accepted that races do not share robust, biobehavioral essences, opinions differ over what, if anything, race is. Recent work has been divided between three apparently quite different answers. A varie...2006
105 Battin, Margaret P.Review of angels of death: exploring the euthanasia undergroundRoger Magnusson's angels of death describes the practice of extralegal assisted suicide and euthanasia by physicians, nurses, technicians, and other health care professionals who provide care to seriously ill patients and patients with AIDS who are dying. It is based on a snowball sample of 49 detai...2003
106 Battin, Margaret P.Irony of supporting physician-assisted suicide: a personal accountUnder other circumstances, I would have written an academic paper rehearsing the arguments for and against legalization of physician-assisted suicide: autonomy and the avoidance of pain and suffering on the pro side, the wrongness of killing, the integrity of the medical profession, and the risk of...2010-08
107 White, Nicholas P.Conflicting parts of happiness in Aristole's EthicsExamines the concept of happiness based on Aristotle's view of ethics. Linkage between issues of ethics and altruism; Comparison between Kantian View and Hegelian View about the existence of a genuine dualism; Inclusivism as a common element in Aristotle's ethics; Conflicting parts of happiness.Criticism; Happiness, moral & ethical aspects2001-09-17
108 Battin, Margaret P.Cases for kids: using puzzles to teach aesthetics to childrenNothing stupefies kids (I have in mind young people, though the same is true of many adults) as quickly as long-winded, jargon-filled, highly abstract theoretical discourse, especially when it seems to have no immediate utility. Kids like fun. They like play; they like games; they like challenges an...Aesthetics; Education; Children; Puzzles1994
109 Francis, LeslieEnsuring the privacy and confidentiality of electronic health recordsIn 2004, President Bush announced his plan to ensure that most Americans would have electronic health records within ten years. Although substantial progress has been made toward achieving that goal, this progress has primarily reflected institutional interests and priorities by focusing on system ...2007
110 Parker, Bradley J.Yukarı dicle arkeolojik araştırma projesi (UTARP): 2002 Yılı Kenan Tepe Kazilarina Genal Bakış (The Upper Tigris Archaeological Reseach Project (UTARP): An Overview of the 2002 Excavations at Kenan Tepe)During the summer of 2002 members of the Upper Tigris Archaeological Research Project (UTARP) undertook a third season of archaeological excavations at the site of Kenan Tepe in the Il?su Dam Area of Southeastern Turkey1. Since our report in the previous volume (Parker et al. 2004) Parker focused...2011
111 Tuttle, Howard N.Some issues in Ortega y Gasset's critique of Heidegger's doctrine of SeinThe purpose of this paper is to propose a hypothesis to illuminate Ortega's critical response to Heidegger's question of being (Seinsfrage). While Ortega integrated the classical requirements for the idea of Being into his idea of human life as radical reality, Heidegger's delineation of human life...1991
112 White, Nicholas P.Review of Nancy Sherman, "Making a Necessity of VirtueMaking a Necessity of Virtue is about the ethics of Aristotle and Kant. "Specifically," according to the first chapter, it "is about the role of emotions and practical reason in each theorist's account of virtue," though with "greater attention to the place of emotions in moral character". This desc...Virtue; Ethics; Reason; Emotions; Morality2000
113 White, Nicholas P.Review of J. Moline, "Plato's theory of understandingThe Introduction to this book promises a " synoptic" (p. xi; cf. p. 183) account of Plato's concept (£moi;f]UT|), which Prof. Moline says is the "central integrating concept" of Plato's dialogues (p. ix). The term "synoptic" here appears to mean that the book treats and links problems in such ar...Synoptic; Knowledge; Meaning1983
114 Landesman, Bruce M.Physician attitudes toward patientsAn 8-year-old child with a minor head injury is brought in to the emergency department and is judged by the physician to be completely normal. The parents say that a sibling had a skull fracture under similar circumstances and that they would sleep much better if a skull x-ray were taken. The physic...Society-inclusive ethic; Rationing; Worry1986
115 Thalos, Mariam G.Wit of knitting: a philosophical reflection on knitting things arightSeeing a pattern in a medium of yarn emerge on a pair of needles, initially from a single row of loops, and grow to become an article of clothing, is immensely satisfying. Indeed, every moment of knitting provides immediate gratification. This is perhaps why knitting, like many other occupations of ...2008
116 Battin, Margaret P.Suicide and ethical theoryExcept in the present century, suicide has been viewed throughout Western history as an act having ethical significance, one for which moral blame or praise was a proper response. Response, of course, varied with the times. During the Stoic era of Greece and Rome, suicide was praised as the morall...Ethical theory1983
117 Battin, Margaret P.; Francis, Leslie P.; Jacobson, Jay A.Quick easy questions for analyzing medical ethics casesSometimes, traditional philosophical ways of analyzing medical-ethics cases seem just too cumbersome, particularly to people without training in ethical theory. The issues are important, interesting, often compellingly engaging. but it isn't the time for heavy jargon, or terms like "deontology" or "...1997
118 Nichols, ShaunNormativity and epistemic intuitionsIn this paper we propose to argue for two claims. The first is that a sizable group of epistemological projects -- a group which includes much of what has been done in epistemology in the analytic tradition -- would be seriously undermined if one or more of a cluster of empirical hypotheses about ep...Epistemology; Intuition; Empirical hypotheses2001
119 Battin, Margaret P.Suicidology and the right to dieAs suicidology reflects on the issue of the right to die, it can make no bigger mistake than by seeing suicide and suicidal behavior in short-sighted isolation, without reference to the cultural context within which it occurs. Two kinds of myopia currently afflict us in particularly constricting way...1993
120 Francis, LeslieKnittingMy grandmother had long silver hair, high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure. She wore the silver hair in a bun during the day and in a braid at night. I remember her sitting in the day parlor of my grandparents? southern Illinois bungalow, telling the same stories of their small town, ove...2008
121 Hanna, Patricia LeeEducation, society, and human nature: an introduction to the Philosophy; of education (book review)A review of the book "Education, society, and human nature: an introduction to the Philosophy; of education" by Anthony O'Hear.Books, reviews; Education, Philosophy1982-07
122 Battin, Margaret P.To die or not to die? (Book Review)Reviews the book `To Die or Not to Die? Cross-disciplinary, Cultural, and Legal Perspectives on the Right to Choose Death,' edited by Arthur S. Berger and Joyce Berger.Books; Law; Death1992-07
123 Morrow, CarolynBreaking the rules: transgression and carnival in Ultimas tardes con TeresaRituals and celebrations emerge as a central structuring device in the love story that forms the center of Ultimas tardes con Teresa, Juan Marse's prize-winning novel of 1965. The narrative begins with a couple, Manolo and Teresa, strolling through the center of Barcelona during Fiesta Mayor, one o...Rituals; Society; Culture1991
124 Downes, Stephen M.Review of Kim Sterelny, Evolution of Agency and Other EssaysReviews the book 'The Evolution of Agency and Other Essays,' by Kim Sterelny.Books; Agent; Non-fiction2002-09
125 Battin, Margaret P.Terminal sedation: pulling the sheet over our eyesTerminal sedation-also called "palliative sedation," "continuous deep sedation," or "primary deep continuous sedation"-has become a new favorite in end-of-life care, a seeming compromise in the debate over physician-assisted dying. Like all compromises, it offers something to each side of a dispu...Terminal sedation; Palliative sedation2008
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