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76 Comparison of infant formula preparation using clean and sterile technique1970-06ir_etdText
77 Diabetic urine testing by hospital nursing personnel1970-06ir_etdText
78 Psychiatric nursing intervention in depressed elderly patients1971-06ir_etdText
79 Speech function as a measure of egocentrism in preschool children1971-06ir_etdText
80 Healing of the perineum, a follow-up study1971-06ir_etdText
81 Disaster nursing preparation.1971-06ir_etdText
82 Comparative study of the nurse and the physician giving primary care at the well-child conference1971-06ir_etdText
83 Incidence of streptococcal infections as a function of grade, race, sex, and socioeconomic level.1971-06ir_etdText
84 Changes in perineal musculature following childbirth: postpartum use of a perineal exercise1971-06ir_etdText
85 Follow-up study of the umbilical cord as affected by two methods of rinsing the newborn.1971-06ir_etdText
86 Health and developmental status of infants at birth and at four months as a function of maternal health index scores.1971-06ir_etdText
87 Weighing wet diapers: a new approach to measure infant output1971-06ir_etdText
88 Study of mothering behavior at two points in time1971-08ir_etdText
89 Anxiety levels of hospitalized psychiatric patients throughout total hospitalization1972-06ir_etdText
90 Speech function as a measure of egocentrism in preschool children of low socioeconmic class1972-06ir_etdText
91 Drug usage in a self-medication program for post-partum patients1972-06ir_etdText
92 Current opinions toward the utilization of nurse-midwifery in the state of Utah1972-06ir_etdText
93 An assessment of decubitus ulcers, contractures, urinary-tract infec/ tions and hypostatic pneumonia as indices of nursi-ngcare in three extended care facilities in the Salt Lake Valley.1972-06ir_etdText
94 Factors affecting the decision to breast-feed and success with breast-feeding.1972-06ir_etdText
95 The effectiveness of crisis intervention techniques utlized by a psychiatric nurse for emergency room patients with emotional complaints1972-06ir_etdText
96 Nipple pain and damage as affected by duration and frequency of nursing periods1972-06ir_etdText
97 Effects of brief psychiatric nursing intervention on patient socialization1972-06ir_etdText
98 Validation study of a parent participation attitude scale1972-06ir_etdText
99 Evaluation of tools for describing patient responses to labor.1972-06ir_etdText
100 Affect of the behavior of the nurse toward the baby on the behavior of the mother toward the baby1972-06ir_etdText
76 - 100 of 810