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76 Ground water atlas of the United States: Segment 2, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah1995Text
77 Biology of the Rio Grande Border Region: A Bibliography1997Text
78 Toxic contaminants survery of thelower Rio Grande, lower Arroyo Colorado, and associated coastal waters1995Text
79 Magnetotelluric data in the middle Rio Grande basin, Albuquerque volcanoes, New Mexico2002Text
80 Occurrence of Selected Contaminants in Water, Fish Tissue, and Streambed Sediments in Central Nebraska, 1992-951996Text
81 Magnetotelluric data release across the Hubbell Springs fault area, Middle Rio Grande Basin, New Mexico2003Text
82 Selected hydrologic data for the upper Rio Hondo basin, Lincoln County, New Mexico, 1945-20032004Text
83 Effects of reservoir installation, San Juan-Chama Project water, and reservoir operations on streamflow and water quality in the Rio Chama and Rio Grande, northern and central New Mexico, 1938-20002004Text
84 Water Resources Data, Colorado, Water Year 2003; Volume 1. Missouri River Basin, Arkansas River Basin, and Rio Grande Basin2004Text
85 Denver's urban ground-water quality : nutrients, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds1995Text
86 Assessing sandhill crane roosting habitat along the Platte River, Nebraska2005Text
87 Review of sediment data in the South Platte River Basin, Colorado, 1980-921995Text
88 Peak-flow frequency relations and evaluation of the peak-flow gaging network in Nebraska1999Text
89 Water resources data, Utah, water year 2004; Colorado River main stem2005Text
90 Water resources data, Utah, water year 20042005
91 Platte River ecosystem resources and management, with emphasis on the Big Bend reach in Nebraska. US Fish and Wildlife Service, Grand Island, Nebraska1997Text
92 Nutrient concentration gradients and biological response in central Nebraska streams2003Text
93 Is Septic Waste Affecting Drinking Water From Shallow Domestic Wells Along the Platte River in Eastern Nebraska?2004Text
94 National water-quality assessment program; the central Nebraska basins1991Text
95 Water quality in the South Platte River basin, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming, 1992-951998Text
96 Water quality in the central Nebraska basins, Nebraska, 1992-951998Text
97 What happens to nutrients in offstream reservoirs in the lower South Platte River basin?2002Text
98 Nutrients in the South Platte River, 1993-951995Text
99 Occurrence of selected pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical compounds, and stable hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratios, in a riverbank filtration study, Platte River, Nebraska, 2001 to 2003, Volume 12005Text
100 Geologic studies of the Platte River, south-central Nebraska and adjacent areas--geologic maps, subsurface study, and geologic history2005Text
76 - 100 of 270