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76 Arterial tortuosity measurement system for examining correlations with vascular disease2011-12Textir_etd
77 Artifact Detection and Elimination in Intensive Care Pressure Monitoring Systems1983Textir_uspace
78 Artificial Intelligence in Medicine - Is It Ready? (Editorial)1986Textir_uspace
79 Assessing clinical researchers information needs to create responsive portals and tools: my research assistant (MyRA) at the University of Utah: a case study2013-01-01Textir_uspace
80 Assessing the Behavioral Impact of a Diagnostic Decision Support System1995Textir_uspace
81 Assessing the Effectiveness of a Computerized Pharmacy System1990Textir_uspace
82 Assessing the effect of adverse hospital events on the cost of hospitalization and other patient outcomes1993-08Textir_etd
83 Assessment and unification of variant annotation: alteration, effect, and nomenclature2019Textir_etd
84 Assessment of Ventricular Function in Coronary Artery Disease Using Nitroglycerin and Computerized Analysis of Left Ventriculograms1975Textir_uspace
85 Auditing the use of LOINC® to support interoperability across three large institutions2014Textir_etd
86 Automated Interpretation of the Mackay-Marg Tonograph by Digital Computer1973Textir_uspace
87 Automated QRS detection in the presence of noise.1984-08Textir_etd
88 Automated Transformation of Probabilistic Knowledge for a Medical Diagnostic System1994Textir_uspace
89 Automated Transformation of Probablistic Knowledge for a Medical Diagnostic System1994Textir_uspace
90 Automated collection of infusion pump data: nurse usage and perceptions1997-12Textir_etd
91 Automated patient query for use in pulmonary medicine1987-12Textir_etd
92 Automated probabilistic transformation of a large medical diagnostic support system.1995-03Textir_etd
93 Automated respiratory care charting: artifact rejection and data reduction.1993-06Textir_etd
94 Automated screening of metabolic disorders using pattern recognition of GC-MS full scan spectra from urine organic acids2002-08Textir_etd
95 Automatic data acquistion from blood gas analyzers1991-12Textir_etd
96 Automatic domain adaptation of word sense disambiguation based on sublanguage semantic schemata applied to clinical narrative2012-05Textir_etd
97 Automation of performance measures2003-05Textir_etd
98 Automation of urinalysis.1970-06Textir_etd
99 Automatisierung der Herzkathetertechnik1970Textir_uspace
100 Beyond relevance--characteristics of key papers for clinicians: an exploratory study in an academic setting1996-01-01Textir_uspace
76 - 100 of 726