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76 A shading method for computer generated imagesA shading method for computer generated images is developed that provides benefits of both ray tracing and radiosity methods. Diffuse reflection behavior is taken from the radiosity approach, while specular reflection and transparency are based on ray tracing methods. Distributions of sample rays ar...computer graphics; shading method; computer generated images; ray tracing; radiosity1988-06
77 INSTED : an integrated structured tiling editor for very large scale integrated circuit designThis thesis presents the implementation details of an experimental, hierarchical, object-oriented, and user-friendly software system, developed to provide a portal to the use of a versatile integrated circuit design methodology, and a foundation for future design tools to build upon. Showcasing seve...computer interfaces; integrated circuits; large scale integration; INSTED1986-06
78 Parallel Split-Level RelaxationSpeed is a primary concern in all computer vision applications. With the advent of parallel processors it is necessary to explore the possibility of improving the performance of vision algorithms on these machines. Three avenues have to be pursued in this new framework. First, it is necessary to stu...parallel processing; computer vision; scene labeling problem; vision algorithm; bbn butterfly1988-08
79 Load balancing and fault tolerance in applicative systemsApplicative systems are promising candidates to achieve high performance computing through aggregation of processors. This dissertation studies two important issues in building scalable applicative systems: load balancing problem and fault tolerance.; A dynamic load balancing scheme is proposed for ...computer architecture; load balancing; fault tolerance; computer science; applicative systems1985-08
80 A framework for hardware design analysis and synthesis using VHDLAn approach for behavioral analysis and synthesis in a single framework is presented. The main advantage of specifying circuits at an abstract level is that they become amenable to formal analysis. A formalism HOP, which is an extended automaton model to describe behaviors of circuits is introduced....VHDL; computer hardware description language1993-03
81 A pipelined architecture for ray tracingRay tracing is a computer graphics rendering algorithm well known for the realistic images that it generates. Its primary drawback is the huge amount of computation required for even moderately complex scenes. Pipelined architectures have been used for many years to accelerate conventional scan conv...computer architecture; computers; pipeline; computer graphics; RayPipe1994-06
82 Intersurface continuity of B-spline based solid modelsOne of the issues of concern in any boundary representation model is the smoothness at the abutment edges of the model surface patches. This thesis looks at the maintenance of this smoothness (continuity) between connected B-spline surfaces in a multi-surface model. This process also necessitates ad...computer graphics; computer aided design1988-08
83 From Algebraic Specifications to Correct VLSI SystemsThis dissertation presents a hardware design methodology in which hardware systems can be modeled as abstract data types and semi-automatically synthesized into VLSI circuits. The behavior of a module is specified at both the abstract and the realization levels, in a purely functional language, "Str...VLSI circuits; computers1986-12
84 Modeling the Motion of Human Muscle Systems with Computer GraphicsThe Sarcomere system uses computer graphics to model human muscle systems. Each muscle is modeled as a collection of discrete, movable elements that we call muxels. The advantages of this model include fast integer-based processing and user specified variable resolution. The Sarcomere system process...sarcomere; muxel; muscle system1990-08
85 Implementation of SCMAID: A Microprogrammer's Assistant for Concurrent Soft Controlled MicroarchitecturesThe SCMaid has been implemented in a portable dialect of LISP called PSL which is a product of the Symbolic Computation Group at the University of Utah. Since PSL has been implemented on a wide variety of machines from microprocessors to the Cray-1, SCMaid can be run on a large number of systems. Th...symbolic computation group; scmaid; psl; lisp1985-04
86 Feature-based reverse engineeringReverse engineering entails building a representation of an engineered object using only information derived from an instance of that object. This research has focused on the reverse engineering of physical objects, specifically machined parts. Reverse engineering differs from many other sensing pro...reverse engineering1994-12
87 An asynchronous floating point unitAn asynchronous floating point unit (FPU) was designed using application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and very large scale integration (VLSI) technologies. The FPU is capable of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing single-precision format numbers as defined by The Institute of Electr...computer circuits; asynchronous circuits; floating-point arithmetic1994-08
88 Approximating data with parametric B-splines for computer aided designThis thesis addresses some of the difficulties that can be encountered when approximation is used as a design tool. In many cases, it is most intuitive for a designer to specify points on or near a desired contour, and approximate them with a curve. Merely computing some approximation to a set of da...computer graphics; computer-aided design; approximation theory; B-splines1985-12
89 Parallel Algorithms and Architectures for Very Fast AI SearchA wide range of problems in natural and artificial intelligence, computer vision, computer graphics, database engineering, operations research, symbolic logic, robot manipulation and hardware design automation are special cases of Consistent Labeling Problems (CLP). CLP has long been viewed as an ef...parallel algorithms; CLP; consistent labeling problems; computer programming; computer science1989-08
90 Accurate capacitance and resistance extractionA novel approach to solving the accurate capacitance and resistance extraction problem in integrated circuits is presented as a combination of a custom language and a kit of circuit analysis primitives. This approach is targeted toward the analysis of circuit interconnect and the determination of fr...integrated circuits; electric resistance1993-03
91 Computer-Aided Geometric Design Based Three-Dimensional Object Representations For Computer VisionModel-based recognition is one of the key paradigms in the field of computer vision and pattern recognition. However, at present there is an absence of a systematic approach to build vision models for a large class of three-dimensional (3-D) objects used in industrial environments. Computer-Aided Ge...computer vision; model based recognition; pattern recognition1988-12
92 Synthesis, Verification and Optimization of Systolic ArraysSystolic arrays are a class of parallel architectures consisting of regular interconnections of a very large number of simple processors, each one operating on a small part of the problem. They are typically designed to be used as back-end. special-purpose devices for computation-intensive processin...computer architecture; systolic array; VLSI1986-12
93 Behavioral simulation from high-level specificationsA validation tool for synchronous hardware systems based on process composition and symbolic simulation has been developed. The problems addressed are:; • effective evaluation of a design through high-level simulation • quick exploration of alternative designs • contraction of the I/O vector s...computer simulation; integrated circuits; large scale integration; behavioral simulation1989-06
94 Interactive volume visualizationThe purpose of scientific computation is insight. Visualization is the most direct way to bring out and deliver insight. The advances of technology have allowed scientists to simulate or observe our physical world at a much higher resolution than was available previously. As a result, large-scale nu...computer graphics; volume visualization1993-06
95 PRT--a high quality image synthesis system for B-spline surfacesMany applications in Computer Aided Design require high quality images of three-dimensional scenes. A system is presented for rendering objects designed with an existing B-spline based geometric modeling package. Two algorithms for ray tracing B-spline surfaces are discussed, one using iterative num...computer graphics; computer aided design; B-spline surfaces; image synthesis system1988-12
96 UCL+P - a persistent common lispThe Persistent Lisp language was defined and an implementation, UCL+P,1 was designed and constructed. Persistent · Lisp is a superset of Common Lisp which fully supports the development of programs manipulating persistent data , while maintaining Lisp semantics across the storage/retrieval of value...computer language; Lisp,1994-08
97 Static inference in applicative languagesStatic inference involves the compile-time analysis of programs, either with a view to optimizing program execution or ensuring that errors do not arise during program execution (e.g., type checking). We present a general framework for static inference of first-order applicative programs as well as ...programming languages; computer science; static inference; applicative languages1985-03
98 Resource allocation in an experimental LISP compilerThis thesis describes the design and implementation of a register allocation system for EPIC, an experimental LISP compiler. EPIC follows the Portable Standard LISP (PSL) philosophy of retargetability and parameter-passing through registers. Like many register allocators, this system accepts linear ...compiling (electronic computers); LISP; EPIC; Experimental LISP compiler1986-08
99 Constraints as a Paradigm for ComputingThis dissertation presents a multiple domain constraint logic programming system (MDCLP) in which multiple solvers are supported and are viewed as external modules interfaced to the logic programming system through the set of constructors and predicates they support. The concept of separately compil...logic programming; constraint logic programming; clp; logic programming language; programming language; warren abstract machine; type inference1993-03
100 Sisyphus, an environment for simulationSisyphus is an environment for the simulation of integrated circuits (ICs). It supports hierarchical simulation from the functional block level down to circuit analysis. Sisyphus develops a new hierarchical wire model (based on that of Sable) which facilitates the accurate simulation of incomplete d...sisyphus; computer program language; computer programming; ICs1986-12
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