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76 Feature-based reverse engineeringReverse engineering entails building a representation of an engineered object using only information derived from an instance of that object. This research has focused on the reverse engineering of physical objects, specifically machined parts. Reverse engineering differs from many other sensing pro...reverse engineering1994-12
77 Feature-based reverse engineering of mechanical parts: revisionReverse engineering of mechanical parts requires extraction of information about an instance of a particular part sufficient to replicate the part using appropriate manufacturing techniques. This is important in a wide variety of situations, since functional CAD models are often unavailable or unusa...1995-11-06
78 FEL + set abstraction = database query languageThe methodology of embedding set abstraction into FEL is described. Set abstraction is a powerful notation which can be used directly for higher level database query language.set abstraction; FEL1983-09
79 First-order preference theories and their applicationsThis dissertation begins with a logical analysis of the notion of preference. Earlier approaches to logical analysis of preference are surveyed and their shortcomings pointed out. Next, a family of modal logics of preference is presented with soundness and completeness results for both the propositi...1992-12
80 First-Order Unification in Equational Theories and its Application to Logic ProgrammingThis thesis studies first-order unification in equational theories, called E-unification, paying particular attention to complete unification algorithms for classes of equational theories. It also investigates how results and notions of E-unification can be applied to logic programming systems that ...first-order unification; equational theory; logic programming; e-unification; semantic unification; dec-20; prolog1985
81 Fixed Point Computation and Parallel Algorithms for Solving Wave EquationsThis dissertation is concerned with two problems: fixed-point computation and parallel algorithms for solving wave equations. Many problems can be formulated as fixed-point problems, which is to solve the equations of the form f(x) - x = 0. We develop efficient algorithms and establish complexity re...fixed point computation; parallel algorithm; fixed point envelope; fixed point ellipsoid; wave equation; processor array; transputer; linear array1994
82 FLEX - A Flexible Extendable LanguageThe FLEX system consists of merged 'hardware' and 'software' that is optimized towards handling algorithmic operations in an interactive, man-machine dialog. The basic form is that of a hardware implementation of a parametric compiler embedded in an environment that is well-suited for semantically d...1968-06
83 The Fluke Security ProjectThis document presents the final report of the University of Utah-based project officially titled ""Mach 4 Kernel and IDL Infrastructure for Security"" but often referred to as the ""Fluke Security"" Project. This project is noteworthy for the number diversity, scale, robustness, and documentation o...2000-04
84 Frame buffer system selectionAbstract: This report summarizes the objectives of the University of Utah's Computer Science Department in its purchase of a frame buffer. The criteria for selection are given, along with a consideration of commercially available systems.frame buffer; computer memory; raster-scan images; display hardware; University of Utah Computer Science Department1979-01
85 From Algebraic Specifications to Correct VLSI SystemsThis dissertation presents a hardware design methodology in which hardware systems can be modeled as abstract data types and semi-automatically synthesized into VLSI circuits. The behavior of a module is specified at both the abstract and the realization levels, in a purely functional language, "Str...VLSI circuits; computers1986-12
86 GCS: A graphical front end to ASSASSINThis thesis reports on the development and implementation of a graphical front end to ASSASSIN. This menu-driven system runs in a PSL environment, on the Apollo Domain System.ASSASSIN; menu-driven systems; PSL environment; apollo domain system; computers1983-08
87 Geometric Hashing for Processing Complex ScenesThis work presents a new technique for handling many object interaction schemes developed using a graph theoretic approach. The interaction can be optical, as in ray tracing, or geometric, as in many body collision. Other problems solved by ray tracing, such as mass and volume calculation and viewin...geometric hashing; object interaction; graph theory; ray tracing; many body collision1985
88 Graph-based approach for solving geometric constraint problemsThis dissertation presents a new graph representation for constraint problems based on the notion of degrees of freedom and valencies. Any geometric primitive ( point, line, circle, plane, etc.) possess an intrinsic degree of freedom in its embedding space. Constraints reduce the degrees of freedom ...computers; geometric constraint problems; graph1996-05
89 GS--Graphics SystemThe reference manual is intended for programmers working on the ARPA Project at the University of Utah who are familiar with the UNIVAC 1108, Exec 2, and FORTRAN or ALGOL. The following topics are discussed: On-line operation; Graphics system services; Information displays Inc. display codes; Tektro...1967-11-15
90 Heterojunction bipolar transistor sigma-delta analog to digital converter for spread spectrum receiverThe focus of this thesis work was to investigate a means of implementing a high speed sigma-delta modulator that can be used as the front end of a direct sequence spread spectrum receiver.sigma-delta modulator; computers1995-12
91 High-speed conterflow-clocked pipelining illustrated on the design of subband vector quantizatizer chipsThis dissertation introduces Counterflow-Clocked (C2) pipelining and discusses its usefulness and limitations to build large, high speed VLSI chips. It also presents the design of an image compression chip set to implement subband vector quantization that can handle HDTV data rates with reasonable V...VLSI chips; counterflow-clocked pipelining; computers1995-12
92 HOP: (Hardware Viewed as Objects and Processes). A Process Model for Synchronous Hardware SystemsA new Hardware Specification Language (HSL) called HOP is presented. HOP stands for Hardware viewed as Objects and Processes. It can be used for specifying the structure, behavior, and timing of digital systems. HOP was designed for several reasons. It integrates well-tested ideas from past work tha...1988
93 Image Recognition Using Generalized CorrelationThis paper investigates the use of generalized cross-correlation in pattern matching when the objects may be of one or two dimensions. Generalized correlation can be used to determine the amount of dilatation and rotation between a given template and an object, in addition to determining the relativ...1977-08
94 Implementation of a network database using a function graph languageAbstract: Most of the work on databases to date has involved approaches that deviate considerably from a purely mathematical (functional) viewpoint. The research reported in this thesis deals with an implementation of a network database using FGL to achieve this functionality. The amount of database...network database1981-06
95 Implementation of SCMAID: A Microprogrammer's Assistant for Concurrent Soft Controlled MicroarchitecturesThe SCMaid has been implemented in a portable dialect of LISP called PSL which is a product of the Symbolic Computation Group at the University of Utah. Since PSL has been implemented on a wide variety of machines from microprocessors to the Cray-1, SCMaid can be run on a large number of systems. Th...symbolic computation group; scmaid; psl; lisp1985-04
96 INSTED : an integrated structured tiling editor for very large scale integrated circuit designThis thesis presents the implementation details of an experimental, hierarchical, object-oriented, and user-friendly software system, developed to provide a portal to the use of a versatile integrated circuit design methodology, and a foundation for future design tools to build upon. Showcasing seve...computer interfaces; integrated circuits; large scale integration; INSTED1986-06
97 Interaction with constraints in three-dimensional modelingThe purpose of this thesis is to simplify and improve the efficiency of the interactive definition of geometric objects in computer aided geometric modeling. To achieve this goal two ways of defining geometric objects are combined and interfaced: 1) the definition of objects by interactive construct...three-dimensional modeling; computers1991-05
98 Interactive Spline ModellingThis contract has initiated explorations into the advantages of interactive environments for developing computer based spline representations and the types of moderately complex objects for which it might be suitable. Additionally mathematical tools for surface fitting and modification in an interac...1983-04-27
99 Interactive volume visualizationThe purpose of scientific computation is insight. Visualization is the most direct way to bring out and deliver insight. The advances of technology have allowed scientists to simulate or observe our physical world at a much higher resolution than was available previously. As a result, large-scale nu...computer graphics; volume visualization1993-06
100 Intersurface continuity of B-spline based solid modelsOne of the issues of concern in any boundary representation model is the smoothness at the abutment edges of the model surface patches. This thesis looks at the maintenance of this smoothness (continuity) between connected B-spline surfaces in a multi-surface model. This process also necessitates ad...computer graphics; computer aided design1988-08
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