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76 Heavy Snow Storm -Shot 51968-12-11dha_sltncImage/StillImage
77 Heavy Snow Storm -Shot 61968-12-11dha_sltncImage/StillImage
78 Heavy Snow Storm -Shot 71968-12-11dha_sltncImage/StillImage
79 Heavy Snow Storm -Shot 81968-12-11dha_sltncImage/StillImage
80 Heavy Snow Storm -Shot 91968-12-11dha_sltncImage/StillImage
81 Heavy Snow Storm -Shot 101968-12-11dha_sltncImage/StillImage
82 Heavy Snow Storm -Shot 111968-12-11dha_sltncImage/StillImage
83 Temple Square Lights -Shot 11968-12-13dha_sltncImage/StillImage
84 Temple Square Lights -Shot 21968-12-13dha_sltncImage/StillImage
85 Temple Square Lights -Shot 31968-12-13dha_sltncImage/StillImage
86 Temple Square Lights -Shot 41968-12-13dha_sltncImage/StillImage
87 Temple Square Lights -Shot 51968-12-13dha_sltncImage/StillImage
88 Temple Square Lights -Shot 61968-12-13dha_sltncImage/StillImage
89 Temple Square Lights -Shot 71968-12-13dha_sltncImage/StillImage
90 Temple Square Lights -Shot 81968-12-13dha_sltncImage/StillImage
91 Temple Square Lights -Shot 91968-12-13dha_sltncImage/StillImage
92 Temple Square Lights -Shot 101968-12-13dha_sltncImage/StillImage
93 Temple Square Lights -Shot 111968-12-13dha_sltncImage/StillImage
94 Raby, William -Shot 11968-12-14dha_sltncImage/StillImage
95 Raby, William -Shot 21968-12-14dha_sltncImage/StillImage
96 Rudman, Steve 3 -Shot 11968-12-14dha_sltncImage/StillImage
97 Rudman, Steve 3 -Shot 21968-12-14dha_sltncImage/StillImage
98 Peterson, Dr. Charles, New Utah Historical Society Director -Shot 11968-12-15dha_sltncImage/StillImage
99 Peterson, Dr. Charles, New Utah Historical Society Director -Shot 21968-12-15dha_sltncImage/StillImage
100 Winter Weather, Main Street -Shot 11968-12-16dha_sltncImage/StillImage
76 - 100 of 171,664