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76 Applying Adult Learning Theory to Nursing EducationClifton, Jennifer2013
77 Bed Bath and Beyond the Undergraduate ExperienceBarnett, Gerrie; Hollister, Lynn2013
78 A Net of Wonder Lessons for Nurse Scientists from Exploring the SeaBeck, Susan2013
79 Conducting Research in an Inpatient Clinical SettingGrant, Mary Jo2013
80 DiabetesAllen, Nancy2013
81 Active Learning Smart Thinking and BeyondSmith, Jackie2012
82 Building a Knowledge Base for Health Information Exchange Between Emergency Departments and Poison Control CentersCummins, Mollie S.2012
83 BirthCare HealthCare Innovations in PracticeThomas, Celeste; Latendresse, Gwen2012
84 The TCAB Diaries Pages Turned and Lessons LearnedFuller, Jill2012
85 The Menopausal Transition Observations from the Seattle Midlife Women's Health StudyWoods, Nancy2012
86 iStar: A Research Program Using Google Sketch-Up to Facilitate Social, Creative, and Job Skills for Youth on the Autistic SpectrumWright, Cheryl; Caserta, Michael2012
87 Beyond Complexity in Design Processes and Procedures for Calculating Safe Bed HeightMorse, Jan2012
88 Arterial Compliance and Vascular Function in Patients with Obstructive Sleep ApneaRodway, George2012
89 Injuries Occurring to Older Adults in Rural UtahEdelman, Linda S.2012
90 Tips for Working With Data: Collecting Organizing and Visualizing ToolsWong, Bob2012
91 Writing Your IRB ApplicationSward, Kathy2012
92 GrantsmanshipPepper, Ginette2012
93 Supporting the Family and Friends of Persons Experiencing Complicated GriefSupiano, Kathie2012
94 Innovations in Teaching in the Primary Care ProgramFuller, Dianne; Tufts, Gillian2012
95 Sutter Health Partnership Year One Review: Where Do We Go From HereRoberts, Leissa2012
96 Interprofessional Teamwork Local and Global LessonsCohen, Susanna2012
97 Rubrics and Other Tricks: How to Spice Up Your Canvas CourseRichards, Donna2012
98 Bioethics FellowshipRothwell, Erin2012
99 Health ReformHart, Sara2012
100 Using Data to Inform Practice Screening for STI RiskMurphy, Patricia2012
76 - 100 of 165