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76 Pre- and post-reservoir ground-water conditions and assessment of artificial recharge at Sand Hollow, Washington County, Utah, 1995-2005uu_wwuText
77 Assessing ground-water vulnerability to contamination: providing scientifically defensible information for decision makersuu_wwuText
78 Initial-phase investigation of multi-dimensional streamflow simulations in the Colorado River, Moab Valley, Grand County, Utah, 2004uu_wwuText
79 Ground-water quality in the carbonate-rock aquifer of the Great Basin, Nevada and Utah, 2003uu_wwuText
80 Evaluation of the ground-water flow model for northern Utah Valley, Utah, updated to conditions through 2002uu_wwuText
81 Hydraulic and geomorphic monitoring of experimental bridge scour mitigation at selected bridges in Utah, 2003-05uu_wwuText
82 Ground-water movement and water quality in Lake Point, Tooele County, Utah 1999-2003uu_wwuText
83 Characterization of dissolved solids in water resources of agricultural lands near Manila, Utah 2004-05uu_wwuText
84 Methane gas concentration in soils and ground water, Carbon and Emery Counties, Utah 1995-2003uu_wwuText
85 Water quality in the Bear River Basin of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming prior to and following snowmelt runoff in 2001uu_wwuText
86 Methods for estimating magnitude and frequency of peak flows for natural streams in Utahuu_wwuText
87 Utah state water plan: Southeast Colorado River Basin, 2000uu_wwuText
88 Utah state water plan: Sevier River Basin, 1999uu_wwuText
89 Utah state water plan: Uintah Basin, 1999uu_wwuText
90 Utah's water supplyuu_wwuText
76 - 100 of 90