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76 Bentley, Rebecca L.Newborn Screening Stategies for Disorders of Creatine MetabolismPathology2011-08
77 Bess, Elizabeth N.Applying design of experiments principles to the investigation of chemical reactions via mathematical modelingAsymmetric catalysis; Computational chemistry; Mathematical analysis; Organic chemistry; Organometallic chemistry; System optimizationChemistry2015-05
78 Bhatia, AshishLaser annealing and defect study of chalcogenide photovoltaic materialsChalcogen; Laser annealing; Photovoltaic; Semicondcutor defectsMaterials Science & Engineering2013-08
79 Bhattacharyya, DhimanAurodicyanide desorption from activated carbonActivated carbon; Desorption; Gold cyanideMetallurgical Engineering2013-12
80 Besser, Brandon TylerPrecast lightweight concrete panels reinforced with glass fiber reinforced polymer barsBridges; Decks; Fiber reinforced polymer; Lightweight concrete; Normal weight concrete; Shear resistanceCivil & Environmental Engineering2011-05
81 Bhuiyan, Haider AEthnography of identity, assimilation and the dynamics of community relationship: the study of Muslims in the Utah Salt Lake Valley areaAmerica; Ethnography; History; Islam; Muslim; UtahLanguages and Literature2010-08
82 Birmingham, WendyPotential pathways through which social relationships mediate cardiovascular reactivity during stressSocial relationships; Cardiovascular reactivity; Stress-buffering influencesPsychology2009-04
83 Biesinger, SharaEfficacy of ProvexCV to reduce hypertension in individuals with metabolic syndromeHypertension; Metabolic syndrome; ProvexCV; SupplementationNutrition2011-12
84 Blackwell, Deanna MariaStudents of color in white-dominated college classrooms: an examination of racialized roles, safety and empowermentAntiracist Pedagogy; Classroom as a safe space; College classrooms; Empowerment; Higher education; Racialized rolesEducation, Culture & Society2010-08
85 Black, David RInfluences of unconscious motivations on travel image selection among womenWomen travelers; TourismParks, Recreation & Tourism2008-11-10
86 Chowdhury, Faisal KhairMicro-electro-mechanical-systems-based single-device digital logic gates for harsh environment applicationsHarsh environment devices; MEMS-based compuation; MEMS logic gate; Rad-hard; Radiation hard devices; Ultra low power deviceElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-05
87 Chilukoori, Sadhashiva R.Computational study of laminar flow in microchannels with abrupt expansion or contraction at a 90° miter bend90° degree miter bends; Bend contractions; Bend excess loss coefficient; Bend expansions; CFD; MicrofluidicsMechanical Engineering2013-05
88 Ludwig, John AdamEnvironmental interpretation of foothill grassland communities of Northern UtahUtah; Grassland; EcologyBiology1969-08
89 Yardley, Ryan T.Haptic characterization of human skin in vivo in response to shower gel treatments using a magnetic levitation deviceMechanical Engineering2012-12
90 Liao, LongyanDevelopment of palladium-catalyzed difunctionalization reactions of 1,3-dienes and alkenes1,3-dienes; Difunctionalization; Palladium-catalyzed; Allylpalladium; Benzylpalladium; Terminal alkenesChemistry2012-12
91 Smith, Kari LynThe Louse Fly-Arsenophonus Arthropodicus association: development of a new model system for the study of insect-bacterial endosymbiosesArsenophonus arthropodicus; Endosymbiosis; Evolution; Genomics; Pseudolynchia canariensis; Symbiont transmissionBiology2012-08
92 Hall, Heber H.The impact of man on the vegetation and soil of the Upper Valley Allotment Garfield County, UtahEscalante Utah; Cattle; Sheep; Erosion; EcologyBotany1954
93 Patnaik, PoojaOcular-motor methods for detecting deception: direct versus indirect interrogationDeception detection; EyetrackingEducational Psychology2013-08
94 Cho, Hyung Jin (Scott)Characterization of CD62L as a Marker of Hematopoietic Differentiation in Adult MicePathology2010-12
95 Sigulinsky, Crystal LynnDefininig the Relationship Between the Homeobox Gene VSX2 and Extrinsic Signaling in the Regulation of Retinal Progenitor Cell PropertiesInterdepartmental Program in Neuroscience2012-12
96 Smith, Diana K.Structures of the Klebsiella Oxytoca Phage Phi KO2 and Vibrio Harveyi Myovirus-Like Protelomerase Far C-Terminal DomainsMedicinal Chemistry2010-08
97 Viswanathan, RamyaMechanism and Regulation of Chromatin Remodeller, RSCOncological Sciences2012-05
98 Volinn, Weining Y.Rasch Model Accounting for Measurement ErrorsFamily & Preventive Medicine2012-08
99 Kolozs, JamesDesign of an exoskeletal human motion capture system (SenSuit™)Bioengineering1998-06
100 Huntsman, ChrisPrinceton Graduate HousingArchitecture & Planning (College of)2011
76 - 100 of 6,252