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76 Hyde, Robyn MarieSenseless nucleic acid macromolecules: synthesis, charatcerization and biological studiesPhysiology; Metabolism; AnalysisMedicinal Chemistry2002-05
77 Bondani, AugustoInteraction of calcium and local anesthetics with skeletal muscle microsomesPharmacokinetics; Drug StudiesPharmacology & Toxicology1969-08
78 Mann, N. ClayAttempt at the integration of indigenous and Western medicines in BoliviaBolivia; Medical Care; Andean MountainsFamily & Preventive Medicine1990-06
79 Stolk, Jacob AbrahamIn vivo 31p NMR as a noninvasive tool to study rodent cerebral metabolism as a function of ageMagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy; RatsMedicinal Chemistry1990-03
80 Weeks, Joseph KeithFluidized-bed processing of Utah tar sandsOil sands, UtahChemical Engineering1977
81 Patel, Dali Jehangir.Evaluation of surgery in rheumatic heart disease.Hemodyamic; ElectrocardiographicSurgery1955-05
82 Dahlman, SuzanneThe influence of a birth film on attitudes toward labor and deliveryChildbirth; ParentsNursing1970-06
83 Hunter, Tana WalchEffect of diabetic control on glycosylated hemoglobin and high-density lipoprotein levelsAtherosclerosis; Heart DiseaseNursing1982-03
84 Shun, Shiow-ChingPsychometric testing of three fatigue instruments with cancer outpatients in TaiwanFatigue; Cancer Patients; NursingNursing2005-12
85 Davis, MarkFriction reduction in co-axial catheter systemsSilicone Elastomers; Silicone RubberBioengineering1983-12
86 McKay, Mary AnnDepression among older divorced peopleSingle Person; Social Environment; UtahNursing1988-03
87 Close, Devin WStructural and Biochemical Studies of the Transcription Elongation Factors Spt6 and TexTranscription FactorsBiochemistry2010-02-19
88 Chen, Hsinyo.The effects of trimethadione and ethosuximide on ion movement across the toad bladder.Physiology; EthosuximidePharmacology & Toxicology1975-06
89 Lauderdale, Jana L.The unbroken cord: the experience of infant relinquishment through adoption.Field Research; BirthmotherNursing1992-06
90 Shu, Jing.An Analysis of knowledge engineering process.Medical Informatics; Data Processing; Computer-Assisted Decision-MakingBiomedical Informatics1991-06
91 Foster, Terrel Ann.The relationship of life stress in preschool children and their mothers.Stress; Parent and Child; PsychologyNursing1977-12
92 Smith, James CarrIliad: a computer program for managing personal bibliographic knowledge bases.Bibliography of Medicine; Databases, BibliographicBiomedical Informatics1986-06
93 Oliver, Wade AustinSelenium removal processes from Great Salt Lake, Utah: estimating sedimentation and verifying volatilization fluxesLake sediments, Utah, Great Salt Lake;Selenium, Utah, Great Salt Lake; Great Salt Lake (Utah)Geology & Geophysics2008-05
94 Von der Ahe, Laurie; Weeks, LaurieLow versus high fluid therapy in infants with respiratory distress.Parenteral Nutrition; Infant, NewbornNursing1985-08
95 Karp, Tracy BEffect of caloric concentration of initial feeding on incidence of feeding intolerance in very-low-birth-weight infants.Neonatal; gastrpomtestoma; PhpysiologyNursing1982-06
96 Barker, GayleConflict management behavior of the staff nurse.Conflict Management; Utah; NursesNursing1984-08
97 Dawson, Renée Janine.Kinetics of homologous recombination in Xenopus oocytes: effects of homology length and substrate concentration.Kinetics; DNABiochemistry1995-12
98 Gordon, Donna Marie.Use of a relaxation/guided-imagery tape to improve the experience and outcome of pregnancy in nulliparas.Nursing; Birthweight; Blood PressureNursing1984-12
99 Gennaro, John Louis.A Computerized radiology ordering/reporting system based on most likely diagnoses.Medicine; Data Processing; Radiology, MedicalBiomedical Informatics1980-03
100 Pitcher, Donna LouA tool to measure perceptions of school nurse functions.Questionnaire; StatisticsNursing1973-08
76 - 100 of 6,342