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76 A mathematical basis for the application of the modified geometric method to maximum frequency estimationAbstract-The application of ultrasound in assessing the fetal cardiovascular system often requires the accurate estimation of maximum blood flow velocity waveforms using Doppler measurements. The modified geometric method estimates the maximum Doppler frequency as the frequency at which the vertica...2004
77 A method of solution for hydrodynamics and radiation diffusion as a multi-material problem in one dimensionMulti-material problem1971
78 A methodology for physical design automation for integrated opticsAdvancements in silicon photonics technology are enabling large scale integration of electro-optical circuits and systems. To fully exploit this potential, automated techniques for design space exploration and physical synthesis for integrated optics must be developed. This paper investigates how co...2012-01-01
79 A minimax approach for the joint design of acoustic crosstalk cancellation filtersAbstract-This paper presents a method for jointly designing immersive audio rendering filters for a single listener using loudspeakers. The filters for crosstalk cancellation are assumed to have finite impulse responses and are designed using the minimax criterion. In addition to the traditional At...2007
80 A morphing algorithm for generating near optimal grids: applications in computational medicineWe apply morphing to t h e problem of generating the initial mesh for finite element simulations. This algorithm reduces mesh adaptation time by integrating physical and geometric constraints to provide a near optimal initial mesh. We apply this method to large-scale bioelectric field problems invol...Morphing algorithm; Bioelectric field problems1994
81 A new approach to specifying and handling exceptionsAn operation generally exhibits different patterns of behavior over different parts of its domain. Depending upon the context, such behavior may either be conceived of as "normal" or as an "exception." Thus, the behavior of an operation Is quite naturally characterized by the set of partial operatio...Computer operations; Exceptions; Exception handling1980
82 A new approach to tolerance analysisTolerance analysis is seen as part of a more general problem, namely handling data with uncertainty. Uncertain geometric data arises when interpreting measured data, but also in solid modeling where floating point approximations are common, when representing design tolerances, or when dealing with l...Tolerance analysis1994
83 A new carrier frequency estimator for modem signalsABSTRACT A novel carrier frequency estimation scheme for a relatively broad class of voiceband data signals (modem signals) is presented in this paper. The class of signals being studied includes different types of phase-shift-keyed (PSK) and frequency-shift-keyed (FSK) signals. The frequency estim...1988
84 A new family of variational-form-based regularizers for reconstructing epicardial potentials from body-surface mappingWe propose a new family of regularizers for the inverse ECG problem, using a variational principle that underlies finite element approximation methods. As an alternative to traditional Tikhonov regularizers, the variational formulation has several advantages: 1)it enables a simple construction of ...2010
85 A new local basis for designing with tensioned splinesRecently there has been a great deal of interest in the use of "tension" parameters to augment control mesh vertices as design handles for piecewise polynomials. A particular local cubic basis called p-splines, which has been termed a "generalization of B-splines", has been proposed as an appropriat...Tensioned splines1985
86 A new model of perceptual threshold functions for application in image compression systemsThis paper discusses the development of a perceptual threshold model for the human visual system. The perceptual threshold functions describe the levels of distortions present at each location in an image that human observers can not detect. Models of perceptual threshold functions are useful in ima...1995
87 A note on optimal algorithms for fixed pointsWe present a constructive lemma that we believe will make possible the design of nearly optimal 0(dlog | ) cost algorithms for computing eresidual approximations to the fixed points of d-dimensional nonexpansive mappings with respect to the infinity norm. This lemma is a generalization of a two-...Fixed points; Constructive lemma2009
88 A note on the Oslo algorithmThe Oslo algorithm is a recursive method for updating the B-spline representation of a curve or tensor product surface when extra knots are added. In the present note the derivation of this method is simplified.Oslo algorithm; B-spline; Curve product surface; Tensor product surface1987
89 A novel ELF radar for major oil depositsThis letter proposes a novel extremely low frequency (ELF) radar for major oil deposits. Using our recently developed whole-Earth electromagnetic wave propagation model based upon the finite-difference time-domain method, we have determined that detection of the radial (vertical) component of the sc...2006-01-01
90 A painterly approach to human skinRendering convincing human figures is one of the unsolved goals of computer graphics. Previous work has concentrated on modeling physics of human skin. We have taken a different approach. We are exploring techniques used by artists, specifically artists who paint air-brushed portraits. Our goal is t...Human skin1999
91 A parametric model for human facesThis report presents a computer model for the representation of human faces. This three-dimensional, parametric model produces shaded facial images. The face, constructed of polygonal surfaces, is manipulated through the use of parameters which control interpolation, translation, rotation and scalin...Parametric model; Human face1975
92 A partial order reduction algorithm without the ProvisoThis paper presents a partial order reduction algorithm, called Two phase, that preserves stutter free LTL properties. Two phase dramatically reduces the number of states visited compared to previous partial order reduction algorithms on most practical protocols. The reason can be traced to a step o...Order reduction algorithm; Proviso step1998
93 A partial scan methodology for testing self-timed circuitsThis paper presents a partial scan method for testing control sections of macromodule based self-timed circuits for stuck-at faults. In comparison with other proposed test methods for self-timed circuits, this technique offers better fault coverage than methods using self-checking techniques, and re...Self-timed circuits; Testing1995
94 A partial scan methodology for testing self-timed circuitsThis paper presents a partial scan method for testing control sections of macromodule based self-timed circuits for stuck-at faults. In comparison with other proposed test methods for self-timed circuits, this technique offers better fault coverage than methods using self-checking techniques, and ...1995
95 A path-precise analysis for property synthesisRecent systems such as SLAM, Metal, and ESP help programmers by automating reasoning about the correctness of temporal program properties. This paper presents a technique called property synthesis, which can be viewed as the inverse of property checking. We show that the code for some program pro...Property synthesis; Property codes2003-12-01
96 A personalized system for conversational recommendationsIncreased computing power and theWeb have made information widely accessible. In turn, this has encouraged the development of recommendation systems that help users find items of interest, such as books or restaurants. Such systems are more useful when they personalize themselves to each user?s p...Adaptive Place Advisor; Recommendation systems2002-06-26
97 A phase likelihood-based algorithm for blind identification of PSK signalsThis paper presents a phase likelihood-based method for automatically identifying different phase-shift keying (PSK) modulations. This method identifies the PSK signals as the hypothesis for which the likelihood function of phase difference between nearby samples of the received signal is the maximu...2014-01-01
98 A practical logic framework for verifying safety properties of executablesWe present a novel program logic, Lf , which is designed on top of a Hoare logic, but is simpler, more flexible and more scalable. Based on Lf , we develop a framework for automatically verifying safety properties of executables. It utilizes a whole-program interprocedural abstract interpretation to...2011-01-01
99 A practical workflow for making anatomical atlases for biological researchAn anatomical atlas provides a detailed map for medical and biological studies of anatomy. These atlases are important for understanding normal anatomy and the development and function of structures, and for determining the etiology of congenital abnormalities. Unfortunately, for biologists, generat...2012-01-01
100 A programmer's guide to PDP-10 eulerThis manual describes the EULER language as implemented on the DEC PDP-10 computer. EULER is a block-structured language, similar to Algol-60 but simplified by omitting type declarations and by altering the way procedures are defined and called. PDP-10 EULER includes features for list-and array-mani...EULER language1970
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