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76 Lowrance, EdwardOn the early development of Stagnicola Kingi (Meek) the Utah Ribbed SnailGeneral interest in the subject of molluscan embryology has continued in part because of the relation of its problems and processes to those of adult anatomy and ph_ysiology and in part because of its promise of light on the dynamic, developmental process itself. Attention was called to the present ...1934-03
77 Chamberlin, Ralph V.A new genus of theridiid spiders in which the male develops only one palpusThe discovery of the male of Theridion fordum Keyserling, reveals characteristics for that species which set it off as genericallv different, from Theridion proper. The erection of a new genus is thus found necessary for this species; and several other species which are closely related to it natural...1934-04
78 Chamberlin, Ralph VaryMiscellaneous new American spiders[This paper was originally published in 1935]. A number of new species of spiders have been accumulating in the collection of the University of Utah for several years. The naming and characterizing of a part of these species is the purpose of this paper. Those considered here are all from the Unite...Spiders; University of Utah; United States; Canada; Biology; Classification1935
79 Reens, Don M.Observations on a Mosquito Flight in Salt Lake CityIn a survey of the mosquitoes of Salt Lake City carried on since 1929, a number of mosquito flights have been observed and recorded. These flights have occured principally in three species of mosquitoes common to region,- Aedes campestris Dyar and Knab Aedes vexans (Meigen) and Aedes dorsalis (Meige...1935-02
80 Telford, Ira RockwoodHistological aspects of metamorphosis of Ambystoma tigrinum (green)The present paper is based upon research done in 1933 at the University of Utah. The specimens used in the study were of the common species of salamander frequenting this region, Ambystoma tigrinum. This report is confined to the histological changes observed in the lungs and skin of this form durin...1935-05
81 Chamberlin, Ralph V.The black widow spider and its varieties in the United StatesThe spiders of the genus Latrodectus, a member of the family Theridiidae, popularly known as the line-weavers or comb-footed spiders, are of world-wide distribution in tropical and sub-tropical latitudes. The genus " comprises those very interesting spiders which, under various local names, have bee...1935-06
82 Chamberlin, Ralph V.Miscellaneous new American spidersA number of new species of spiders have been accumulating in the collection of the University o f Utah for several years. The naming and characterizing of a part of these species is the purpose of this paper. Those considered here arc all from the United States, except one from Canada. The types are...1935-10
83 Ivie, WiltonSome new spiders from FloridaHerein are described a number of new species of spiders which have been collected in Florida during the last several years. One new species from Oklahoma is also included. The types are deposited in the University of Utah collection; paratypes, where present, are in the collection of W. M. Barrows.1935-12
84 Moffett, James W.A quantitative study of the bottom fauna in some Utah Streams Variously Affected by ErosionFloods and cloudbursts in the Intermountain region of western United States cause considerable damage to watersheds and streams. Because of steep gradients these torrential waters remove vast quantities of debris, stones, gravel and soil from the stream beds. It follows that, with the removal of mat...1936-06
85 Durrant, Stephen D.A new gopher from Antelope Island, Great Salt Lake, UtahThe present paper presents the results of a study of a series of specimens taken around the Great Salt Lake and on Antelope Island in this lake, the series forming part of the collection of the University of Utah. The form from Antelope Island differs sufficiently from the described subspecies of Th...1936-10
86 Chamberlin, Ralph V.New spiders from Mexico and PanamaIn the present paper are described eighty new species of spiders, among which are representatives of five new genera, found in two collections from Mexico and Panama respectively. The collection from Mexico was made in the state of Guerrero by Prof. Dr. Schultze Fena, of the University of Marburg, a...1936-11
87 Jones, David T.A comparative study of certain goblet cellsThe origin of the primordial droplets has been rightly given the primary place in the study of secretion. Bowen has limited the term secretion to the actual synthesis of these droplets from cytoplasmic materials, which limitation we shall accept. The secondary problems in this field concern chieflly...1937-06
88 Chamberlin, Ralph V.Two genera of trap-door spders from CaliforniaWhile trap-door spiders have long excited general interest, as a group they are very imperfectly known. This is due largely to the fact that their subterranean habits enable them to escape ordinary observation and to have, as a consequence, relatively poor representation in collections, both as to s...1937-08-18
89 Durrant, Stephen D.Two new gophers from UtahA study of mammals in the collection of the University of Utah, taken in western Utah during the summer of 1936 has brought out some interesting differences in the genus Thomomys. Series of gophers from Wah Wah Springs, Beaver County, and from Oak Creek Canyon, Millard County, differ sufficiently fr...1937-08-18
90 Garrett, A. O.The uredinales or rusts of UtahThe catalogue of the rusts of Utah presented herewith is the result o f thirty-four years work in collecting and observation by the author. During this time the writer has collected in every county in the state, excepting Daggett.1937-11-18
91 Durrant, Stephen D.A new pocket gopher of the thomomys quadratus group from the Northern Great Basin RegionCritical examination of specimens of Thomomys quadratus from Utah has brought to light the existence of an hitherto unnamed race from the Raft River region in the northwest corner of the state and contiguous areas of Idaho and Nevada. Extensive material from northeastern Nevada in the collection of ...1939-02-28
92 Rees, Don M.Origin of Mosquito producing waters in the vicinity of Salt Lake City, UtahDuring the course of this investigation, from 1929 to 1987, of the mosquitoes in the vicinity of Salt Lake City, some interesting data have been collected on the origin of waters that produce mosquitoes. These data are now sufficient to justify certain pertinent conclusions. As all mosquito larvae a...1939-04-28
93 Garrett, A. O.The ustilaginales or smuts of UtahSince September, 1902, the writer has been collecting fungi in Utah. During that time collecting has been carried on in every county in Utah. Several consecutive summers were spent at Brighton, in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake County. The summer o f 1911 was spent with the late Dr. Rydberg, colle...1939-05-15
94 Cottam, Walter P.A new violet from UtahA beautiful violet strikingly different from any species heretofore reported from Utah was discovered by the writer growing 011 vacant property on the outskirts of Salt Lake City at the corner of 13th South and 17th E as t streets, April 17, 1937.*' This property and neighboring areas to the east ha...1939-06-28
95 Chamberlin, Ralph V.New tarantulas from the Southwestern StatesIn this paper are presented diagnoses of seven new species of mvgalomorph spiders, one of which, represents the new genus Hesperopholis. The other species are placed in Delopelma. We are indebted to Dr. W. P- Cottam for making the photographs reproduced 0 11 the first three plates. All of these are ...1939-06-28
96 Chamberlin, Ralph V.On a collection of chilopods from the East IndiesThe present paper is a report upon' a collection of chilopods received for identification from the Buitenzorg Museum, Java, through the courtesy of Dr. Dammerman,1939-06-28
97 Chamberlin, Ralph V.On some Diplopods of the family fontariidaeThe purpose of the present paper is to designate certain new genera in the family Fontariidae occurring in the eastern and southeastern states and to give brief preliminary diagnoses of various new species within these and related genera.1939-07-08
98 Durrant, Stephen D.A new pocket gopher from the Oquirrh Mountains, UtahContinued studies of the pocket gophers of the talpoides group from Utah have disclosed the existence of an hitherto undescribed race indigenous to the Oquirrh Mountains, which are located in Utah, Tooele and Salt Lake Counties.1939-10-24
99 Rees, Don M.The termite problem in UtahTermites or " white ants" are present in all parts of Salt Lake City and are generally found in other cities and towns throughout the state. Three different species of termites have been found in Utah: Reticulitermes tibialis Banks, Reticuliterm.es tumiceps Banks, and Kalotervies minor Hagen. Reticu...1939-12-27
100 Chamberlin, Ralph V.On a diplopod collection from Barro Colorado Island, PanamaThe present paper presents the results of a taxonomic study of an important collection o f millipeds made bv Mr. Eliot C. Williams, Jr., of Northwestern University on Barro Colorado Island during July and August of 1938. Twenty-three species were secured, these representing •i very interesting and...1940-01-18
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