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101 Semantics and applications of function graphsFunction graphs provide graphical models of programs based on function application. The uses of such models include provision of a semantic framework for functional programs, explication of the structure of complex systems based on function application, increasing proximity of programs to certain ap...Function graphs; Computer semantics1980
102 Mathematical representation for VLSI arraysThis paper introduces a methodology for mapping algorithmic description into a concurrent implementation on silicon. This methodology can help in the solution of important problems using a new technique for the representation of highly parallel networks. This new approach for the representation of c...VLSI arrays1980
103 Transpline curve representation systemAn interactive curve representation system has been developed based on the concept of transforming among several parametric spline curve formulations. The available formulations are the interpolatory spline, uniform B-spline, spline under tension, and NU-spline. The system implementation is describe...Transpline curves; curve representation system1980
104 A new approach to specifying and handling exceptionsAn operation generally exhibits different patterns of behavior over different parts of its domain. Depending upon the context, such behavior may either be conceived of as "normal" or as an "exception." Thus, the behavior of an operation Is quite naturally characterized by the set of partial operatio...Computer operations; Exceptions; Exception handling1980
105 Dataflow computers: a tutorial and surveyThe demand for very high performance computer has encouraged some researchers in the computer science field to consider alternatives to the conventional notions of program and computer organization. The dataflow computer is one attempt to form a new collection of consistent systems ideas to improve ...Dataflow computers1980
106 A description of several tools for the synchronization of concurrent processesConcurrent processes are tasks which may be executed simultaneously. When several such processes have access to shared variables, it is necessary to establish some regimen to control this access. Several language tools for expressing various synchronization disciplines are presented.Concurrent processes1980
107 A characterization of parallel systemsa taxonomy for parallel processing systems is presented which has some advantages over previous taxonomies. The taxonomy characterizes parallel processing systems using four parameters: topology, communication, granularity, and operation. These parameters and used repetitively in a hierarchical fash...Parallel systems1980
108 Characteristics of a functional programming languageA programming language kernel is presented where an algorithm is a function defined through a functional expression. The only data structure introduced is an object that may be an atom or a sequence of objects. A number of functional forms are defined, with a notation close to ordinary mathematical ...1980
109 On proving the correctness of data type implementationsIn order to prove the correctness (or consistency) of an implementation of a data type with respect to the data type's specifications, the minimal amount of information that needs to be provided consists of: (i) a specification of the type being implemented; (ii) a specification of the representati...Data type; Consistency1980
110 A standard magnetic tape format for digital image exchangeThis proposal describes a simple yet flexible magnetic tape format for exchanging digital image information. Multi-dimensional arrays of raster scan data are stored as sequential files, with descriptive information related to the sefiles stored in an initial directory file. Directory information is ...Raster scan data1981
111 ASSASSIN : a CAD system for self-timed control-unit designMany software systems exist for automatically implementing synchronous state machines . Presented is this paper is a software system -- ASSASSIN -- for the design and automatic layout of self-timed (or speed- independent) control units as integrated circuit modules.ASSASSIN; Self-timed control units1982
112 Modeling of call - by - need and stream primitives using CCSThe semantics of an applicative language are presented using the algebraic primitives introduced in CCS. In particular, the language constructs modeled allow for nondeterminism, stream processing and demand driven (call by need) evaluation.Applicative language; Semantics; Algebraic primitives; CCS1982
113 An algebraic formulation of seitz's weak conditions for self timed circuitsTwo fairly intuitive conditions are given that serve to algebraically characterize Seitz's "weak conditions" for self timed circuits. It is shown that these two conditions embody the 12 temporal logic conditions (developed b y Owicki and Malachi) which are intended to express both the weak condition...Seitz's weak conditions; Self-timed circuits1982
114 ADA to silicon transformations: the outline of a methodThis report explores the contention that a high-order language specification of a machine (such as an Ada program) can be methodically transformed into a hardware representation of that machine. One series of well-defined steps through which such transformations can take place is presented in this i...ADA program; High-order language specification1982
115 Toward function-based distributed database systemsWe discuss the suitability of a function-based (or "applicative") approach to the construction of distributed database systems. Certain aspects of applicative systems are immediatley appealing for this purpose (e.g. data oriented toward conceptual objects rather than toward particular representation...Function-based; distributed database systems; applicative1982
116 Consistency and currency in functional databasesWe consider a hybrid model of databases, in which a functional component T is defined as an extension to an imperative component B. T. is loosely coupled to B through a highly parallel function network N. which provides a simple failsafe test of whether an existing assignment of values to a given vi...Functional databases1982
117 Segmentation of images having unimodal distributionsA gradient relaxation method based on maximizing a criterion function is studied and compared to the nonlinear probabilistic relaxation method for the purpose of segmentation of images having unimodal distributions. Although both methods provide comparable segmentation results, the gradient method h...Gradient relaxation method; Image segmentation; Segmentation algorithm1982
118 Semiannual technical report transformation of ADA programs into silicon (1 Sept. 1981- 28 Feb. 1982)This report summarizes the first six months work of the research project, "Transformation of Ada Programs into Silicon." Our project has five main objectives: 1. Develop and document elements of a transformation methodology for converting Ada programs, or program constructs, into VLSI systems which ...ADA programs; VLSI1982
119 Transformation of ADA programs into silicon (82 Mar. 1 - 82 Oct. 31)This report outlines the beginning steps taken in an integrated research effort toward the development of a methodology, and supporting systems, for transforming Ada programs, or program units, (directly) into corresponding VLSI systems. The time seems right to expect good results. The need is evide...Transformation; Silicon; Ada program units1982
120 The path programmable logic (PPL) user's manualThis manual describes the primitive NMOS path programmable logic cells currently in use at the University of Utah. It contains detailed descriptions, schematics and composite layout of all cells. Also included are PPL programming rules as well as layout design rules for each cell set.1982
121 TRACIS: transformations on Ada for circuit synthesis a report on the methodology for a silicon compilerThis report describes in detail, the ongoing design and implementation of a transformation system, for compiling specifications of integrated circuits into silicon. There are many levels in this process, and the area that we focus on produces target specifications of asynchronous and synchronous con...TRACIS; transformation system1983
122 Transparent interface between software and hardware versions of ADA compilation unitsThe Ada-to-Silicon project at Utah is developing a methodology (and associated software and hardware) for the high level testing of Ada compilation units that are represented as hardware components (circuitry). There are two motivations for this research.Ada-to-Silicon; ADA compilation units1983
123 A fault tolerant sensor schemeMulti-sensor systems pose the problem of how to coherently and efficiently treat the data provided by the various sensors. However. the availability of greater numbers of sensors also broadens the ability to build fault tolerant sensor systems. We define a framework in which sensors can be abstractl...Multi-sensor systems; Logical sensors1983
124 Pattern recognition in a multi-sensor environmentCurrent pattern recognition systems tend to operate on a single sensor, e.g., a camera. however. the need is now evident for pattern recognition systems which can operate in multi-sensor environments. For example, a robotics workstation may use range finders. cameras, tactile pads, etc. The Multi-se...Pattern recognition; Multi-sensor; Multi-sensor Kernel System; MKS1983
125 The key node method: a highly-parallel alpha-beta algorithmA new parallel formulation of the alpha-beta algorithm for minimax game tree searching is presented. Its chief characteristic is incremental information sharing among subsearch processes in the form of "provisional" node value communication. Such "eager" communication can offer the double benefit of...Key node method; Alpha-beta algorithm; Minimax; Game tree searching1983
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