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101 Horch, Kenneth W.Towards a neuroprosthetic armEvidence indicates that user acceptance of modern artificial limbs by amputees would be significantly enhanced by a system that provides appropriate, graded, distally referred sensations of touch and joint movement, and that the functionality of limb prostheses would be improved by a more natural co...Neuroprosthetic arm; Peripheral nerve; Neuroprosthetics; Amputee2006
102 Horch, Kenneth W.Tracking changes in action potential shapes in chronic multi-unit intrafascicular recordings using neural network pattern recognition techniquesA novel scheme is proposed to train an Artificial Neural Network (A") classifier, on a repeated basis, in order to track temporal changes in the shapes of the action potentials recorded through chronically implanted intrafascicular electrodes. This scheme uses classification results of the ANN Clas...Intrafascicular electrodes; Artificial neural network1994
103 Gesteland, Raymond F.Translation of Rl7 RNA fragmentsExamination of the events during infection of cells by RNA phages reveals phemonomena that are surprisingly complex for a virus that has only enough information to code for three to four proteins. The coat protein is synthesized at a rapid rate through most of the infectious cycle making it the pre...Electrophoresis; RNA, Messenger; Peptide Biosynthesis; Kinetics1969
104 Christensen, Douglas A.Ultrasound beam propagation using the hybrid angular spectrum methodWe introduce a fast and accurate numerical method for simulating the propagation of an ultrasound beam inside inhomogeneous tissue for mapping beam absorption, refraction and diffraction in the body. The technique, called the hybrid angular spectrum method, is an extension of the angular spectrum m...Ultrasound beam propagation; Medical ultrasound; Inhomogeneous tissue; Beam simulation2008-08
105 Christensen, Douglas A.Ultrasound beam simulations in inhomogeneous tissue geometries using the hybrid angular spectrum methodThe angular spectrum method is a fast, accurate and computationally efficient method for modeling wave propagation. However, the traditional angular spectrum method assumes that the region of propagation has homogenous properties. In this paper, the angular spectrum method is extended to calculate u...2012-01-01
106 Christensen, Douglas A.Ultrasound-enhanced localized chemotherapy of drug-sensitive and multidrug resistant tumorsA new modality of targeted tumor chemotherapy is based on the drug encapsulation in polymeric nanoparticles followed by a localized release at the tumor site triggered by focused ultrasound. Effect of 1 MHz and 3 MHz unfocused ultrasound applied locally to the tumor on the Doxorubicin (DOX) biodistr...Ultrasound-enhanced chemotherapy; Drug-resistant tumors; Biodistribution; Tumor sonication2006
107 Gesteland, Raymond F.; Atkins, John F.; Tuohy, Therese M.Uninterrupted translation through putative 12-nucleotide coding gap in sequence of carA: business as usualPrevious work of others reported an untranslated stretch of 12 nucleotides in the 5' coding sequence of carA from Pseudomonas aeruginosa. However, N-terminal protein sequencing of carA-lacZ translational fusions shows that these 12 nucleotides are normally translated in a continuous triplet manner, ...Base Sequence; Protein Biosynthesis; Sequence Deletion1994
108 Horch, Kenneth W.Unit analysis in composite neural recordingsWe have used threshold level, sinusoidal stimuli to selectively elicit phase-locked activity from cutaneous mechanoreceptors, for the purpose of evaluating single unit activity in multi-unit peripheral nerve recordings. Each receptor is characterized by its response to a range of mechanical stimuli ...Neural recordings; Nerve fibers; Cutaneous mechanoreceptors1989
109 Christensen, Douglas A.Using the cardiovascular system to illustrate fundamental laws and principles in a freshman courseOur Fundamentals of Bioengineering I course is organized around key physical and engineering laws and principles. A semester-long Major Project is assigned which integrates many of these principles by modeling the human systemic cardiovascular system, using both Matlab computer analysis and assembly...Matlab2002
110 Hansen, Mark S.; Healy, Lindsey J.; Johnson, Christopher R.; Capecchi, Mario R.; Keller, Charles; Jones, Greg M.Virtual histology of transgenic mouse embryos for high-throughput phenotyping.A bold new effort to disrupt every gene in the mouse genome necessitates systematic, interdisciplinary approaches to analyzing patterning defects in the mouse embryo. We present a novel, rapid, and inexpensive method for obtaining high-resolution virtual histology for phenotypic assessment of mouse ...Forkhead Transcription Factors; Paired Box Transcription Factors2006
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