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101 Diener, Marissa L.Role of prenatal expectations in parents' reports of infant temperamentThe associations were examined among parents' characteristics, their prenatal expectations for and postpartum perceptions of infant temperament, and observers' ratings of temperament. During pregnancy and at 3 months postpartum, 70 primiparous women and their husbands completed several mood and anx...1995
102 McDaniel, SusanSeniors and portrayals of intra-generational and inter-generational inequality in the Globe and MailIn this article, we examine how seniors are portrayed in the Globe and Mail. Thirty articles published in 2004 were selected and thematically analysed. Seniors were discussed in six different contexts, including family, work/retirement, community networks, scientific studies of population, social a...2006
103 Kowaleski-Jones, LoriSex, contraception and childbearing among high-risk youth: do different factors influence males and females?During adolescence, many young people begin to experiment with new roles. One important area of exploration is sexual activity, which involves a certain amount of risk-taking.1998
104 McDaniel, SusanSexual harassment in Canadian academe: explorations of power and privilegeSexual harassment is one of the ways in which women in academe experience inequities. Knowledge about and understanding of sexual harassment is increasing, perhaps even dramatically. Empirical research on sexual harassment in Canada, and particularly in the universities, is an important contributor...Intimidation; Authority; Powerlessness1991
105 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Shifting fortunes in a changing economy: trends in the economic well-being of divorced women*Income losses resulting from marital disruption have traditionally contributed to high rates of poverty for single women. This paper explores trends in the economic consequences of divorce using data from the 1980-2001 Current Population Survey March Demographic Supplement. Divorce still adversel...Divorce; Separation; Finances; Financial independence2003-10-01
106 McDaniel, SusanSingle parenthood: policy apartheid in CanadaPolicy discussions regarding single parents often move to income maintenance issues. While the risk of poverty for single mothers with dependent children is high, attention devoted largely to the policy challenges of income maintenance for single mothers may have two unfortunate consequences. Firs...Single mothers; Social policy; Canada1993
107 Salari, Sonia LynneSocial and environmental infantilization of aged persons: observations in two adult day care centersThis study examines the social environments, staff behavior, and social interaction of elderly clients in two adult day care centers. Goffman's (1961) description of the psycho-social effects of the "total institution" is used as a framework for conceptualizing the effects of "partial institutions" ...Infantilization2001
108 McDaniel, SusanSocial bases of neonatal and postneonatal mortality: an ecological analysis of Alberta, CanadaCanada's steady downward trend in mortality in the twentieth century has not been matched by a similar decline in infant mortality. This paper examines, by reference to census divisions in Alberta, the degree to which neonatal and postneonatal mortality are related to environmental factors. Although...Death; Exogeneous; Rates1981
109 McDaniel, SusanSocial cohesion and gender: reflections on tendencies and tensionsSocial cohesion, in various guises, has become a topic of great interest in recent years -- to policy, to sociologists and other social scientists, and to the public. The knit of social fabric is dependent on relationality, on social caring and connectedness, on a sense of social cohesion. Questio...Social cohesion; Gender; Diversity; Inequality2003
110 McDaniel, SusanSocial reconstruction of sexual assault by women victims: a comparison of therapeutic experiencesIn this study, the conventionally accepted view of sexual violence against women as manifested by traditional therapy is contrasted with the feminist perspective represented by feminist therapy and feminist self-help groups for victims of sexual assault. The focus of the research is on the ways in ...Sexual violence; Feminist self-help; Feminist counselling1986
111 Fan, Jessie XiaojingSociodemographic and environmental correlates of active commuting in Rural AmericaPurpose. This research investigated participation rates in 3 modes of active commuting (AC) and their sociodemographic and physical environmental correlates in rural America. Methods. The 2000 Census supplemented with other datasets were used to analyze AC rates in percentage of workers walking, bik...2014-01-01
112 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Thanks for nothing: changes in income and labor force participation for never-married mothers since 1982This study examines whether the changing social and economic characteristics of women who give birth out of wedlock have led to higher family incomes. Using Current Population Survey data collected between 1982 and 2002, we find that never-married mothers remain poor. They have made modest econom...Motherhood; Single Mothers; Income; Population surveys2006-07-26
113 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Thanks for nothing: income and labor force participation for never-married mothers since 1982We examine the changing social and economic characteristics of women who give birth out of wedlock. Using Current Population Survey data collected between 1982 and 2002, we find that never-married mothers remain impoverished. Their income growth over these years was modest despite substantial gains ...2011
114 Caserta, Michael; Lund, Dale A.Toward the development of an inventory of daily widowed life (IDWL): guided by the duel process model of coping with bereavementThe Dual Process Model of Coping with Bereavement (Stroebe & Schut, 1999) suggests that the most effective adaptation involves oscillaton between two coping processes: loss-orientation (LO) and restoration-orientation (RO). A 22-item Inventory of Daily Widowed Life (IDWL) was developed to measure t...Bereavement; Grief reaction; Widowhood; Psychological orientation; Adaptation, Psychological2007-07
115 Zick, Cathleen D.Trends in Americans food-related time use: 1975-2006Objective: To describe how the time spent in food-related activities by Americans has changed over the past 30 years. Design: Data from four national time diary surveys, spanning 1975-2006, are used to construct estimates of trends in American adults' time spent in food-related activities. Multivari...2010-01-01
116 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Trends in the intergenerational transmission of divorceNumerous researchers have shown that the children of divorce are disproportionately likely to end their own marriages (e.g., Amato 1996; Amato and Booth 1991; Bumpass, Martin, and Sweet 1991; Glenn and Kramer 1987; Kulka and Weingarten 1979; McLanahan and Bumpass 1988; Mueller and Pope 1977; Pope a...1999
117 Brown, Barbara B.; Werner, Carol M.Using accelerometer feedback to identify walking destinations, activity overestimates, and stealth exercise in obese and nonobese individualsAccelerometer output feedback might enable assessment of recall biases for moderate bouts by obese and nonobese individuals; accelerometry might also help residents recall destinations for moderate-intensity walking bouts. Methods: Adult residents' 1-week accelerometer-measured physical activity and...Accelerometer feedback; Walking destinations; Activity overestimates; Stealth exercise; Recall bias; Obese individuals; Nonobese individuals2008
118 Brown, Barbara B.; Werner, Carol M.Walkable route perceptions and physical features: converging evidence for en-route walking experiencesGuided walks near a light rail stop in downtown Salt Lake City, UT, were examined using a 2 (gender) x 3 (route walkability: low, mixed, or high walkability features) design. Trained raters confirmed that more walkable segments had more traffic, environmental and social safety; pleasing aesthetics;...Guided walks; Walkability; Environmental aesthetics; Urban environment; Incivilities; Salt Lake City2007-01-01
119 Kowaleski-Jones, LoriWelfare receipt and family structure: evaluating the effects on children's reading achievementThis paper examines the impact of public and private support system on cognitive outcomes for children born to adolescent mothers. The data for this analysis were drawn from the 1979 to 1988 rounds of the National Longitudinal Surrey of Youth between the ages of six and ten in 1988. The key inputs...Adolescent mothers; Child development; Public support1999
120 McDaniel, SusanWhere the contradictions meet: women and family security in Canada in the 1990sFamily and security are both contested ground in Canada in the 1990s. The family and family values are lauded sentimentally on both sides of the 49th parallel. Yet, more and more families, Canadian and American - families with children, aging couples and the working poor - are lining up at food bank...Values; Responsibilities; Opportunities1993
121 McDaniel, SusanWhy generation(s) matter(s) to policyGeneration is a packed social concept, with immense explanatory capacity and policy utility, yet it is a concept fraught with misunderstanding in both the social sciences and in popular usage. It is no less fraught in policy. This short overview paper has three objectives: • 1) to explore gener...Social policy; Aging; Generation2007-11-13
122 McDaniel, SusanWomen and family in the later years: findings from the 1990 general social surveyAging is a feminist issue. Women on average live longer than men, live longer in disability or with chronic health problems, more often experience the deaths of spouse and friends, more often live alone in their later years, are significantly poorer than men of the same age, and more often institu...Middle age; Old age; Family life; Women1992
123 McDaniel, SusanWomen inventors in Canada: research and interventionWhat is an inventor or an invention? In this essay, we use the definition of the Canadian Patent Act, which considers a patentable invention to be a new or improved product or process or a new application of an existing product or process. An invention must be technically feasible - it must -"work" ...Patent; Inventions; Creativity1989
124 McDaniel, SusanWomen's roles and reproduction: the changing picture in Canada in the 1980'sThe social roles of women have always been affected by their reproductive roles. Recently in Canada, as well as elsewhere, several challenges to traditional thinking about women's roles and reproduction have emerged. These challenges have called into question the models typically used to analyze wom...Childbearing; Motherhood; Childcare1988
125 McDaniel, SusanWomen, work and health: some challenges to health promotionWith greater proportions of women spending more of their working' lives outside the home, the worksite may be an excellent place for health education and promotion among women. Building' opportunities into the work day for information and counselling sessions, education about worksite health hazard...Housewives; Working women; Health risk1987
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