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76 Tonks, JacobPolitics without character: Liberal virtues and the situationist critiqueA critique of virtue ethics has recently been raised by social psychologists who believe experimental psychology has all but proved the non-existence of character. In morally compromising situations, external situational factors have the greatest influence on choice, and therefore virtue as a stable...Situation ethics; Virtue Choice (Psychology); Autonomy (Philosophy)2015-05
77 Ruiz, LorenBeneath the dark cloak of U.S. deportation: Bureaucratic distancing tactics employed by the deportation systemU.S. deportation policy is implemented behind a dark cloak of secrecy. Distancing tactics are employed throughout the deportation process to prevent those participating within the bureaucracy from feeling empathy for those they process. Pachirat (2011) provides a three-part template of analysis for ...Deportation -- United States2015-05
78 Schryver, Hannah M.EEG and cognitive correlates of elementary task performanceStudying human information processing allows researchers to better understand the operations of the human brain. While a large body of research has used reaction times and cognitive correlates to quantify information processing, electrophysiological correlates improve knowledge of cortical activity....Performance -- Measurement; Cognitive neuroscience; Electroencephalography2015-05
79 Foott, BettymayaLight pollution hazards within ecosystems and mitigation strategies for the futureLight Pollution is a phenomenon caused by poor lighting design, and is increasing globally. Only recently are scientists beginning to fully understand how light pollution affects humans and the environment. Birds, which play an important role in our ecosystem, are vulnerable to light pollution effec...Light pollution Lighting -- Environmental aspects2015-05
80 Shah, DiyaThe appropriation of Sacajawea by the women's suffrage movementThis project examines why Sacajawea was an attractive figure to be resurrected and appropriated during the U.S. suffrage movement, especially in the 1890s to 1920s. To understand the construction and use of Sacajawea, I analyzed about 25 newspaper articles published about Sacajawea in the 1900s and ...Sacagawea Women -- Political activity -- United States; Women -- Suffrage -- United States2015-05
81 McInnis, TillieDisruptive power: A comparison of political voice for non-elites after the great depression and the recession of 2008This thesis investigates how non-elites influence policymaking in a time of large income and wealth inequality. To do this, I examine the tactics of disruptive power used by two groups following two major economic downturns in the U.S.: the industrial workers after the Great Depression in the 1930s ...Power (Social sciences); Elite (Social sciences)2015-05
82 Smith, EnochSisterwives & submission?: gender power dynamics in polygynist marriagesPolygamy has caught national attention. Most of it has focused on court proceedings against the FLDS Church's alleged child sexual abuse practices, and TV shows like Big Love and Sisterwives. Both present polar opposite perspectives on the practice, but what do we really know about the practice? My...Apostolic United Brethren; Polygamy - United States2015-06
83 Miller, CurtisExplaining Utah's gender gap in wagesWomen earn less than men, and the disparity between men's and women's wages in Utah is larger than the same disparity at the national or regional levels. Little is known as to why Utah has a larger wage gap than the nation or its neighbors. In this paper, we use Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition to decom...Women -- Employment -- Utah; Wage differentials -- Utah; Gender gap2015-08
84 Tu, Christianna L.Closing the health development gap: An analysis of health spending in Southeast AsiaFinancing health development through increased domestic resource allocation is a topic of substantial discussion for the post-2015 development agenda. Past development strategies, including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), have relied on wealthy country aid commitments in order to fund inter...Medical care - Southeast Asia - Finance2015-08
85 Melvin, Kendahl L.Why women don't run: Addressing the gender disparity in political representation in the United StatesA record number of women were elected to Congress in the November 2014 elections, making the 114th Congress the first to boast over 100 females (McGregor, 2014). With 104 women, it seemed that the current Congress was a positive step for American political parity (Warner, 2015). However, this achiev...Women -- Political activity -- United States; Women legislators -- United States2015-08
86 Zamantakis, AlithiaInvisible bodies: LGBTQIA youth in the juvenile legal systemScholars, such as Michelle Alexandra and Angela Y. Davis, and activists alike have begun to voice the inequitable conditions through which people of color are funneled into the prison industrial complex and laws are racially biased, so as to relegate people of color to a space of invisibility. It is...Juvenile justice, Administration of - United States; GLBTQIA youth2015-09
87 Du Pre, Jessie J.Gender differences in recollected consistency or change in same sex sexuality across the lifespan: Measuring linkages between flexibility in sexual attraction, behavior, and love propensityThe flexibility of same sex attractions, engagement in same sex sexual behaviors, and propensity to fall in love with same sex partners were examined by assessing selfreported change over time in men and women of heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual orientations. We sought to examine whether the l...Same sex attraction; Gender differences2015-12
88 Bashir, Mahreen HamidWhere there are still animals: A poetic study on the earth as womanThey would like to feel they might be something better than animals. That's understandable: other animals might feel they are something different than "just animals" too. But we must contemplate the shared ground of our common biological being before emphasizing the difference"American poetry - 21st century2015-12
89 Christensen, BryceEvolution, living patterns, and mitochondrial genetic variations in chimpanzeesThe study of genetic variation in chimpanzees allows researchers to determine evolutionary origins, population dynamics, living patterns, and more; the focus of this thesis is on the Pan troglodytes verus subspecies of chimpanzees of western Africa. After reviewing the literature, I set out to test ...Chimpanzees -- Genetics; Chimpanzees -- Evolution; Mitochondrial DNA2015-12
90 Thomas, MadisonPossible systems of female sexualityPrevious research found that women tend to exhibit sexual fluidity more than men (Diamond, 2008). This conclusion has led to the desire for research to unde rstand sexuality and the possible life events that impact ideas, behaviors, and sexual identity. The main research question being explored in t...Women - Sexual behavior2015-12
91 Freckleton, Mitchell W.Proportional representation and the electoral college: An analysis of electoral reform in the U.S. and U.K.We all know he famous Abraham Lincoln quote from the Gettysburg Address, "A government of the people by the people, for the people." However, do Americans and even British citizens feel like "the people" are in charge o f the government? With constant criticism directed at the representational democ...Proportional representation -- United States; Proportional representation -- Great Britain; Electoral reform2015-12
92 Herman, ChristianSustainable asylum responsibility distribution in the European Union: A case for tradable refugee quotas as a replacement for the Dublin RegulationAchieving an optimal distribution of the state-by-state responsibility for granting asylum to refugees has been a longstanding challenge in the European Union. This challenge has been especially apparent in the last several years following the escalation of conflicts, particularly including the civi...Political refugees - Government policy - European Union countries; Refugees - Government Policy - European Union countries; Dublin Regulation2015-12
93 Chuaqui, Anna MagdalenaWhy the left loses in MexicoThis paper explores the question: Why has the largest left-of-center party in Mexico, the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), failed to win a presidential election since democratization? Through an analysis of the presidential campaigns of 200,2006, and 2012, this paper seeks to explain the fa...Partido de la Revolución Democrática (Mexico); Mexico -- Politics and government -- 2000-2016
94 Zamantakis, AlithiaThe death of hetero and homo"The Death of Hetero/Homo" is a theoretical examination of the ways in which sexuality, love, and desire are not merely abstract, innate concepts but have very real consequences as weapons in the process of abjection, particularly of trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming individuals. As gender ...Sex (Psychology); Sex (Biology)2016-01
95 Powell, CheyenneThe unforgiven: Pathways to homelessnessHomelessness is a socially constructed problem. We as a society do not take the time to truly listen to the concerns of those who are still impact us in our day to day lives. In this current study, the use of qualitative data was analyzed to determine and understand pathways to homelessness. The pur...Homelessness - United States2016-04
96 Victorine, PaigeExamining the DBT ways of coping checklist and therapist expectancies as predictors of success in DBT gift group participantsResearchers have long focused on which variables play a role in managing the stress-illness relationship, and more specifically, emotion dysregulation (Linehan, 1993; McCrae, 1984). The current study examined psychologically dysregulated individuals (n=22), who had been recommended by their primary...Dialectical behavior therapy2016-04
97 Esplin, JessicaCapital account liberalization & income inequality: 1980-2009In this paper, I examine the relationship between income distribution and the capital market account from 1980 to 2009 across a sample of developed and semi-developed countries. A review of the literature suggests that capital account liberalization raises income inequality. Several factors alleged ...Income distribution - Mathematical models2016-04
98 Falvo, JamieDecomposition of ethnic wage gap in Utah and intermountain regionHispanic workers on average earn less than white workers in both Utah and the Intermountain region. Average wage disparities in Utah and the Intermountain region are largely similar in magnitude, with various socioeconomic factors affecting these wage disparities. However, little is known about the ...Income distribution - Utah; Wages - Utah2016-04
99 Greenberg, KevinThe effect the duration and location of rest breaks have on sustained attention and reaction timeHumans general system of sustained attention is susceptible to fatigue. The Attention Restoration Theory postulates when the system is fatigued exposure to natural environments may help to restore the fatigued resources. However, the duration and location of exposure needed is unknown, therefore the...Rest periods; Hours of labor2016-04
100 Hawkley, Jesse DeanMetropolitan divergence segregation patterns in New York and DetroitSegregation is usually defined in terms of limiting a certain ethnic group to a single area through discriminatory institutional practices like racially restrictive covenants or redlining. However, segregation is also affected by household decisions and demographic processes. Through the mid-twentie...Residential segregation - Detroit; Residential segregation - New York2016-04
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