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76 Herbicide use in the management of roadside vegetation, Western Oregon, 1999-2000: effects on the water quality of nearby streams2001wwdl_erText
77 Hydrogeologic setting and preliminary estimates of hydrologic components for Bull Run Lake and the Bull Run Lake drainage basin, Multnomah and Clackamas Counties, Oregon1996wwdl_erText
78 Hydrogeology of the unconsolidated sediments, water quality, and ground-water/surface-water exchanges in the Methow River Basin, Okanogan County, Washington2003wwdl_erText
79 Hydrogeology, water quality, and stormwater-sediment chemistry of the Grande Wash area, Fort McDowell Indian Reservation, Maricopa County, Arizona2000wwdl_erText
80 Hydrologic conditions in the Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge and Planet Valley, Arizona, 20002002wwdl_erText
81 Identifying wells downstream from Laguna Dam that yield water that will be replaced by water from the Colorado River, Arizona and California2000wwdl_erText
82 Initial-phase investigation of multi-dimensional streamflow simulations in the Colorado River, Moab Valley, Grand County, Utah, 20042005wwdl_erText
83 Inorganic chemistry of water and bed sediment in selected tributaries of the South Umpqua River, Oregon, 19981999wwdl_erText
84 Interim results of quality-control sampling of surface water for the Upper Colorado River National Water-Quality Assessment Study Unit, water years 1995-961997wwdl_erText
85 Intra-Service Programmatic Biological Opinion for the Proposed Muddy River Memorandum of Agreement Regarding the Groundwater Withdrawal of 16,100 Acre-Feet per Year from the Regional Carbonate Aquifer in Coyote Spring Valley and California Wash Basins, and Establish Conservation Measures for the Moapa Dace, Clark County, Nevada2006-01-11wwdl_erText
86 Investigation of the distribution of organochlorine and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compounds in the Lower Columbia River using semipermeable membrane devices1999wwdl_erText
87 Is Septic Waste Affecting Drinking Water From Shallow Domestic Wells Along the Platte River in Eastern Nebraska?2004wwdl_erText
88 Klamath River Basin hydrologic conditions prior to the September 2002 die-off of Salmon and Steelhead2003wwdl_erText
89 Land-Use Changes and the Physical Habitat of Streams-A Review with Emphasis on Studies within the U.S. Geological Survey Federal-State Cooperative Program2001wwdl_erText
90 Large floods in the United States: where they happen and why2003wwdl_erText
91 Las Vegas, Nevada: Gambling with water in the desert1999wwdl_erText
92 Less snow, less water: Climate disruption in the west2005wwdl_erText
93 Lost, a desert river and its native fishes: A historical perspective of the lower Colorado River2002wwdl_erText
94 Magnetotelluric data in the middle Rio Grande basin, Albuquerque volcanoes, New Mexico2002wwdl_erText
95 Magnetotelluric data release across the Hubbell Springs fault area, Middle Rio Grande Basin, New Mexico2003wwdl_erText
96 Major-ion, nutrient, and trace-element concentrations in the Steamboat Creek Basin, Oregon, 19961998wwdl_erText
97 Mercury concentrations in edible muscle of Lake Whatcom Fish2001wwdl_erText
98 Merged digital aeromagnetic data for the middle Rio Grande and southern Espanola basins, New Mexico2002wwdl_erText
99 Method to identify wells that yield water that will be replaced by water from the Colorado River downstream from Laguna Dam in Arizona and California2000wwdl_erText
100 New Mexico; Middle Rio Grande basin study1999wwdl_erText
76 - 100 of 243