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76 2018Project R.A.T.After years of experimentation, Slimy the rat has had enough and is looking for an escape! Use Slimy's mutating power to help him get out. Sling, stick, and slide your way to sweet freedom in this 3D puzzle game.Puzzle; Casual; Free to PlayPC; Windows
77 2013Race of the ZodiacVideo game produced by team of students in EAE's 2013 cohortPuzzle
78 2010Rapunzel's Fight NightOfficial description: A racing game with swords! Combining unique racing, combat, and power-up elements, Rapunzel's Fight Knight pits players against one another as they climb to the top of a teetering tower. Join three of your friends and battle it out to see who makes it to the top first and gets ...ActionXbox
79 2019Ready Set HaiyaReady Set Haiya! is a motion-based fighting rhythm game, where players use a "real" wooden man as the input, and try to imitate various kung-fu poses displayed on the screen on the wooden man, to eventually achieve a high score. The closer the match is, the higher you score.
80 2018The Red MoonThe Red Moon is a digital board game about Town Building, Alliances, and Magic.Board gameAndroid; iOS
81 2014Reflect ItReflect It is a puzzle platformer. Using the power of reflection, mirror the world to get through obstacles. Reflect It is an Action game, developed and published by Pull the Plug Studios, LLC, which was released in 2014.Puzzle-platformer; ActionPlayStation Vita; PlayStation Mobile
82 2016Reload 360Reload 360 is a fast-paced arcade shooter that gives players 360-degree omni-vision and wall walking to help them track down and eliminate their opponents. Take control of a robot sentinel as you vie for control of one of three thrilling space arenas.Arcade; Shooter; Free to PlayPC
83 2020Revel RousersRampage through a boring city turning people into party animals to throw the biggest party for the party god! As an alien DJ in service to your party god you are tasked with running amok in a boring world to get as many party animals and to clear enough space to throw a rave epic enough in time. You...Casual; Free to Play; ArcadePC; Windows; Xbox
84 2019Ride.ShareRide.Share is a mobile, augmented reality game that allows you to become the strategist in controlling your own fleet of cars and running a rideshare company. Your goal is to pick up and drop off as many passengers as possible along numerous drop off points and take control of the city, faster than ...AR; Simulation; CasualiOS; Android
85 2015RitmoRitmo is a music platformer in which players traverse a level to collect notes that play a song. Think Temple Run meets Rock Band. With 4 player couch co-op, Ritmo is a fantastic party game!Music; Rhythm; Free to PlayPC; Windows; Mac
86 2012Robot Pinball EscapePart pinball machine, part 3rd person platformer "Robot Pinball Escape" puts you in the chrome shoes of Tilt, a scrappy transforming robot with a big dream of trying to beat a living pinball tournament to win a rocket-ship and escape to the land of his robo-dreams. Developed by the University of U...ActionPC; Windows
87 2017RobrosRobros is a robot-themed, action-strategy escort shooter where you control two robots to get them to fight their way out of a factory filled with rogue robots. The gameplay is split in two phases: planning and action. The first phase is planning your escape by plotting a vector path on a 2D map.Adventure
88 2018The Samurai CrusaderThe Samurai Crusader is a twin-stick action RPG set in a procedurally generated fantasy universe. You unlock new weapons and gain favor with four distinct deities to receive new abilities. The game centers around two core areas. The Town: In the town you unlock new weapons, upgrade your character'...Action; Free to PlayAndroid
89 Sand to Surf
90 2017Seconds to SquareSeconds to Square is a momentum-based action-platformer where players draw boxes to manipulate time.Action; Free to Play; PlatformerMac; PC; Windows
91 2017ShadowscrapersShadowscrapers is an isometric puzzle game for mobile devices. You play by tapping to guide the character around skyscraper rooftops, and dragging blocks in front of lights to create shadows that are solid and can be used as levers, push blocks, or bridges.PuzzleiOS; Android
92 2019Sky ShepherdSky Shepherd is an atmospheric adventure game where you play as the lone survivor of a skyfaring tribe. Use your flute to round up a herd of mysterious creatures and explore the sky with them aboard your glider. Flying with the herd is faster and more fun than flying by yourself. You can send them ...Adventure; Flight; Atmospheric; Free to PlayPC; Windows
93 2016SkyreachSkyreach is a free game inspired by playing with car toys and building tracks for them to drive on. It's an exploration of building track and driving at the same time, instead of the more traditional build track first, then drive on it after. Players are able to build one path piece a head of their ...Casual; Free to Play; RacingPC; Windows; Xbox
94 2019SonoSono is a 2D exploration game where players effortlessly glide through an abstract microcosm collecting lost fragments of sound. Sono is an aesthetic, alternative controller game that allows the player to effortlessly guide Sono through an abstract microcosm, one once teeming with curious life forms...Adventure; Free to Play; Casual
95 Strange Creatures
96 2017Street TrikerStreet Triker is a trike racing game where you use the bumper buttons to simulate pedaling as you speed through the neighborhood! Use pick-up boosts and character-unique projectiles to derail your friends and seize victory. It's pedals-to-the-pavement playtime! The game utilizes a unique "pedaling" ...Racing; Free to PlayPC; Windows; Xbox
97 2018TelophaseTelophase is a twin-stick dungeon crawler inspired by Egyptian mythology. You play as Set, an ancient god who must traverse the dangers of the pyramids and survive an onslaught of enemies. With the rare ability to split your soul, you are the only one who can overthrow the other gods and usurp the t...Action; Casual; Free to PlayPC; Windows; Mac; Xbox
98 2016Tentacult!Tentacult! is Hotline Miami meets Pikmin. A bright, cheerful, cartoony world is being invaded by Lovecraftian Horrors - and you control the horde! Lead your minions to assimilate more and more until the entire world is in thrall!Puzzle; Strategy; CasualPC; Windows; Mac; Xbox
99 2016This Side UpYou're an on-foot courier in the big city. Go scurrying through traffic and around corners to get your parcel to its destination. Just don't let it get smashed or go tumbling out of your hands while you're at it!Strategy
100 2019Time BreakBring attention to police power and brutality from a different angle. Time Break is a game set in an alternate reality where you are a police officer training to serve the public with your standard issue time slowing and rewind watch. Assess, resume time, and stop the crime. Keep the city safe from ...Free to Play; ActionPC; Windows
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