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76 History of political theory and other essays (Book Review)Reviews the book `The History of Political Theory and Other Essays,' by John Dunn.Books; Political Theory2001-09-17
77 Hume on practical reasoning (Treatise 463-469)The claim that " 'is' does not entail 'ought'" is so closely associated with Hume that it has been called 'Hume's Law'.1 The interpretation of the passage in Hume's Treatise of Human Nature that is the locus classicus of the claim is controversial. But the passage is preceded by three main bodies ...Morality; Human Nature; Deductive1997
78 Hwa Yol Jung, Question of rationality and the basic grammar of intercultural textsHow can we understand other cultures? How can we talk and write about them without ethnocentric prejudice? These questions are as difficult as they are urgent. To begin with, we may say that to understand other cultures we must be objective. But if objectivity involves epistemological independence f...Lateral universal; Book review; Jung, Hwa Yol1989
79 Importance of models in theorizing: a deflationary semantic viewIt is commonly acknowledged in science that model construction is one of the most important components of theorizing. Philosophers of science are gradually coming to acknowledge this situation, spurred on by holders of the semantic view of theories. In this paper I wish to defend a very deflationary...Theories; Mathematical; Scientific1992
80 In defense of the organism: Thomas Pradeu (Elizabeth Vitanza, trans.): The limits of the self: immunology and biological identity. New York: Oxford University Press, 2012, ix+302 pp, ISBN: 978-0-19-977528-6, $65 HB.Thomas Pradeu's The Limits of the Self provides a precise account of biological identity developed from the central concepts of immunology. Yet the central concepts most relevant to this task (self and nonself ) are themselves deemed inadequate, suffering from ambiguity and imprecision. Pradeu seeks...2014-01-01
81 In the realm of legal and moral Philosophy; (Book Review)Reviews the book `In the Realm of Legal and Moral Philosophy;,' by Matthew H. Kramer.Books; Philosophy2001-01
82 Innateness as closed process invarianceAlthough we are enthusiastic about a Darwinian approach to culture, we argue that the overview presented in the target article does not sufficiently emphasize the crucial explanatory role that psychology plays in the study of culture. We use a number of examples to illustrate the variety of ways by...2006
83 Instrumentally rational myopic planningI challenge the view that, in cases where time for deliberation is not an issue, instrumental rationality precludes myopic planning. 1 show where there is room for instrumentally rational myopic planning, and then argue that such planning is possible not only in theory, it is something human beings ...Rationality; Practical reason; Motivations2004
84 Iris Murdoch. Existentialists and Mystics (Book Review)Three of the essays in this career-spanning collection make up Dame Iris Murdoch's The Sovereignty of Good, a little classic which I regularly assign in my ethics courses. When I do, some of the students who have been impressed by it pick up one or another of her novels, and of those students, s...Philosophy; Book Review1998
85 Irony of supporting physician-assisted suicide: a personal accountUnder other circumstances, I would have written an academic paper rehearsing the arguments for and against legalization of physician-assisted suicide: autonomy and the avoidance of pain and suffering on the pro side, the wrongness of killing, the integrity of the medical profession, and the risk of...2010-08
86 Is pornography an action?: the causal vs. the conceptual view of pornography's harmIn the past few decades, a new position concerning the legal regulation of sexually explicit materials has emerged, disrupting the traditional polarity between conservatives (who generally support regulation) and liberals (who generally oppose regulation). This new position is an avowedly feminist v...1997
87 John Stuart Mill's Deliberative landscape (Book Review)A review of the book "John Stuart Mill's Deliberative Landscape." by Candace Vogler.John Stuart Mill; Books2002-08
88 Jonathan Lear, Love and it's place in nature and Open minded: working out the logic of the soulIt's not hard to imagine why Love and Its Place in Nature (now in a second edition, with a new preface by the author) has, in the decade or so it has been in print, received less attention from the philosophical community than it deserves. Its subtitle announces it as a "A Philosophical Interpretati...Philosophy; Book Review2006-09-19
89 July 4, 1826: explaining the same-day deaths of John Adams and Thomas JeffersonJohn Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day, July 4, 1826. Both were old men--Adams was 90, and Jefferson was 83--and both were ill, though Adams had been in comparatively robust health until just a few months earlier and Jefferson had been ill for an extended period. They had been rivals,...Coincidence; Synchrony; Bioethics; Euthanasia; Suicide2005
90 Justice through trust: disability and the Outlier problem in Social Contract TheoryThe article focuses on the flaws of the social contract theory. It explores how hostile the social contract as a bargaining process has been thought to distance disabled people from contract-based justice. It analyzes the argument that the history of social contract theory exclude the people with di...Consensus, social sciences; Discrimination; Social contract; Social ethics; Sociology of disability2005-10
91 Justice: cosmic or communal?What are the ground rules to be used for determining the scope and breadth of justice? What human activities does it cover, how much does it demand, what duties does it require? How are conflicting "intuitions" on these matters to be adjudicated? These questions are raised by Theodore Benditt's "The...1985
92 KnittingMy grandmother had long silver hair, high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure. She wore the silver hair in a bun during the day and in a braid at night. I remember her sitting in the day parlor of my grandparents? southern Illinois bungalow, telling the same stories of their small town, ove...2008
93 Law and Philosophy;: from skepticism to value theoryTo write about Philosophy; and law is both odd and daunting. It is odd because the topic seems to presuppose that the two fields are separate and that Philosophy; may be unfamiliar to legal practice and legal practitioners. Yet, recognized or not, Philosophy; is part of the ordinary life of law sch...1993
94 Least worst death: selective refusal of treatmentIn recent years "right-to-die" movements have brought into the public consciousness something most physicians have long known: that in some hopeless medical conditions, heroic efforts to extend life may no longer be humane, and the physician must be prepared to allow the patient to die. Physician re...Death; Dying; Right to die; Natural death1983
95 Legal physician-assisted dying in Oregon and the Netherlands: evidence concerning the impact on patients in "vulnerable" groupsIf physician-assisted suicide (PAS) and/or voluntary active euthanasia were legalised, would this disproportionately affect people in ‘‘vulnerable'' groups? Although principles of patient autonomy and the right to avoid suffering and pain may offer support for these practices, concerns about the...Vulnerable groups; Oregon; Netherlands2007-10-01
96 Legitimate expectations, unreasonable beliefs, and legally mandated coverage of experimental therapyPhotographs of patients seeking contributions for expensive bone marrow transplants are an everyday image on supermarket checkout stands. Benefit concerts, newspaper stories, and community fundraisers pitch in to help patients who cannot otherwise afford expensive medical interventions. Patients wit...Experimental therapy; Mandated coverage; Off-label drug uses2004
97 The lens of chemistryChemistry possesses a distinctive theoretical lens?a distinctive set of theoretical concerns regarding the dynamics and transformations of a perplexing variety of organic and nonorganic substances?to which it must be faithful. Even if it is true that chemical facts bear a special (reductive) relati...2012
98 Letter to the editor why the slippery slope isn't slippery: a reply to Walter M. Weber on the right to dieWalter M. Weber's remarks present a brief but revealing exposition of the right-to-life argument against legal recognition of the "right to die." I say "revealing" because while these remarks p[resent the conservative view perhaps as clearly as it has been set forth so far, they exhibit particularly...1988
99 Liberty, the higher pleasures, and Mill's missing science of ethnic jokesThe intended contribution to his moral theory of John Stuart Mill's famous distinction between higher and lower pleasures has occasioned long-standing puzzlement on the part of his more alert interpreters. I am going to explain how the distinction was meant, among other things, to allow Mill to demo...Higher pleasures; Lower pleasures; Ethnic jokes2009
100 Looking backward: a critical appraisal of communitarian thought (Book Review)Reviews the book `Looking Backward: A Critical Appraisal of Communitarian Thought,' by Derek L. Phillips.Books; Communitarianism; Philosophy2001-09-17
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