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101 Evaluating the effects of spatial resolution on hyperspectral fire detection and temperature retrieval2011-08ir_etdText
102 Mapping and spatial-temporal modeling of Bromus tectorum invasion in Central Utah2011-11ir_etdText
103 Using hyperspectral data to classify vegetation at the plant functional type-level in mountain terrain at three spatial resolutions2010ir_etdText
104 Tooele Valley, Utah: A regional interpretation of the changing economies1953-08ir_etdText
105 Study of two vegetation-related disturbances (beetle herbivory and wildfire) in the western united states using optical remote sensing2015ir_etdText
106 Holocene chemostratigraphy of spring sediments in range creek canyon, utah2016ir_etdText
107 A new ancestral diploid species of echinocereus endemic to southwestern utah and northern arizona2017ir_etdText
108 Comparing urban vegetation cover with summer land surface temperature in the salt lake valley2017ir_etdText
109 Retail internationalization and urban restructuring in china: a study of foreign hypermarkets and urban land with geographic information system and remote sensing2016ir_etdText
110 High frequency variability in glacier meltwater patterns in the rhone watershed, switzerland2017ir_etdText
111 Evaluation of fire regime shifts in boreal alaska through the use of sedimentary charcoal2016ir_etdText
112 Spatial correlation analysis of niÑo3.4 sea surface temperatures with western north america hydroclimate2016ir_etdText
113 Understanding the relationship between fire, climate, and population in Central Uganda from 1990-20102012-12ir_etdText
114 MSGIS Portfolio2016-12ir_etdInteractiveResource
115 Anthropogenic habitat disturbance and the dynamics of hantavirus using remote sensing, GIS, and a spatially explicit agent-based model2010-08ir_etdText
116 Thinking inside the black box: enhancing the social vulnerability index with an artificial neural network2015-08ir_etdText
117 Wildland firefighter entrapment avoidance: developing evacuation trigger points utilizing the wildland urban interface evacuation (WUIVAC) fire spread model2012-05ir_etdText
118 Effects of bedrock lithology and subglacial till on the motion of Ruth Glacier, Alaska, deduced from five pulses from 1973 to 20122014-01-01ir_uspaceText
119 Reimagined Territory: A New Theory of Terrorist Geographies2017ir_etdText
120 Seismic risk perception and household adjustment in Salt Lake City, Utah2012ir_etdText
121 Evaluating the Effects of Snowstorm Frequency and Depth on Skier Behavior in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah2017ir_etdText
122 Sarah Rivera Master in Geographic Information Science Portfolio2017ir_msgisInteractiveResource
123 Mitchell Ottesen Master in Geographic Information Science Portfolio2017ir_msgisInteractiveResource
124 Kaitlin Barklow Master in Geographic Information Science Portfolio2013ir_msgisInteractiveResource
125 Yiwei Wang Master in Geographic Information Science Portfolio2017ir_msgisInteractiveResource
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