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76 Indians Hunting the Bison1839-10-01uum_rbcImage
77 Interior of a Hut of a Mandan Chief1841-03-01uum_rbcImage
78 Ischoha-Kakoschochata, Dance of the Mandan Indians1840-11-01uum_rbcImage
79 Junction of the Yellow Stone River with the Missouri1839-01-01uum_rbcImage
80 Magic Pile Erected by the Assiniboin Indians1839-05-01uum_rbcImage
81 Mahsette-Kiuab, Chief of the Cree-Indians1839-01-01uum_rbcImage
82 Mandeh-Pahchu, A Young Mandan Indian1840-11-01uum_rbcImage
83 Massika, Saki Indian. Wakusasse, Musquake Indian1841-10-01uum_rbcImage
84 Mehkskeme-Sukahs, Blackfoot chief. Tatsicki-Stomick, Piekann chief1840-01-01uum_rbcImage
85 Mexkemahuastan, Chief of the Gros-Ventres des Prairies1840-01-01uum_rbcImage
86 Mih-Tutta-Hangkusch1841-02-01uum_rbcImage
87 Missouri Indian, Oto Indian, Chief of the Puncas1840-11-01uum_rbcImage
88 Mouth of the Fox - River1839-01-01uum_rbcImage
89 New Harmony on the Wabash1842-10-01uum_rbcImage
90 Niagara Falls1841-10-01uum_rbcImage
91 Noapeh, An assiniboin Indian, Psihdja - Sahpa, A Yantonan Indian1840-09-01uum_rbcImage
92 Offering of the Mandan Indians1839-01-01uum_rbcImage
93 Pachtuwa-Chta, An Arrikarra Warrior1839-08-01uum_rbcImage
94 Pehriska-Ruhpa, Moennitarri Warrior in the Regalia of the dog Danse1841-02-01uum_rbcImage
95 Penitentiary Near Pittsburg1839-11-15uum_rbcImage
96 Ptihn-Tak-Ochata, Dance of the Mandan Women1839-01-01uum_rbcImage
97 Punka Indians Encamped on the Banks of the Missouri1839-05-01uum_rbcImage
98 Remarkable Hills1839-11-01uum_rbcImage
99 Remarkable Hills1839-05-01uum_rbcImage
100 Saukie and Fox Indians1839-07-01uum_rbcImage
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