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76 The planisphere of Ptolemy, or Ptolemy's hypothesis of the movement of the planets in a planar view.1661Image
77 Ptolemy's hypothosis concerning planatary motion.1661Image
78 Ptolemy's view of the universe1661Image
79 Second hemisphere with the Christian constellations.1661Image
80 Selenographic diagram of phases and appearances of the Moon.1661Image
81 The sizes of the celestial bodies.1661Image
82 The southern constellations with the earth underneath.1661Image
83 Southern Hemisphere with constellations in equal proportion to the globes.1661Image
84 Spherical view of the celestial and terrestrial northern hemispheres.1661Image
85 The spiral revolution of the Sun around the Earth.1661Image
86 Sun in an eccentric orbit without epicycles.1661Image
87 Tycho Brahe's calculation of the planets' orbits and distances.1661Image
88 A Brahean depiction of the world's structure.1661Image
89 A depiction of the Copernican system.1661Image
90 The ancient northern constellations.1661Image
91 The ancient southern constellations.1661Image
92 The Earth and its celestial circles.1661Image
93 First hemisphere with the Christian constellations.1661Image
94 Karl Bodmer's Aquatints: the Changing Image1990-06Text
95 Image of the aspects, oppositions, conjunctions, etc. among the planets.1661Image
96 Skin Lodge of an AssiniboinImage
97 Skin Lodge of an Assiniboin Chief1840-06-01Image
98 Laid And Wove1923Text
99 White Castles on the Upper MissouriImage
100 White Castles on the Upper MissouriImage
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