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76 Development of a Biomimetic Double Network Hydrogel with a Dual Mechanism for Increased Toughness and Sustained Tobramycin Elution Inspired by the Underwater Caddisfly Silk2017Textir_etd
77 The development of a functional whole blood assay to assess the priming of platelets by surface bound agonists2016-05Textir_etd
78 Development of a noninvasive calcium imaging probe2013-08Textir_etd
79 Development of chemical probes to define biosynthetic pathways, structures, and functions of proteoglycans2012-08Textir_etd
80 Development of surface protein patterns to modify astrocyte response and reactivity2015-05Textir_etd
81 Dexterous finger movements: decoding neuro- and myoelectric signals and properties of finger-related neurons in motor cortex2010-08Textir_etd
82 Differential activation of nerve fibers with magnetic stimulation in humans2006Textir_uspace
83 Dilute Acid Hydrolysis of Papain (Part I), The Amino Acid Sequence of Dog Heart Cytochreom C (Part II)1963-08Textir_etd
84 Direct neural sensory feedback and control of a prosthetic arm2005-12Textir_uspace
85 Disease Modeling for Endometrial Malignancy to Facilitate the Development of Genomic-Guided Treatment2018Textir_etd
86 Dispersion effects in fiber optic interferometry1997Textir_uspace
87 DNA methylation profiling using real-time methyl domain binding protein binding2009-12-29Textir_etd
88 Dual-luciferase reporter system for studying recoding signals1998Textir_uspace
89 Dynamic Aortic Diameter Measurements in Vivo Using Roentgen Videometry1968-06Textir_etd
90 The dynamic biomechanical regulation of morphogenesis2015-08Textir_etd
91 Dynamic mapping of human brain function and behavior2016Textir_etd
92 Early brain tissue reaction surrounding Michigan-style microelectrode arrays indicates that extensive remodeling of glial and neuronal populations occurs during the foreign body response2007-05Textir_etd
93 Effect of polymeric underplates on fracture fixation1982-12Textir_etd
94 Effect of various image reconstruction parameters on pet lesion detection performance2015Textir_etd
95 Effective nuclear delivery of therapeutic molecules2011-08Textir_etd
96 Effects of background illumination on the photoresponses of red and green cones1979Textir_uspace
97 Effects of calcium ions on L-type horizontal cells in the isolated turtle retina1990Textir_uspace
98 The effects of cyclic stretch on sprouting angiogenesis2012-08Textir_etd
99 Effects of GABA and related drugs on horizontal cells in the isolated turtle retina1990Textir_uspace
100 Effects of increased energy prices on U.S. agriculture: an econometric approach1981Textir_uspace
76 - 100 of 313