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76 Water-quality and algal conditions in the North Umpqua River Basin, Oregon, 1992-95, and implications for resource management1998wwdl_erText
77 Herbicide use in the management of roadside vegetation, Western Oregon, 1999-2000: effects on the water quality of nearby streams2001wwdl_erText
78 Upper Klamath Basin nutrient-loading study- estimate of wind-induced resuspension of bed sediment during periods of low lake elevation1996wwdl_erText
79 Simulation of ground-water flow in the Middle Rio Grande Basin between Cochiti and San Acacia, New Mexico2002wwdl_erText
80 Simulated effects of ground-water management scenarios on the Santa Fe group aquifer system, Middle Rio Grande Basin, New Mexico, 2001-402003wwdl_erText
81 Merged digital aeromagnetic data for the middle Rio Grande and southern Espanola basins, New Mexico2002wwdl_erText
82 Geochemical Characterization of Ground-water Flow in the Santa Fe Group Aquifer System, Middle Rio Grande Basin, New Mexico2004wwdl_erText
83 Monitoring and Assessing our Nation's Water Quality2002wwdl_erText
84 Ground-water resources of the middle Rio Grande basin, New Mexico2002wwdl_erText
85 Ground Water Atlas of the United States; Oklahoma, Texas1996wwdl_erText
86 Ground-water resources of the Middle Rio Grande Basin2002wwdl_erText
87 The U.S. Geological Survey recent highlights; natural resources1997wwdl_erText
88 Monitoring The Water Quality of the Nation's Large Rivers Colorado River NASQAN Program2000wwdl_erText
89 Interim results of quality-control sampling of surface water for the Upper Colorado River National Water-Quality Assessment Study Unit, water years 1995-961997wwdl_erText
90 Monitoring Channel Sand Storage in the Colorado River in Grand Canyon1995wwdl_erText
91 Fraser River watershed, Colorado : assessment of available water-quantity and water-quality data through water year 19971999wwdl_erText
92 Lost, a desert river and its native fishes: A historical perspective of the lower Colorado River2002wwdl_erText
93 Environmental Contaminants and their effects on fish in the Colorado River Basin2004wwdl_erText
94 Monitoring Of Coarse Sediment Inputs To The Colorado River In Grand Canyon2001wwdl_erText
95 Distribution and concentrations of selected organochlorine pesticides and PCB's in streambed sediment and whole-body fish in the Upper Colorado River Basin, 1995-961998wwdl_erText
96 Effects of water quality and habitat on composition of fish communities in the Upper Colorado River Basin1997wwdl_erText
97 Seasonal and spatial variability of nutrients and pesticides in streams of the Willamette Basin, Oregon, 1993-951998wwdl_erText
98 Environmental setting of the Willamette Basin, Oregon1997wwdl_erText
99 Major-ion, nutrient, and trace-element concentrations in the Steamboat Creek Basin, Oregon, 19961998wwdl_erText
100 Dioxins and furans in bed sediment and fish tissue of the Willamette Basin, Oregon, 1992-19951998wwdl_erText
76 - 100 of 270