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76 Interprofessional Research in the CPCCRN2013ehsl_conrllVideo
77 Interprofessional Teamwork Local and Global Lessons2012ehsl_conrllVideo
78 Lessons from the Thai Burma Border2014ehsl_conrllVideo
79 Lets Get You Published!: Basic Steps for the Novice Writer2014ehsl_conrllVideo
80 Linkages Between the Safety of the Hospital Bed: Patient Falls and Immobility2015ehsl_conrllVideo
81 Me and My Wishes: Long Term Care Resident Videos to Communicate Care Preference2014ehsl_conrllVideo
82 Medication Safety Molecular to Health System and Birth to Senescence2009ehsl_conrllVideo
83 Meeting CCNE Essentials: Master Evaluation Plan for the CoN or A Cure for Insomnia2014ehsl_conrllVideo
84 NINR Bootcamp on Fatigue and Sleep Methodologies: 2013 Symptom Clusters2015ehsl_conrllVideo
85 Nighttime Sleep Characteristics of Hospitalized Children with Cancer2011ehsl_conrllVideo
86 Novice Nurse Management of Medication Administration: A Complex Task in a Complex Environment2014ehsl_conrllVideo
87 Occupational and Family Hazards of Living Off the Land2010ehsl_conrllVideo
88 Older Adults and Injuries Risks Access to Care and Outcomes2013ehsl_conrllVideo
89 One Nurse Practitioners Experience with a Rare Diagnosis2013ehsl_conrllVideo
90 Opportunities for Collaboration in Ethical Legal and Social Implications Research2014ehsl_conrllVideo
91 Physical Assessment Delivery Innovative Ways of Meeting the Needs of Your Audience2010ehsl_conrllVideo
92 Portrait of a Caregiver2016ehsl_conrllVideo
93 Promoting Best Practices of Telemedicine and Interprofessional Practice Through Innovative Teaching Strategies Across Health Sciences2016ehsl_conrllVideo
94 Prophylaxis Rx for Academic Problems2011ehsl_conrllVideo
95 Psychosocial Care for Cancer Patients as Identified by Nurses in the EHR in an Acute Setting2013ehsl_conrllVideo
96 Qualitative Health Research: The College of Nursing and the University of Utah2012ehsl_conrllVideo
97 Qualitative Research Addressing Somali Bantu Resettlement Experience2011ehsl_conrllVideo
98 REDCap Research Electronic Data Capture2010ehsl_conrllVideo
99 Re-envisioning the Management of Poisoning Information2013ehsl_conrllVideo
100 Reducing Health Disparities in the US Mexico Border Region Community Academic Partnerships2011ehsl_conrllVideo
76 - 100 of 159