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101 Visualizing simulated electrical fields from electroencephalography and transcranial electric brain stimulation: a comparative evaluation2014-01-01Text
102 Exploring power behaviors and trade-offs of in-situ data analytics2013-01-01Text
103 Characterization and modeling of PIDX parallel I/O for performance optimization2013-01-01Text
104 An alternative formulation of lyapunov exponents for computing lagrangian coherent structures2014-01-01Text
105 2D vector field simplification based on robustness2014-01-01Text
106 Identification and acute targeting of gaps in atrial ablation lesion sets using a real-time magnetic resonance imaging system2012-01-01Text
107 Image segmentation with cascaded hierarchical models and logistic disjunctive normal networks2013-01-01Text
108 Graph diffusion distance: a difference measure for weighted graphs based on the graph Laplacian exponential kernel2013-01-01Text
109 Multi-atlas segmentation of subcortical brain structures via the AutoSeg software pipeline2014-01-01Text
110 Discovering and visualizing patterns in EEG data2013-01-01Text
111 PHD Entrepreneur2013-05-03Text
112 A nonparametric procedure for comparing the areas under correlated LROC curves2012-01-01Text
113 Exploring performance data with boxfish2012-01-01Text
114 On efficient assessment of image-quality metrics based on linear model observers2012-01-01Text
101 - 125 of 114